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  1. Riferimento: Add two options in the player search It would be the only right thing SM can do after a lot of bad changes
  2. Riferimento: SM Credits Good afternoon: this message is to know to you that after your SM changes (player positions' date=' data review), 5 managers left my Game World yet. Soccer Manager will disappear... Reflect before new deteriorations... I'm reflecting about leave SM too. I answer to your post below here because I can't do it in otherway [url']http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=134195[/url]
  3. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Players Positions Poll
  4. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Players Positions Poll I'm sorry, but I don't agree these two points: 1. If don't exist 1st and 2nd position, why f.e. Andre Ayew was indicated as Wing/Fwd and Loic Rémy as a Fwd/Wing? Was the previous position name completely useless? If it was so, why SM decided this little difference? SM coud name both Ayew and Rémy as Wing/Fwd or Fwd/Wing if there is not difference between positions... 2. New position name doesn't mean more positions for a player. They are the same as you can see in the player's position details of each player. You can also see it moving players in the tactic page. You could see it in Ricardo Kaka's profile...
  5. Riferimento: Players Positions Poll The old position system was better. It's impossible to recognize first position's player from his second position if he has two...
  6. Riferimento: New player positions! New player positions are very bad. Now it is not possible to distinguish AM from Fwd especially when they are Wing/Fwd or Fwd/Wing.. in this case, the largest number of forward disappear. A club's squad has so many midfielders and few attackers. Ronaldo for example has the same role of Benzema but we all know that their 1st and 2nd position are very different. There is a nonsense in new roles's name: player has no more his tactic importance and 1st role and 2nd role are not clear. I don't agree this changement! It is unacceptable and undemocratic too!!! New p.p. says this: Soccer Wiki is useless and SM decides bad developments! I don't like this! You are going to lose a lot of managers. Very bad! Very bad! Very bad! Old positions come back... Old positions come back...
  7. Riferimento: 10k goalie I could suggest to you the 60 rated Elvis Karic, a 31 yrs old, from Željezničar. He is a possible riser too.
  8. Riferimento: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Hi, what about Reto Ziegler (Fenerbahce), 3240 min and 1 goal scored? Any possibility of a +1? Thanks.
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