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  1. i have Yanga in my squad and have been offered 15 million for him is it a good deal chance of 90 at end of season? my other Cbs are Hummels Richards musacchio with a few decent youth risers zouma etc i play 3-5-1 with my back 3 of Hummels Richards and Alba so musacchio and Yanga are only subs but if he has a chance of a 90 hes not getting sold?
  2. Re: David luiz he might transfer to barca doesnt mean he will do well he aint got nothing on Hummels,Micah Richards,Silva,Pique,Alba Etc he is a good player but dont think he will be one of the best in the world
  3. Re: David luiz Lb/Cb dont think hes ever gone on Rb or maybe just Cb as his pos and he dont deserve 91 yet hes only just staying to defend well
  4. Re: K.De Bryune ive already got munian swapped him for hamsik
  5. i have him and have been offered 18 million? good deal?
  6. Re: Will Messi ever leave Barcelona? why would he make a money move to USA when he is already the richest football player on the planet at only 24?
  7. Re: Ribery or David Silva Silva is the clear choice amazing player ide have him over Ribery everyday of the week
  8. Re: jordi alba for cazorla and fofana? hes going to barca in the summer and with abidal body basicly finished,Alba will take the starting Lb berth for barca and spain
  9. Re: Iker Munian deal He is now Saying he would prefare to have my hamsik could Muniain take over Hamsik in rating?
  10. Re: Fluff's and Pazz' Ligue 1 Rating Thread Any idea on my french imports? YANGA-MBIWA Hazard Ahamada zouma LACAZETTE Nangis Niang How will they fair in the current ratings? and who is worth keeping and selling?
  11. How good is this lad is he as good as they all say future potential ? One thing that does worry me if bilbao dont sell player at all
  12. Re: Soldado for 25mil thanks for the quick reply i have put a bid in and its been acepted
  13. Re: Reus or Neymar? Neymar has a major wave of hype surrounding him yes but i think he is a better player than rues he may be protected a bit in brazil but hes also scoring in the brazillian team so he doing it on the hardest stage of all for me Neymar is the lear choice rues is good but i dont rate him all that high hes no gotze
  14. Re: Soldado for 25mil i mean i will be spending 25 million on buying him my other forwards are Neymar,Cavani,Lukaku and Bent(but he will be going if i get soldado as i have youth who an take bents place
  15. i have just been offered him for 25million should i do the deal i dont wath spanish football?
  16. Re: Serie A 2011/2012 - Best Teams' Rating Predictions Any ideas on these for now or end or season? Isla 90? KPB 90? Hamsik 91? Cavani 91? Serge Aurier 84? El Shaarawy 84? Casnos 85? This is there current rating will they rise stay etc and who is worth keeping hold of?
  17. Re: Iker Munian deal Yerp there all decent players i have at 91 i was thinking of khedira as he is was looking at risk of dropping a few months back,How good can Munian get i rate him extremly highly but have rarly seen him play?
  18. Re: Iker Munian deal Gotze Hazard and Cavano are no goes for me i think i have cover in Dm and Cm with bender and KPB both maybe getting rises and noc getting one aswell,it just a stright shoot out between Hamsik and Khedira who is the worst player and least chance of rising is munians potential really that much ive chased this guy for ages?
  19. Right well the manager who has munian wants a 91 rated player for him as he has alot of potential i dont realy mind getting rid of a dead wood for him my current 91s are Khedira,Hamsik,Gotze,Hazard and Cavani My other midfielders are S Bender, NOCERINO,Isla,KPB,Neymar, Who would be my best bet to get rid of for him with the cover i have and rising potential?
  20. Re: player injuries there random depends on how the other team tackles and your players condition before the game ive got aguero he missed the first 2 month of season came back scored 6 in 4 apps now hes back out for 6 weeks
  21. Re: The New Players Thread Ive heard of this Suso Lad before who is he? Piazon wont be long hes been on the bench twice
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