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  1. On 8/29/2020 at 6:31 AM, Sir Rahul said:


    De Gea had elite seasons from 2014 to 2018. 4 seasons of consistent match-saving performances. He was 91 before van Gaal took over.

    92 in Jan 2015.

    93 in Jul 2015.

    94 in May 2016.

    95 in June 2018.

    In hindsight his levels started to drop just after getting 95 (in the World Cup) but all rises were justified.

    You got the point: why they rose his rating in 2018? I mean which was the reason of that? Same question for 2015 (rose two times). Don't you feel it's a bit ridiculous?
    I could talk about different players for the same reason, they often had a rise just because of moving to a big club (Neymar is one of them) before they could show their skills in a very different experience.

    I often think to Neymar compared to a player like Thomas Muller and their palmarès. No words.

  2. On 8/29/2020 at 6:28 AM, Mike0007 said:

    Koopmeiners or ben white?

     Also, I’m looking for players that cost 3m - 4m that is young and has a rating above 82 with a very high ceiling for all positions.

    Can you suggest me the same with 2 to 3 options for every position as its a competitive gw and the player might already be taken.

    Both Koop and White are interesting players

  3. On 8/27/2020 at 5:43 AM, Sir Rahul said:



    90? Lol, 87 max

    Yes and yes

    No update

    Kimmich + Dembele

    I'd do the duo as I feel VDB has peaked for now

    I hope Lampard still botches it up, would be nice to see

    Indeed, anyways Sheff Utd got Ramsdale dow.

    Interested to see what happens.

    I'd sell most except the 80+ and Rodriguez.

    Ratings have never worked that way though? It's all relative. Mandanda didn't do well at Palace either. I know he's a good keeper but come on haha. Unless you're saying Lloris > Oblak/de Gea.

    I would never say Lloris is better than Oblak and/or De Gea. I say that Mandanda (Olympique career) with his potential is strongest than Lloris and "why not" De Gea/Oblak.

    But I specially know that SM bases up the player's ratings on club's performances and player's performances. So that shows that all of them have a similar trophies collection. The only difference is: max Mandanda's rating 91; max Lloris's rating 92; max De Gea's rating 95!

    Mandanda with steady performances has won a national championship and went at 2nd place 4 times. Lloris had steady performances like Steve and he never has won a title till now and went at 2nd place only 2 times. De Gea has had good and very bad seasons and he has won one title and went as 2nd 2 times. Oblak?... Let me laugh

  4. On 8/25/2020 at 1:19 PM, The punch said:

    are you serious ? ter stegen and oblak have been exceptional year after year in liga in terms of statistics, without ter stegen barcelona would have finished 5th this season. have you watched a.madrid vs liverpool in CL?  Oblak made 10 saves against Liverpool. alisson oblak ter segen are 10 times better than burki and everyone knows it...

    de gea was exceptional for us between 2015 and 2018, anyone who watches LP knows how de gea was phenomenal (2016 2017 best gk in the world with neuer)

    the difference between alisson / ter stegen compared to burki or other gk of this note is the same between thiago alcantara and granit xhaka, xhaka plays a lot of games with arsenal but doesn't increase, you know why? because he is not good enough.

    All of them didn't deserve this rating. They've won few titles or they weren't good enough to deserve a 95 rating. Maybe 93, like Courtois (so why he's only 93???). There are several players that deserved high ratings then them. I'm not talking about goalkeepers only.

    Let me make a sample: Mandanda. What a goalkeeper. Max rating got: 91. I'm sorry, but Mandanda's quality is good as an Oblak or De Gea. Better than Lloris (he's 92!). Just laugh

  5. On 8/23/2020 at 11:20 PM, RieceM96 said:

    Neuer deserves 94 atleast. How did he ever drop from 96 so rapidly ? 

    Muller in the same boat . How is he 92 lol 

    Lewandowski 97 . No excuses from SM now . He has won his first UCL . 

    How is Neymar 96 ? Just falls over everytime and doesn't really add much. 95 max .


    About Neuer (maybe he deserved to drop previously), I just cannot explain myself how it's possible to see goalkeepers like Ter Stegen but also Oblak (except playing very good for a while) having a quick rise like them. I can name also a weaker goalie like Burki: there are lots of players with a lower rate but playing far good than him. The biggest scandal for me was De Gea. But not only goalkeepers. I'm just thinking to forwards sometimes: Neymar first. They just gave him a ridiculous rise every time he went to Rio's carnival. I could go on but I won't.

