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  1. Hello all. I have a pretty decent Inter team in a competitive game world and just can't seem to nail a formation/tactics that herald me a decent run of form. I have tried 3-5-2, 4-3-3 Wingers, 4-5-1(def/att), 4-2-3-1. Any help would be greatly appreciated in the form of advice on tactics/formation/arrows. Most teams in my game world play 4-4-2/4-5-1(def) with a variant on arrows/tactics. Neuer Courtois Coentrao Clichy Richards Carvalho Samuel Ferdinand Ramos Alonso Schweinsteiger Khedira Pirlo Marchisio Dzagoev Kagawa Marin Belhanda Ronaldo Robben Suarez Rooney Milito Huntelaar Llorente Many thanks, in advance Chris
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks guys I am getting the pair.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Eden Hazard OR Sami Khedira & Marco Reus
  4. Re: Thiago Silva for Chiellini? Yeah 100% do it, Silva up there with the very best in CB's Chiellini not far behind but Silva is better.
  5. Re: 89 to 90 defenders Alba Pisczeck Schmelzer Alaba (88) Evans
  6. Re: Lucio or Luisao, who should i sell? Sell Luisao
  7. Re: 3-4-2-1 counter 4-5-1 V.Defensive with 1 CM making attacking runs. Slow tempo, play through the middle. Good luck
  8. Re: Help with my Squad Sell the ones in bold mate. Ideal formation (from personal experience) would be 3-5-2. Klose & Podolski up front. Valencia & Munian on wings, get some more CM's if you can.
  9. Re: Robinho for Hazard without a shadow of a doubt do it, unless you only plan on playing the game for the next 6 months.
  10. Re: Trading for Hazard Only one I would seriously consider is Busquets, and that is only a small temptation as Hazard is an excellent prospect and seemingly Premier League bound.
  11. Re: Trading for Hazard Only one I would consider is Busquets, and that would be only a small temptation as Hazard is an excellent prospect.
  12. Re: who to sell in my team Sell ones in italics. Just my opinion gk ROBINSON, Paul LLORIS, Hugo FORSTER, Fraser defenders WALKER, Kyle EVANS, Jonny DOMINGUEZ, Álvaro SAKHO, Mamadou RANOCCHIA, Andrea TOMKINS, James midfield ISLA, Mauricio GAGO, Fernando GOSLING, Dan GRANERO, Esteban MOUTINHO, João GARDNER, Gary HERRERA, Ander KOVACIC, Mateo RAMIREZ, Gastón PEDERSEN, Morten Gamst TAARABT, Adel DUNN, David LUCAS, Moura LAMELA, Erik STERLING, Raheem HOILETT, David YOUNG, Ashley SUSAETA, Markel PHILLIPS, Matt fwds LAVEZZI, Ezequiel PATO, Alexandre LEWANDOWSKI, Robert SOLDADO, Roberto GIROUD, Olivier BORINI, Fabio DOST, Bas VAN WOLFSWINKEL, Ricky
  13. Re: Gomez or Higuain Gomez - He will be 94/95 by the end of 2012, maybe sooner if he is the machine for Germany he is for Bayern in the Euro's. Higuain has played second fiddle to Benzema for the majority of the season so Gomez for me
  14. Re: Falcao vs Cavani vs Tevez Long term I would go Cavani, short term Tevez but depending on the summer and where he ends up he has the highest risk of the 3 of dropping. Falcao is just a machine but I'd rather have Cavani due to Napoli's success in Europe / 3rd in Serie A.
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