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  1. Re: huntelaar 91 for sure carnt see him jumping to 92 maybe a very very small chance of it maybe in mid season next year if he keeps performing
  2. Re: luiz DO NOT LET GO OF OX-CHAMBERLAIN hes a star in the making a hell of a player and if he plays like he is at the moment a cert for the euros in the summer luiz isnt that good try and swap someone else or try for sakho/MUSACCHIO/Jan VERTONGHEN
  3. I wish people would stop over hyping every barcelona player who comes onto the scene and saying hes the next messi/xavi/Pique etc it does my head in to see it all the time
  4. Re: What the best league in the world in your opinion Easily Premier league Barring this season prem has 3-4 teams in the Champions league quarters for the past 3-4 season,spain only has one Barca and the other leagues barly do anything 1:England 4-5 teams fighting for title season after season 2:Germany 3-4 teams fighting for title 3:France 2-3 normaly up there fighting 4:Spain-2 teams every season Being the best league isnt about best players its about how entertaining it is to watch and how good the teams are
  5. Re: Bent/Soldado Thanks for the help ill get soldado
  6. So i have bent at the moment and iam sitting 3rd in the league then team in second has Soldado and iam thinking of a swap deal but at the moment Bent is the leagues top scorer with 18 in 23 apps and soldado has 12 in 27 and iam unsure if i should swap them any help would be very usefull
  7. Re: Lacazette+nocerino Any idea on potential of them mate? i havent realy heard of them of them apart from Nocerino with people saying he will get his 90 and a very outside chance of 91
  8. Re: Incompetent Assistant Manager
  9. I have bids in for these two players and iam thinking of bids for alaba and El Sharaaw i think hes called from bayern any advice on them?
  10. So ive been playing for just over a year and have amassed a decent youth system but now iam ready to cut the dead wood out,I recently let Ravel Morrison go,Paul Pogba,Ryo Miyaichi which when bans are up WILL be getting brought back,Any help greatly appreciated AHAMADA, Ali AURIER, Serge CLYNE, Nathaniel HEWITT, Elliott ZOUMA, Kurt YENNARIS, Nicholas FRIMPONG, Emmanuel OCAMPOS, Lucas VADILLO, Álvaro MCEACHRAN, Josh BARKLEY, Ross KOVACIC, Mateo ISCO, Alarcón ITURBE, Juan INSIGNE, Lorenzo POWELL, Nick DE BRUYNE, Kevin OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex JOHN, Ola DEULOFEU, Gerard REDMOND, Nathan ŠPEHAR, Dino CUENCA, Isaac WICKHAM, Connor NANGIS, Lenny SITUM, Mario LECOINTE, Matt NIANG, M'baye CASNOS, Luc GABBIADINI, Manolo KANE, Harry BOYD, Terrence
  11. How good is he?ive had him in my squad for a while(youth) and iam trying to cut it down to only the pure talents in my squad and real madrid have offered me 10mil for him should i accept or decline depending on how good he can be in future
  12. Hes rated highly in england and with my team being in the same league see alot of this player is he worth buying since he just went up +4?
  13. Re: Gotze for Hart + 15Mill? Never Ever sell Gotze ive had massive bids for mine 50mill bids and players swapps very good ones at that considering i only payied about 300k for him they seem good but hes a unreal talent easily one of the best on the planet
  14. Re: The New Players Thread Kurt Zouma First Team defender at Saint-Étienne and hes only 17 years old has impressed that much in about 12 apps subs and starts man u are looking at him Oh and there 4th in the league at the moment if he keeps playing the way he is like a rock will get a decent rise hes 6'2 in hight is fast strong and very good in the air
  15. Re: double team I dont think it matters wheather they play in real life or not mate after all i have players in my squad who are injured in real life and they are getting 9's for me instead of 0's
  16. Ive had this guy for maybe 7 month hes playing ok for chelsea he is getting better and making less errors now but iam still unsure on him should i try and swap him and for who? My current defenders are bare in mind i play 3-5-2 so dont need alot of Defenders until iam winning in 75 mins then i use 4 at the back Jordi Alba Van Der Wiel Luiz Yanga-Mbiwa-Iam not sure weather to sell this guy aswell any thoughts Hummels Musacchio-Or this Guy?
  17. Re: penalty shootout just cause you have the best players done mean your going to win penalties its the same as in real life in penaltie shootouts its just luck
  18. Re: Jordan Henderson Decent player for me should get around 92 Games pass him by at liverpool but hes filling in for lucas and his role is basicly to mop up the midfield break down a few attacks and not to keep the ball get rid of it to some one else hes basicly the holder so you dont see much of him but hes important
  19. Re: Eto'o for Higuain?? PLEASE HELP Eto is a beast of a player but hes in russia now if you have him get rid for some one similar rating wise or a young talent
  20. Re: Chemistry + Form Chemistry already plays a part if you change things about you sometimes go on a slump Form i think plays a small part anyway if people in your team get a few 6's they tend to get a load more 6's and struggle to get higher than that for long periods of time and its the same if they get high they normaly stay high match ratings My hummels normaly gets 6's no matter how i play him play some one else there and they get 8's consistantly Neymar constantly gets 9's for me and a load of assists from the wing play him up front and he gets majority of tens and MOM awards and scored around 20-30 a season So i think form is already there
  21. Re: A GooD DM M'Vila if you can get hold of him or that ROMEU, Oriol from chelsea barca have first dibs on him and hes sapposed to be going back in the summer
  22. Re: Is Luis Suarez the real deal ? I woudlnt take suarez if i was given him for free keep rooney better player
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