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  1. Cuadrado's explosion has been when he was playing at RB at US Lecce squad. He is a complete RB/wing and I'm sure he can play very well in his old position yet. So Bale too I think that if Benitez put him at LB he would play very well. Just remember Real Madrid noticed his skills in this position. Positions should be removed if a player will play it no more. In the same way, positions should be added with very prudence: playing a (few) game(s) in a new role is not enough to get it for a player.
  2. It's not possible to see opponent's last match report.
  3. CHOUPO-MOTING, Eric: he needs M® position add. He's playing at right side in the Schalke 4-4-2.
  4. It's hard to set up a formation with this squad. It's unbalanced. You have too much wingers and forwards. Very next your 3-5-2 will be no more compatible with your squad, in near future (at the end of the month or a bit later probably) SM won't allow to put wings and AM in the middlefield
  5. This is not true. I'm a Pavillion GW Test 1 club manager (3rd Div) and despite my squad is near play-off seats, the average attendence is half of my stadium capacity every home game and it is not increasing with good results.
  6. So Danny Ward (Aberdeen on loan from Liverpool) got a new rise after 1 month only. Suggestion: next time got rise him once. Rose after 4 weeks is non-sense. Same Jefferson Farfan fall 2 times too in two months from 91 to 88. But Demba Ba is still 90 rp after he joined a chinese team 4 months ago. This is non-sense too. This is idiot.
  7. I know what you mean futke. But you could assume in this case that adversary's players were between 80-95% fit and I somewere lost against nmf and underrated opponent squads. Take a look at 4-0 win against Soke City up there if you are not convinced by this game. And here's not over: in my yesterday Shield Cup Final against... Stoke City again, my squad has been defeated (2-3). Why? I was countering adversary very very well (2-2 playing better than him) just to 60' when I switched my 4-5-1 in a 4-2-3-1 because of "losing or drawing" set option. I can say this because of a clear change of possession %
  8. Question time: are new tactic settings going to level managers abilities/skills? It'll be more difficult to set wrong tactics because of reduced settings I think and it will be just an avg rating power matter in new ME. I hope some SM Dev will also answer to me and my shady...
  9. You are a lucky boy mate, it allow your players to get more caps. Be happy! Answering to your question, there are no rules for bypass 1st national cup rounds.
  10. First 4-0 win has been played as league domestic game the 7 oct. Last 1-0 win has been played as league cup game the 5 oct.
  11. It was about 80%-90% for all players. But tomorrow I'll post a little surprise...
  12. Yes I know, I agree with you too. As you say Costa rose after 9 games played but you could consider Neymar got +1 just joining Barcelona one year ago without playing any game with his new club. The difference I want to underline is rising a 94 rp isn't the same rising a 88/89/90 rp.
  13. Not needed. He was a 94 rp not a 90 rp. Sm could wait just some week to upgrade Lewa's rate within next german revision. Class rate today's Lewa revision: STUPID.
  14. antondrobnjak


    Get a look on this. It's a work in progress thread: http://forum.soccermanager.com/forum/sm-worlds/soccer-manager-help/tactical-help/173923-do-you-have-any-idea-how-to-counter-3-5-2-please
  15. Just one advice on new UI: it has a very dark look and it's not that good. It's too dark. Turn on the lights! Move the old SM green's brand to the foreground keeping the tradition in renewing game.
  16. I created this post to discuss all player changes needed in the game. When you report some suggestion you should corroborate it with some prooving link. I'd want start with two 90 rp names: DZAGOEV, Alan: he needs DM© posistion add. He is playing every new season match as a DM. YOUNG, Ashley: he needs D(L) position add. He has been playing by previous season as leftback at ManU. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/alan-.../spieler/69683 http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/ashle.../spieler/14086
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