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  1. Hi guys, Norwich City have a number of players that IMHO seem to need their ratings looked at. Jamal Lewis is not listed and yet is being watched by Premier League scouts. The left back must rate an 82-84 James Maddison is being talked about as a potential 20 Mill pounds transfer in the summer and is still rated 78...at least 86 Christoph Zimmerman is rated 78 and is matching it with Timm Kloser 87...again at least 86 Ben Godfrey was Man of The Match in a recent FA cup game against West Ham playing on loan for Shrewsbury...mid 80's at least. Look forward to your review.
  2. I already have someone to take that on...sorry mate...but I will keep you in mind for a future vacancy if that is ok?
  3. For those that are interested this is the tipping competition after round 5
  4. and excellent work there for the coming season.
  5. Petros always glad to have you back. Just drop me a line if you see we have a gap and the job is yours. Good luck mate and best wishes.
  6. I do not disagree but I think you may get more information about euro football than we do in Australia...who is doing well at clubs...rising stars that sort of thing.
  7. Yes unfortunately SM cannot stop trying to improve things without, it appears, any real knowledge of what the users want. Only a desire to increase profit and make our lives a misery with more advertising. In the last two years the cost of using the scouting in game has risen from 10 credits to 200 credits a search. I realise they are in it too make money but another rise will see me gone i think. I use the scouting quite a bit and it is simply getting too expensive. Pedro left us because he had too many game worlds but we would welcome him back any time.
  8. Nice one Pippo....I just wish more people would use the forum....
  9. Are you interested in coming back for Carpe Diem 2 - we have a vacancy.

    1. Rahul W

      Rahul W

      Nah, sorry mate. Only managing the one club on SM now, can't spend too much time on it. Not joining any more GWs. 

    2. Rahul W

      Rahul W

      Thanks for the offer though :)

  10. DIV ONE Sunderland to host PSG who are looking to show further improvement. Away Win Forecast. Berlin travel to Newcastle who showed last round they can win at home. Berlin on a mission. Away Win. Club America host Hanover who they have never beaten in this league. Away Win Seattle host Frankfurt with Manager Justin X looking for improvement in his side which has under-performed after a great first season. Frankfurt have dropped some points recently that they should not have done but should win this one. Celtic will be at home to Olympiacos and will be looking for a win to keep pressure on Berlin. Home win here. Ajax travel to Bordeaux and will be looking to come away with all three points. Away Win Stuttgart will play host to Feyenoord with the visitors looking to increase pressure on the top three. Draw here. Madrid travel to stoke and should win but Stoke have proved dangerous at home. Away Win. DIV TWO Manchester City will host Guangzhou with this one being in every way a six point game. Draw forecast but City will need to be very cautious. Cologne travel to Moscow and a win here could be big in their season with both teams on the same number of points in third spot. Away Win.
  11. MATCH DAY 18 - Preview DIV ONE H. Berlin take top spot courtesy of the draw at Celtic Park. Celtic a point back and Hanover anothe one with Feyenoord 2 points further adrift in fourth. Seattle only out of the drop zone on goal difference with Ajax and madrid 6 points above them. DIV TWO Besiktas on 36 are 4 points clear of Corinthians. Cologne 3 points out of the auto spots have moved to third on goal difference. At the bottom Guangzhou lifted themselves out of the drop zone but more work to do. Guangzhou, PSV and Man City all in danger at the foot of Div 2.
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