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  1. For quite a few of my games I get a bug saying I already have made subs or a player on the field has already been subbed...which stops me making subs at any time some time I don't get a bug and sometimes I have to go 2/3 games without being allowed to make one

  2. Reports suggesting that Schweinsteiger is close to a move to United' date=' and for the reported price, it would be a hell of a steal.

    Hope this doesn't scupper a potential move for Schneiderlin though. Van Gaal made a controlling man out of Bastian, but should be aware of his attacking qualities too.[/quote']

    Can't imagine you buying Bastien and Morgan they would both be used to do the same job so think Bastien is being used as a cheaper stop gap for a season or two.

  3. Re: Official Sky Bet Championship Thread

    Bitterly disappointed with yesterday's result but it just wasn't meant to be we fought hard late on and us taking a risk led to a loss and a play off place instead of 2nd..

    Proud of the boys regardless where we have come from to be where we are now is quite remarkable we have been relegation threatened past few seasons or sitting in mid table.

    In Karanka we trust but giving his performances he won't be here past next season at best

  4. Re: Playstation 4 and Xbox one

    I've heard of this game never played it but i'm guessing it's a scary version of Skyrim ? No idea to be honest but I did play Skyrim a bit and whilst the story was good the gameplay is very repetitive and once you've taken out a dragon & giant I never found much else interesting.

    There aren't any games anymore that do something new and do it well ' date=' they are mostly sequels so I have pretty much just taken up new sports games such as Baseball (Mlb 15) which is excellent. 1 game I am looking forward to is Rainbow Six Siege as it sort of is going back to it roots ala RB6 Vegas which for the original Xbox was one of thee best games I have ever played.[/quote']

    Amen to this.

    all games are pretty much very repetitive these days i cant sit down with a game for more than a few days without getting bored now.

    RB6 Vegas one of the best I've ever played the whole strategic aspect of the game was unrivalled and still probably is the new will be unreal.

  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Well this could officially be the worst season since Hodgson

    2010/11 - Hodgson/Dalglish - 6th

    2011/12 - Dalglish - 8th /Carling Cup Won/ FA Cup Final

    2012/13 - Rodgers - 7th

    2013/14 - Rodgers - 2nd

    If we finish 7th (Very very possible) then it is the joint worst season we've had since Hodgson' date=' joint bottom with Rodgers first season. I don't think i'm being too dramatic at all, i'm actually being very realistic.

    On the Lucas point i'm not saying Lucas's injury caused the season to be a disaster, but the season being acceptable and being a disaster hinged on winning the FA Cup, i'd have expected us to be in the final had Lucas been fit.

    Rodgers hasn't achieved anything to be getting the kind of protection he receives off a lot of people. Not that I want him gone, [b']but something has to change[/b].

    you need someone who can actually identify players for the team and not just buy good players from all over the place like you did with the Suarez money

  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Instead of spending £30m on Lacazette/Vietto/Dybala' date=' why not promote the Championship Player of the Year who has a near 1:2 goals to game ratio to a squad role and let him learn from Costa and Drogba?[/quote']

    because we want him back next season so would prefare they buy someone new :)

  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    I quite like him' date=' but I think Vietto is a nice little shout there, while clubs are concentrating on Dybala we could sneak under the radar for him.[/quote']

    exactly let them scramble and sneak under the radar Vietto has kind of been out of the limelight this season he very rarely gets mentioned while Dybala well everyone knows who he is now...

    they would probably be available for similar prices also...

    Koke could be a good addition as got mentioned i rank him better than Oscar find him a bit inconsistent at times...

  8. Re: Official Manchester United Thread

    PSG need to sell to get players in as they fight FFP

    Depay should come to united' date=' LVG can hopefully improve him like he done to others in past

    Smalling signed a new 5 year deal - Congrats to him[/quote']

    PSG don't care about FFP there owner/chairmen pretty much came out and stuck 2 fingers up at FFP and said if he wants to spend his money he will in a way he wants to.

    Depay would probably end up at PSG they will just outbid everyone

  9. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Enjoyed watching the game last night. Glad we got the third' date=' bit of a cushion to have for the second game on Monday (also on ITV4 :)).

    Both us and City have some very promising youngsters, I really do genuinely hope both clubs continue to develop these players at the rate they have so far.

    Also, the set-up at City is brilliant, even more impressive when you see it in person.


    Strong rumours have emerged linking us with Koke and Dybala.

    Koke apparently has a buyout clause of £50m but we would supposedly like to sweeten the deal with Luis going the other way. I'd be amazed if we got him, and equally chuffed. If Oscar does leave, the money from his sale would certainly help.

    [b']Dybala's agent has said we have made £29m bid, but PSG have lodged one for £3.5m more. [/b]

    Not sure how much I believe either of these but I'd be happy if we went after both.

    Iam not convinced on Dybala plus iam sure i read today on sky sports that he prefers a move to spain anyway....would be better of going for Laca or Vietto

  10. Re: Official Sky Bet Championship Thread

    Daniel Ayala rocking it at the back for Borough tonight by the looks of things. Didn't see that one coming' date=' blown the race for, what I would call 2nd now, wide open! Watford to go up though for me still! B)[/quote']

    Ayala and gibson are absolute tanks at the back shame our midfields struggles against the better teams

  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    who is this dybala guy it been nearly 2 months I keep hearing about him in the transfer rumours. that he may be caming to Arsenal......well Youtube will do for now

    Playing decent enought for Palmero at a young age knocked in a few goals aswell...but from the few people I've spoke to from Italy or watch a lot of games they have said he's overrated

  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Flogging jack wouldn't be a bad idea he has really bad injuries and can make a impact but for a decent price it would be a good deal get a decent midfielder in to replace him wenger likes to spend a bit now and would need to replace jack so who would be buy? I would stick my neck out and say if you got 20m for jack he would add the extra and go for Verratti or someone of equal quality and age

  13. Re: Official Sky Bet Championship Thread

    Absolutely fuming. A goal down to promo rivals. What a dreadful run we have been on :(. Having to field a newbie in midfield because we have no available deep lying midfielders tells me that the lord does not intend for Derby to gain promotion this year.

    What hurts more is that its Bamford who got the goal. The guy is useless for 9/10ths of the game and then pops up with a goal. sigh

    He might of been useles but he popped up when the time mattered the most

  14. Re: UEFA Europa League

    I dont think Sevilla will actually reach the final.

    It also strongly depends on the luck of the draws of course' date=' but i think that 1 italian club will get to the final, be it Napoli or Roma/Fiorentina, by the looks it really feels like this is a year for the italians to succeed, so its only logical to think one of our best italian clubs will reach the final stage.

    Imo the final will be an Italian club Vs Wolfsburg[/quote']

    I hope not Italy are already closing the gap in the ratings if they reach the final and win england could lose a champs league spot in 2 seasons time

  15. Re: UEFA Europa League

    Disappointing to only win 2-1. Should have had more in the second half. Should be able to get a result in Kyiv' date=' they weren't anything special.[/quote']

    Barring a little spell in the first half Kiev offered nothing you dominated and I think Lukaku had the best game I've ever seen him play

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