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  1. Hi guys Will Agbonlahor rise in the next england rating change? or remain the same? He looks like din score any goal in last 10 matches. what is yr opinion guys?
  2. Re: Funny SM Private Messages
  3. Hi guys I am managing Bayern Munich at WC1020, things are starting good at season 2 but recently i get 3 defeats in a row including a lose in the 1st world champ shield match to lyon which is placing 19th in div 2 My B.Munich is now placing 8th at div 1, my form -> WLWLWLLL I am using 352 at the moment, hope u guys can give me so advice about my things. here is my 1st squad my youth squad during the 1st season i manage to get 2nd place in div1 and also won the world champ shield but i guess i cant take any champs back to Allianz Arena at this season
  4. Hi guys, should i keep Bastian Schweinsteiger ? he looks no pretty good and Hitzfield prefer Altintop than him shall i keep him or sell?
  5. Re: Young Iranian added to DB 17 y/o rating 84 does he have some great skill?
  6. Re: About Pablo Piatti, need help Whoa man, my Piatti get performance of 8 in my last game yesterday against chelsea. I won 8-2 and piatti performance (8) is higher than my keeper (7)
  7. Re: About Pablo Piatti, need help Ok guess i had no choice but to try playing him at W and see how he perform... If he had perform bout 7 or 6 at W, will that consider be good ?
  8. Hi guys... I think u guys shud noe that Piatti was a W/F before he was changed to AM/F. Now he is a AM/F can he still play good at left or right position? becoz i am now lack of money and lack of side midfielders... please help
  9. Re: Need some advice for my Aston Villa Hi, i won the cup match 2-1 beated Leceister CIty... thx for the advice... but i have a bigger and badder opponent at nxt cup match... CHELSEA need some advice too... here is the last formation : 41212 1 G Czech P. CECH 96 2 CB Italian F. CANNAVARO 96 (RB) 3 LB English A. COLE 93 4 CB English J. TERRY 97 5 CB Italian A. NESTA 96 6 DM French C. MAKELELE 93 7 CM Ghanaian M. ESSIEN 95 (RM) 8 CM/AM English F. LAMPARD 96 9 CF Ivorian D. DROGBA 96 10 CF Italian L. TONI 94 11 LM/W French F. MALOUDA 92 S1 CM/AM German M. BALLACK 93
  10. Re: Need some advice for my Aston Villa thx for the advice firezen... tmrw i wil have a cup match against Leceister City... can u give me some advice? this is my cup opponent Leceister City last match report : formation 442 Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Mixed Attacking Style: Down Both Flanks Tempo: Fast Pressing: All Over Counter-Attack: Yes Men Behind Ball: Yes Tight Marking: Yes Play Offside: No Use Play Maker: Yes Use Target Man: Yes 1 G German J. LEHMANN 92 2 CB/RB Italian F. GALANTE 87 3 LM/LB Brazilian A. CESAR 88 4 CB German C. WORNS 88 5
  11. Re: When a player gets injured this is one problem they should improved...
  12. hi guys i am playing a cup match 2nite... i am using a 352 formation.... this is my formation akinfeev pannuci-ayala-brueno kovac ninis-nuri-cardenas-rakitic jovetic-agbonlahor Tackling Style-Hard Mentality-Attacking Passing Style-Mixed Attacking Style-Mixed Tempo-Fast Pressing-All Over Play Style: Counter-Attack-on Men Behind Ball-on Tight Marking-on Play Offside-off Use Play Maker-off Use Target Man-(dunno whether shud on or off) i am now thinking whether i shud on target man on agbonlahor or not... becoz jovetic rating is 85 and agbonlahor is 88... any idea guys? and i
  13. Re: Need some advice for my Aston Villa guys... i am going crazy... i tried 352, 4411 to counter the 442 formations... it wont work... 16 match now all i get is 2 win 2 draw 12 lose... i managed to control the ball possession but my striker couldnt score... i on my target man and it still wont score... in my mind now i am #$#@!#$#!#!@#!@
  14. Re: Need help in cup match.... please yes, they r managed, his last game is formation 442 tackling : hard mental : attacking passing : mixed attacking style : both flanks tempo : fast pressing : all over counter attack : yes Men Behind Ball : yes Tight Marking: Yes Play Offside: No Use Play Maker: Yes Use Target Man: Yes starting XI: 1 G German J. LEHMANN 92 2 CB/RB Italian F. GALANTE 87 3 LM/LB Brazilian A. CESAR 88 4 CB German C. WORNS 88 5 CB French V. HOGNON 89 6 CM/LM English S. CLEMENCE 86 7 RB/RM Iranian H. KAEBI 86 8 CM/DM Bulgarian R. KISHISHEV 86 9
  15. Re: Need help in cup match.... please guys i need more advice... i am thinking whether to use 352 or 4411... and i juz found out tat the L.City havent lose any match yet... the club is on 18 unbeaten streak !! HELP !!! :(
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