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  1. Ive changed the team a bit since i took over 3 seasons ago but my squad numbers are quite low any help with where to improve? HART, Joe SCHMELZER, Marcel VAN DER WIEL, Gregory HUMMELS, Mats SAKHO, Mamadou VERTONGHEN, Jan BENDER, Sven ISLA, Maurico RAMIRES, Santos SAHIN, Nuri GOTZE, Mario GAITAN, Nicolás AGUERO, Sergio LAVEZZI, Ezequiel NEYMAR, Silva SOLDADO, Roberto
  2. Re: A GooD DM What formation do you play? And whats your squad def+mid?
  3. Re: Hummels deal. Hummels is a quality act easily one of the top 10 defenders in the world ide say terry is going down hill and subotic is nothing without hummels Keep hummels
  4. hes not having the best of seasons in a tough villa team will he drop? if hes going to drop ill try and sell him but hes top scorer this year in the league with 18 in 27 apps be hard replacing that
  5. Re: Who would be better in the long term? Hazard>Gotze>Neymar Thank god ive got all these
  6. Re: My Team Help?? Any Help anyone could do with thinning my squad numbers?
  7. Re: Ouasim Bouy - Juventus wonderkid Has he even made a app yet according to soccerway hes not even in the team just the youth
  8. So iam just wondering peoples opinions who watch numerous leagues I have loads of prospects in my squad de bruyn lukaku players like that but would like opinions on these few players? Jordi Alba? can he hit 90 or just 89? YANGA-MBIWA? will he hit 89? KPB?91? Hamsik?will he rise? Gotze?Currently injured but did he do enough to get 92? Hazard?92? Cavani?92? AHAMADA?i dont know anything about this guy? ISCO?revelation at Malaga will he hit 88 ish? OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN???? JOHN, Ola?Is this guy as good as reports?will he hit 85? NIANG, M'baye?Never seen him play but snapped him up ages ago? CUENCA, Isaac?how far in changes? current 84?
  9. Re: benzema deal Strikers ratings are primarly based on scoring and Gomez is a machine this season defo take him
  10. Re: Isla Or munian? Yer i think isla is class i always keep up to date with his matches but Munian is quality and younger might hit 90 this season is bilbao finish top 7 ish it was either isla or KPB to try and swap there all class acts hard choice
  11. I currently have Isla and munian is on loan till end of season iam thinking of offering my Isla for Munian a 90 for a 89 is tempting for the other manager and i know munian has loads of potential ratings dont bother me that much as i recently swapped subotic for Sakho Would isla for munian be a good deal?
  12. i currently have Van Der Wiel in both my set ups but iam worried about the prospects of him rising i dont see any of ajax's games does he have a chance is he even good enough? Micah Richards on the other hand is a hell of a RB as ive seen him play numerous times would it be wise of me to try and swap these two when Transfer bans are up?
  13. Re: David Silva - Sell? Change his posistion in the squad mate try in another place he will get better ive got darren bent rated 90 in one of my teams in div 2 he was terrible before i signed him getting 5 goals in 30 odd apps last 3 years he has got about 20 in 36,hes got 18 in 22 already for me this season,Silva will perform just need to change your formation or team about try him on the oppersite side of the formation works for me i swap gotze and hazard on the wings everygame and they get about 8's
  14. Re: Khedira for Vidal I carnt see him getting many minutes to go up at all madrid have loads of midfielders and they keep buying them
  15. So iam trying to get rid of my Khedira was going to swap for M'Vila but hes TB'd and vidal isnt is it a good swap Khedira plays DM for me i can play either HUMMELS or MUSACCHIO in DM at the moment would it be a good swap?
  16. Re: Khedira for M'Vila Yer Khedira might keep his place but the madrid midfield is realy competitive i dont realy care much for a 1 rating change as M'Vila would start for my team anyway potential wise would i be better getting M'Vila in the long run?
  17. I know khedira has alot of talent but he isnt realt getting minutes even before his injury so would it be a good idea to try and swap him for M'Vila?
  18. In the two set ups i have one with David luiz and one with Subotic and Sakho is available in both i know luiz is playing terrible so was thinking of trying a swap deal with Sakho and the same with Subotic a swap deal for Sakho My Defenders in one team are-I only play 3 defenders in my games with 1 DM SCHMELZER VAN DER WIEL HUMMELS VERTONGHEN SUBOTIC In the other team i have-I only play 3 defenders in my games with 1 DM ALBA VAN DER WIEL LUIZ YANGA-MBIWA HUMMELS MUSACCHIO
  19. I am looking to thin down my squad who is prospects and who is just plain ****?Now i know i dont carry many defenders i only play 3 of them and 1 Dm mid,Thanks for any help:) FIRST TEAM DE GEA, David ALBA, Jordi VAN DER WIEL, Gregory LUIZ, David YANGA-MBIWA, Mapou HUMMELS, Mats MUSACCHIO, Mateo ISLA, Mauricio KHEDIRA, Sami BOATENG, Kevin-Prince HAMSIK, Marek GOTZE, Mario HAZARD, Eden NEYMAR, Silva VARGAS, Eduardo CAVANI, Édinson BENT, Darren I am going to attempt to swap Luiz for Sakho when arsenal get managed YOUTH TEAM Now for the important ones? AHAMADA, Ali UNNERSTALL, Lars AURIER, Serge CLYNE, Nathaniel JENKINSON, Carl HEWITT, Elliott COSIC, Uros FRIMPONG, Emmanuel OCAMPOS, Lucas VADILLO, Álvaro MCEACHRAN, Josh BARKLEY, Ross KOVACIC, Mateo ISCO, Alarcón ITURBE, Juan POWELL, Nick DE BRUYNE, Kevin OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex JOHN, Ola DEULOFEU, Gerard REDMOND, Nathan ŠPEHAR, Dino CUENCA, Isaac WICKHAM, Connor NANGIS, Lenny SITUM, Mario LECOINTE, Matt NIANG, M'baye CASNOS, Luc GABBIADINI, Manolo KANE, Harry BOYD, Terrence
  20. Is it the right time to try and get someone else in for Khedira he isnt getting many games for madrid at the moment?
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