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  1. I'm very happy to talk about tactics by long time. You should generally use defensive when your squad has a lower avg rating than your counter. I'd go with this setup: Tackling - Hard (if your opponent has less than 2 avg rating ptst han you); Aggressive (if your opponent has 2 or more avg rating pts than you) Passing - Long ball (or mixed if your opponent has less than 2 avg rating pts than you and you have different rated players as defenders and middies) Tempo - Fast Mentality - Defensive Attacking - Down both flanks Pressing - Own Half (if your opponent has less than 2 avg rating ptst han you); Own area (if your opponent has 2 or more avg rating pts than you)
  2. So John Obi Mikel of Chelsea has been centre defensive position added. Why guys? When he has been playing as defender (C )? I'd say NEVER. Please reverse bad change please.
  3. So John Obi Mikel bought a D(C ) position last night at the position discount...
  4. Sir, it's a market rumours question for Janmaat, Wijnaldum and Sissoko (they all should leave 'Castle). It will be the same about Fellaini I suppose.. he won't drop
  5. ###### Kampl gets +1 to 90? Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Fuc(x)king rubbish!!!
  6. Hummels has a chance of 94 highly likely but not deserved if summed to previous season (one of the whorst BVB defender) when he has been very next to a drop
  7. Hope for CSKA final win. So SM would explain why they drop CSKA's players few months ago after 1st place in RPL :angry: P.S.: Remember CSKA has three 90 rp only and Zenit has three 91 rp and 2 90 rp and could end 3rd or 4th in rank.
  8. I think they will review as in red.This is now an easy rise game.
  9. I think they'll review Bundes, then BPL and Liga last. Portugal will be reviewed after "Big 5".
  10. Il mercato del Leicester inizierà tra qualche settimana con le rivalutazioni. Gli unici acquisti veramente e fortemente voluti sono Mandanda dall'OM e Tosic dal CSKA che arrivano a prezzo base, oltre al giovane Azmoun. Buon arrivo anche Kouyaté. Peccato per acune operazioni andate a male come Bart Dragowski. In programma comunque due centrali di difesa ad aggiustare, due di centrocampo e un terzino destro.
  11. No way Doumbia's drop: he'll leave Castle and he has been very good till december at CSKA. Doumbia will stay. Sissoko and Wijnaldum I think the same. Remember Loic Rémy at QPR.
  12. Incredible rise for Palermo's Franco Vazquez. I think reviews are from "EmmeZeta" discounts. Unbelieveable. No reason to rise him. Just ManU rumors. This is not football, this is not a soccer game, no more. This is pure rubbish.
  13. You however have to consider 38 games (turns). National Cup games make players' management much easy. Because you can sum all games (where player lose fit) played and divide it by 38 to find (n)%. So if a player need 80% of 38 games you can reach the target in different ways: e.g.1: 31 league games; e.g.2: 28 league games and 2 National Cup games and 1 National Shield games; e.g.3: 22 league games and 4 National Cup games and 4 National Shield games; 1 Charity game; ... etc. etc. Considering you would use the same GK for all League/Cups matches, GK will overdose 100%, so he could reach 110% of games needed or more but you could have the same results with other players if they plays every useful game if you go on in domestic cups and they didn't get injuries or bans
  14. No no, tanto per cominciare io lo scriverei proprio qui sul forum: voglio vedere come la prendono, i signori! E GRAZIE a DharmaBuns!
  15. I'd say it's some season he's not more a 91 Gk and ok, I could agree. But CSKA has no more 91 rated player and it's a bit stupid if you notice Zenit has 3 (Garay, Witsel, Hulk). Avg ratings in general are not very appropriate to what they showed recently. Why this spread between these two squads? Let's see last 3 year russian trophies won by Moscow and Skt. Petersburg teams: Zenit: 1 Russian Premier League (2014/2015); 1 Russian Super Cup (2015/2016*). Current RPL season rank: 4th. CSKA: 2 Russian Premier League (2012/2013, 2013/2014); 2 Russian Super Cup (2013/2014, 2014/2015); 1 Russian Cup (2012/2013). Current RPL season rank: 1st. There's some wrong I'd say. *Current season. P.S.: Russia NT too lost his lonely 91 rp despite squad reached Euro 2016 Qualification instead stronger teams like Netherlands don't.
  16. Today the decision to drop Akinfeev. It's right, CSKA is at 1st place in RPL so he had to drop.
  17. Russian PL is by to restart from winter break and what SM have been start to do? The 2nd seasonal review of Russian PL. It's 3rd or 4th time this competition has been reviewed in last 10 months. Much more than big five. Incredible.
  18. It's difficult to say who to buy but I'd make an offer to Barkley and two-three between Morata, Nastasic, Sterling and Draxler.
  19. Sì grazie, alla fine sì.
  20. Help! I'm not able to login SM by this early evening.
  21. Luna, lasciamo stare i premi: in un personalizzato la mia squadra è stata promossa in serie 1 e la stagione successiva la "bellissima" sorpresa è stata che mentre le squadre blasonate come Real, Bayern, Juve ecc. ecc. hanno ricevuto un'iniezione di cash di circa 50M (anche chi è arrivato in fondo alla classifica), la mia squadra ha ricevuto zero. Ho segnalato la cosa pensando fosse un bug. Beh, non lo era!!!
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