  6. Try with 4-5-1-A or 4-5-1 B or 4-3-3 B


    Aurier 89; Alderweireld 92; Sanchez 90; Vertonghen 92

    Son 93; Sissoko 90; ; Ndombélé 91; Alli 92; Moura 91

    Kane 95


    Orange stays for external wings in 4-3-3 B; play normal, with both flanks attacking style. Wings with defensive mentality (arrows back). Mixed passing style. Tempo: normal.

    Underlined player stays for AM position in 4-5-1 A; play normal, with both flanks attacking style. Long ball. Mixed passing style. Tempo: normal.

    Blue player stays for DM position in 4-5-1 B; play defensive metality, with both flanks attacking style. Long ball. Mixed passing style. Tempo: normal.

    Try it


  7. On 7/29/2019 at 12:00 AM, PeligroPeligroso said:

    Hi! I would like to know if these advices do still work because the post is 11 years old, I´ve tried the possession tactic in a few games and it went terribly wrong. I also want to know if there is an updated version of this, thanks!

    Sometimes work, sometimes not. It depends of your squad rate average and the tactics you set up. Counter formation specially work very well against stronger adversaries than you.

  8. 1 hour ago, Krooss25 said:

    Please can you order these in best to worst potential thought about put as well 

    Fabinho, delle alli, saul niguez, de bruyne, kante, ndidi, de jong, havertz, aour, maddison, dani ceballos

    Headache times aha 


    De Bruyne; Kanté; Alli; De Jong; Fabinho; Saul; Havertz; Aouar; Maddison; Ndidi; Dani Ceballos

  9. 12 hours ago, Sir Rahul said:

    Okay guys, need some advice. Loren Moron is on a Level 3 concern in my GW, I want to keep him and am starting him every game but I might have to sell.

    The offers I have:

    1. Denswil and Gaston Ramirez

    2. Rafael (Lyon RB) and Braithwaite

    3. Selke and Steven Moreira

    4. Jordan Ayew and Claud Adjapong



    Bold accept

  10. It's unbelieveable they drop both BVB Sokratis and Piszczek! This game is going worse and worse and worse. Look at how many they are signing out...

    The story doesn't change.

    Forwards rise. Defenders and midfielders never get forwards ratings. Changing abuse of M(C)AM(RLC) instead of DM,M,AM(C) players (Dele Alli and so many like him). Quick rises for young players (Sule). Neverdrop players till few days ago. Players drop very soon after they rose unpredictable (Roman Burki). I've enough.

  11. Indeed it's good to see some recent tactics discussion.


    I have a question for you regarding Tackling. If you use Aggressive and your defenders are much less rated then the attackers, aren't you risking red cards?


    In terms of Pressing I would go with Own Half maybe in both situations (less than 2 or more than 2). Can you elaborate a bit?




    I would use aggressive tackling if my defense line and whole avg squad is much lower than my opponent. In terms of pressing, I'd chose own half with a 4+ mid (4-5-1A-B usually); if I play with a 5 men defence (5-3-2 or 5-4-1) I'd go with a own area pressing, that's all.

  12. My best 18 players on one of my teams (few other teams struggling in this regard) , 16 now have concerns


    yes 16 of my best 18 players all have concerns even though they play REGUALRY .............. EVERY WEEK MESSI LEVEL 3 ######FFF


    AMM a little bit because I wanted to play sterling marquinos gimenez these last 18 months (klnda forced too)


    these last 8 years yesssssssssssssssssssssss 8 years of sacrificing my first team to buy youths and pay there wages


    not even that, even playing weaker teams to keep the youths happy 89+? ahead of inesta messi etc


    now my youths request transfer and messi iniesta level 3




    i debated enuff on the issue of player caps hogging youth development gameplay etc etc etc etc etc


    noting more to say


    6/7 years of investment in my face, nothing more to say


    other than obensities


    no respect for those managers who not only stayed with there club for 10 years, invested in youth 8/9 years ago ahead of (at the time) having the best squads in the game-world they participated


     don't even try to argue how much BS THIS IS


    these last days losing MARQUINOS VARANE STERLING and at the same timer almost losing 16 of my best 18 players even though these last 18 months often playing weaker teams at the exspense of titles etc




    oa ya marquinos varane sterling all went to bayern real madrid chelsea etc (even though they played alot)



    What's your squad size? I think concerns depend about your number of players you got too now. This is because if you buy new players and you have high players number, they know it's difficult for them wishing to play as now as in the future because you got too much players before him. It's to counter player hogging I suppose.


    All my squads have a size of 60 players or less. In all of my squads I've never had this kind of matter. Think about it.

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