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  1. Re: hulk!!!! Simple answer NO he wont rise in portugal anymore he has to move as the cap is 91 we believe with huge rumours he has already signed for chelsea but nothing has being announced yet,if he settles in england he could hit 93 but dont think much more tbh
  2. Ive just had a bid accepted for 21 million for him my other players in his pos are Wilshere,Muniain,(Hazard,Gotze they play in wings for me not Am or CM) And my youths Mceachran,Praet,Kovacic,Vilhena,Isco,Iturbe,Serrano,Ox-Chamberlain, So do you think i really need hom for 21 million and how good is he?
  3. well iam in a bit of a pickle here i have put in a 28m bid for kagawa from a managed team but at a unmanged arsenal are Lewendowski,sakho,kyle walker,subotic and few more and iam not 100% sure who i should be trying to get Kagawa AM/Wing,in this pos i have Gotze,Hazard,Muniain,Neymar and few talented youths kovacic,isco,Ox chamberlain etc Lewendowski CF Soldado thats it,but got cavani,neymar i can play there if needed Sakho,Walker,Subotic/All play at the back i play 3 at back so all basicly on there side in the centre so ill put my defenders here Alaba,Richards,Hummels,Yanga-Mbiwa,Musacchio,And few youths zouma,Clyne Digne etc so the clear choice looks lewen,but do i need another CF as he doesnt play cup games my youth team plays in cup games and always get to Quaters/Semis with a average of 80 ish so soldado is always 90% its hard and iam unsure please help
  4. Re: Kovacic? Best player in croatia i think,First team player at the tender age of 16/17 a palyer every big club looks at in the transfer windows played every game this season i think and most last season
  5. 75 atm croatia due to be done next what rating can we expect? ive been playing for just under 2 years and had him since he came on is he still as good?
  6. he is at arsenal in my game world and they have just gone unmanaged and with a new manager coming in i may be able to get him as they have Pato and gameiro i have Soldado in my squad who is better
  7. Re: Thiago Silva has a lot of work to do to get 96 in my opinion he can get there but milan and him need to improve a hell of a lot
  8. Just transfered to benfica good move for him potential future?
  9. Re: Eden Hazard Sources in france are saying hes a man utd player
  10. Re: Who will be the next Hazard, Gotze and M'Vila?
  11. Re: been offered neymar for pedro. help FAST
  12. Re: Marco Reus diffrent players gotze is the cog that runs the team when hes fit where as rues is deployed normally out wide
  13. Re: Adnan Januzaj - The new "David Beckham" who do you play for?
  14. Re: is kagawa/ marin better than munian ?? i prefare muniain if iam honest but ive never seen kagawa play from what i can tell he only really steps up when gotze isnt on the field good player none the less
  15. Re: Adnan Januzaj - The new "David Beckham"
  16. Re: Riferimento: Givanildo Hulk he deserved his 92 when he got rated at 91 he was already playing at a 92 standard so deserves the rise and he will keep going,as for hulk while in portugal he is stuck at 91 unless they do extremly well in the champs league to raise the cap
  17. Re: Moutinho as far as i know 91 is the cap for Portugal and he is unlickly to move from there to be honest keep hold see if he moves if he does in the summer if not ide look to swap him for a 91 or a good 90 talent from one of the other top leagues
  18. Re: The New Players Thread i dont think he deserves to be on the Db yet hes done nothing in the first team or even been on the bench,most players who are added without minutes have either been on the bench at respective clubs a few times or at at there second team lower down the divisions which doesnt happen in england sadly so until he makes the bench a few times doubt he will get on Db carnt see him getting many minutes till hes about 18-19 as they have a good crop of established players Nani,Valencia and young on wings he wont get there places he aint good enought yet,Piazon should be added tho been on chelsea bench 3-4 times now
  19. Re: Llorente or Song? any ideas on who would be better in the long run? and what is there overall potential at current clubs?and any hints of a move?
  20. Well its been well documented over the past few days he is going to one of the manchester clubs and he said few month ago he is wearing blue next season so he is going city most likly now i have him in my team and iam seriously considering getting rid of him if he goes to city as i think he will be wasted there any ideas on how he will do at city?
  21. Re: Balotelli VS Neymar Neymar ide say yes hes playing in a bit of a poor league but the best brazilian talent comes from this league as do many flops i think he can make it in europe hes already doing it on the international stage so i dont see why he carnt
  22. there both unmanaged and could get one of them my other dm/cb options are Hummels,Micah richards,Musacchio and my DM are Sven Bender,Nocerino and my CF options are Lukaku and Soldado iam favoring Song as he is a beast of a dm and is already 91 but i have less options up front but llorent is 27 3 years older than Song who has best chances of rating rises?,oh and no one is intrested in song so can get him for CV does Llorent have a chance of moving clubs hes been linked with chelsea but will be rubbish there + soldado is at better club at the minute 3rd in spain hmm any ideas iam really stumped
  23. Re: Mario Gomez to 94 ? gomez is only 26 ide stay with him tbh if he carries on this unbeliveable form he will be 96+
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