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  1. I've been away since about May and the place seems to be dead what's happened used to have a good laugh in the general football sections but it's empty now
  2. They will do very well with a goal scorer they have the basis of a good premier league team nothing spectacular but could be a solid mid table team
  3. Re: Official Sky Bet Championship Thread Bitterly disappointed with yesterday's result but it just wasn't meant to be we fought hard late on and us taking a risk led to a loss and a play off place instead of 2nd.. Proud of the boys regardless where we have come from to be where we are now is quite remarkable we have been relegation threatened past few seasons or sitting in mid table. In Karanka we trust but giving his performances he won't be here past next season at best
  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I disappear into obscurity until we get near the top next season
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread you need someone who can actually identify players for the team and not just buy good players from all over the place like you did with the Suarez money
  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Iam not convinced on Dybala plus iam sure i read today on sky sports that he prefers a move to spain anyway....would be better of going for Laca or Vietto
  7. Re: Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: English Premiership Rating Predictions
  8. Re: Official Sky Bet Championship Thread As much as I would like to I doubt we will finish in the top 2 still a long way to go in this game and Norwich have battered us for the past 20/30 minutes odd chances coming our way here and there
  9. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Mitrovic heavily linked with English teams yet again Iam losing track of who's been linked..liverpool,Arsenal,Swansea and newcastle are the ones off the top of my head..
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Playing decent enought for Palmero at a young age knocked in a few goals aswell...but from the few people I've spoke to from Italy or watch a lot of games they have said he's overrated
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Flogging jack wouldn't be a bad idea he has really bad injuries and can make a impact but for a decent price it would be a good deal get a decent midfielder in to replace him wenger likes to spend a bit now and would need to replace jack so who would be buy? I would stick my neck out and say if you got 20m for jack he would add the extra and go for Verratti or someone of equal quality and age
  12. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Leicester are gone and buried for me.. I would like sunderland and probably hull to go down.. If QPR went down who else would buy poor players for stupid money.
  13. Re: Official Sky Bet Championship Thread He might of been useles but he popped up when the time mattered the most
  14. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Does anyone play on the X1? Thinking about buying fifa again.
  15. Re: Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread Just how good is Marquinhos...I know he's rated highly very highly but he didn't really make a impact at PSG now he seems to have forced a XI spot at PSG
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Yakubu to lift the cup to celebrate his 65th birthday
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