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  1. Re: Auto Loan List Youth Players Agree 100% But if I don't do it then your at a competitive disadvantage over teams who do it. Put in game-play reasons to stop it (max squad sizes, make people pay the wages) not just leave it to whoever is prepared to put in the button presses.
  2. About to end current season. All my 40 odd youth players will come back to the club soon. And will have to start the tedious task of setting them all to be loan listed and then have to accept the loan bids. Or face a competitive disadvantage compared to other teams. And to be honest, not sure I can face it. Life is too short to be faffing around with this sort of thing. In short. Introduce something where you can set automated options: All players rated less than (choose option) auto dropped to youth team if eligible All youth players loan listed All loan bids auto accepted Probably the worst thing about the unmanaged teams making loan bids is the sheer tedium it creates in admin. Not having this is probably going to force a quit I think.
  3. Re: Do ratings count for anything in SM? Not a tactical expert ... But from what I do know, if you are going to use target man it would normally only be if you had a striker better than your others and you'd pick him. Setting a 90 as your target man when you have Van Persie also up front seems a bad move. Also again why have a 90 taking penalties, when you have a 94 in Van Persie up front who could take them ? Ditto with your corner kick taker. I don't use counter attack so others will give a better answer ... but wouldn't this work better with men behind the ball. Idea behind counter attacks is normally you let them come onto you and then catch 'em with their pants down. Counter attack with attacking mentality and not men behind the ball seems a bit contradictory.
  4. My mate in real life is trying to swap my Stirling for his Andrade. Pretty sure he's trying to rip me off but is claiming Andrade is going to be the next coming of Pele or something. Plus I'm collecting Brazilians for symmetrical reasons. Anyway what do you reckon ? what about if I ask him to chuck some of his others in as well - he's got mattheus, rosa samual, adryan and romarinho ? And if he replies to this, he can add another brazilian to the asking price.
  5. Looking for a CF rated 87-89 with a chance to rise. Needed to play in cups. Suggestions ?
  6. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread My Torquay team is about 500k and everyone is transfer banned ... any suggestions as to how I can get out of this - wait for another job ?
  7. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Few questions ... Do Concerns actually affect a player's performance or does it just impact at L4 ? Does coming on as sub keep them happy or do they have to play the 90 ? If they have a games concern - how many games do they have to play for it to disapear ?
  8. Re: Right backs of the future? Looking above the low rated players, are there many good young RBs rated 87-89 likely to rise, preferably who can play another position as well.
  9. forum seems to have gone back to front .... threads have newest post on page 1 and first post on last page. Didn't used to be like that ... how do I get it back ?
  10. Re: Assistant Manager does it matter whether they are in first team/reserves ? I play a 352 and have no reserve RB in the first team. Assistant plays 442 and bungs in a 77 right back - most of the rest of his line up are regulars. If I buy a half decent RB will the assistant pick him ?
  11. Is there anything you can do to make your assistant manager pick decent players ? Now I'm not saying he should pick the best team but putting out 77 right back when your team averages 91 is a bit silly.
  12. Re: English Championship 10000 Discussion Thread Just taken over Kidderminster. 45k in debt and everyone transfer banned ... any suggestions other than wait for a better job ?
  13. Re: English Championship 10000 Discussion Thread Taken over the mighty Braintree. No money, no players ... who is going to loan me someone ?
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