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  1. You cannot play 3 back-men defense with 1 or 2 fullbacks because it doesnt happen in real life. Have you ever seen Patrice Evra playing as CB in his squads? Not for sure. To switch a new position skill in real life a player (and his manager) has to work hard (lot of games or whole seasons) to get new achievements before change him on SW/SM. THis is my thought. And yes, there were an AM abuse in the mid. If you want to set more defensive you switch your formation covered e.g. from 3-5-2 to 5-3-2. As reality is. So I agree with compatibility restriction.
  2. Full backs doesn't play as CB in real life, and AM abuse in 5-men mid is over. You can now play full backs as middies in your 3-5-2, don't you?
  3. You could change game. SM is a game sure, but going on this logic we could see FW playing as CB or other position.
  4. Both Coman and Robben played as M (R or L) one time only this season and you want to add them M position. You are saying this. I'm saying one game (or few games) is not enough to change position to players. Remember: midfielder Kwadwo Asamoah of Juventus FC needed 1 whole season + another half playing as D(L) to reach this position on SW/SM attributes. So you have to do this work: are Coman and Robben playing as wide Middies by so far to justify a position add? Answer is NOT. Easy.
  5. This is biggest contradiction of metaphysical theory.
  6. Playing 1 lonely (or few) games in different position is not enough to add a new player position. STOP. Time elapsed by last game played as X position is not enough to remove player positions. STOP. E.g. 1: Raul Garcia played some time as 2nd fwd and he hadn't F(C ) added. E.g. 2: Last Cuadrado RB/RM game was 3 years ago. Just previous month he played as right fullback 3 times at least. As you linked for Robben, he played almost all games as right WING not right midfielder.
  7. I want Lukasz Piszczek back as starter till Bundes ends.
  8. I checked-up all your players tou have written here and I can assert only few need some adjustement but if you agree with your theory, so you have to decide: player positions in the past YES, player positions in the past NO.
  9. Time to sell, buy and exchange players. Stop to offensive players hogging.
  10. We won't get the point, I suppose. ALL players have OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE instructions in real life, centre-forward too. Defensive play starts by the offensive lines and offensive play starts by back. Saying a winger come back to help in defensive work means so nothing. It depends of what formation and where it put a player in real life. In a 4-2-3-1 set up 3-men behind CF all are in OM position. So they all are OM only. If in real life manager put him wide or in the centre mid in a 4-4-2, so they need a position change/add. But playing as OM in a 4-2-3-1 doesn't mean players need M position add. Following your way of thinking all players could play everywhere: so why give them skills and positions? This is the point. So: I reject all your wrong requests. P.S.: If a player is not playing in his old position this is not a reason to remove positions. I read lot of forumers asking remove Cuadrado's defensive position. He played again as fullback just last 4 games. Because as this way suggests I'd reject Turan M(RL) positions adding. Last but not least: playing few games in different position in real life for a player doesn't mean he needs a position change. P.P.S.: If SM was like FM I'd leave the game. This is a game real-based.
  11. 3-5-2 is an offensive formation: yes, it could be. So I want to report Juventus FC example: the two wide players his manager sends on the pitch for this formation are all fullbacks not wingers: Lichtsteiner D,DM,M(R ); Evra D,DM(L); Alex Sandro D,DM,M(L); Asamoah D(L),DM,M(LC); Cuadrado D,DM,M(R ),OM(RLC); Padoin D(RL),DM,M(RLC). So....
  12. It's not enough watching games. Obviously players move up, down, right and left in the pitch during a match. Centre backs could go forward in the opponent area when corner kick is assigned but they are not forwards and forward positions are not requested. I saw often Aubameyang coming back down right flank to help defensive action last season but this doesn't mean he needs midfielder or fullback positions added. Proofs are links like transfermarkt (I linked up just Daniele De Rossi, let's find you the remaining). So link here what you are asserting to corroborate it. It's a bit strange users' interest to change position to offensive players just after SM relaunch. I'd like to suggest again to change different formation by 3-5-2 or buy/exchange offensive players with more defensives ignored.
  13. Yaya dropped last EPL review. I think he'll keep 94 because of his influence on City performances
  14. I correct some player position. (Cn) stays for "centre". I'm sorry metaphisical but I don't agree it at all. As I said in other posts, when a player position change is requested, you should validate it with proofs. It's some day users are seeing players in different positions and it sounds a bit strange. I want to remember that there are different formations by 3-5-2 and market is ever opened: sell useless, buy usefull, that's easy.
  15. Thank you for interesting in it but just today the deal has been accepted and it has been completed too. Player was Alessandro Deiola from italian club Cagliari.
  16. Just trying to buy a 76 rp days ago and offer has been rejected 3 times. Today my squad is under minimum cap of 21 players: I exchanged two players for one 78 rp and the deal has been completed. Simply P.S.: I don't want the completed deal reversed.
  17. Neymar +1 to 96 No, 95 is enough Roberto +2 to 89 +1 to 88 Mathieu +1 to 91 stays Munir +2 to 87 stays Gumbau +1 to 83 maybe
  18. Just one point to add: whoscored reports played positions in current season.
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