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  1. Try with 4-5-1-A or 4-5-1 B or 4-3-3 B Lloris Aurier 89; Alderweireld 92; Sanchez 90; Vertonghen 92 Son 93; Sissoko 90; ; Ndombélé 91; Alli 92; Moura 91 Kane 95 Orange stays for external wings in 4-3-3 B; play normal, with both flanks attacking style. Wings with defensive mentality (arrows back). Mixed passing style. Tempo: normal. Underlined player stays for AM position in 4-5-1 A; play normal, with both flanks attacking style. Long ball. Mixed passing style. Tempo: normal. Blue player stays for DM position in 4-5-1 B; play defensive metality, with both flanks attacking style. Long ball. Mixed passing style. Tempo: normal. Try it
  2. Formation depends by the players you got. I use to line up my squad based on that. List your players please
  3. Sometimes work, sometimes not. It depends of your squad rate average and the tactics you set up. Counter formation specially work very well against stronger adversaries than you.
  4. De Bruyne; Kanté; Alli; De Jong; Fabinho; Saul; Havertz; Aouar; Maddison; Ndidi; Dani Ceballos
  5. Oh, I'm sorry, this morning I've red too much fast. I corrected my reply. Check it.
  6. Nonsense policy of Soccer Manager rules. Today they changed position to Ajax midfielder Donny Van De Beek from DM,M,AM(C) to M,AM(C) Games played as M: 20 Games played as DM 6 Games played as AM 3 Source: WhoScored.com https://it.whoscored.com/Players/275035/Show/Donny-van-de-Beek Can someone explain to me WHY this change??????? So let's remove AM position also... Really nonsense. Really disgusting
  7. Juan Mata maybe drop, Henrikh Mkhitaryan maybe not. Too much doubtful situations for them, so their rating is so unpredictable for these players
  8. I'd say +1 for Leverkusen defender Jonathan Tah to 91 and BVB's Lukasz Piszczek -1 to 89
  9. It's unbelieveable they drop both BVB Sokratis and Piszczek! This game is going worse and worse and worse. Look at how many they are signing out... The story doesn't change. Forwards rise. Defenders and midfielders never get forwards ratings. Changing abuse of M(C)AM(RLC) instead of DM,M,AM(C) players (Dele Alli and so many like him). Quick rises for young players (Sule). Neverdrop players till few days ago. Players drop very soon after they rose unpredictable (Roman Burki). I've enough.
  10. Starters V. Berezutski and Sergei Ignashevich dropped WHY???? CSKA won the title and they're always starters in the club and NT. Someone explain me please. Also why Golovin centre DM position expired? Why Alan Dzagoev didn't achieve it? He's playing as DM 1 season and half at least...
  11. I would use aggressive tackling if my defense line and whole avg squad is much lower than my opponent. In terms of pressing, I'd chose own half with a 4+ mid (4-5-1A-B usually); if I play with a 5 men defence (5-3-2 or 5-4-1) I'd go with a own area pressing, that's all.
  12. I've got him in all my squads. He should rise at least +2.
  13. What's your squad size? I think concerns depend about your number of players you got too now. This is because if you buy new players and you have high players number, they know it's difficult for them wishing to play as now as in the future because you got too much players before him. It's to counter player hogging I suppose. All my squads have a size of 60 players or less. In all of my squads I've never had this kind of matter. Think about it.
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