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  1. Both are similar players. Despite Lukaku is younger than Christian, Benteke impressed me, so I'd go for Liverpool striker.
  2. BVB is a TOP club. He plays in a TOP club yet.
  3. Sell Klaas-Jan. Buy 2 wingbacks.
  4. In real football.. but this is a game. And collecting players is not the goal of this game. Allowing to loan out 91+ players could create a "big squad dictatorship". I could agree with you if loaned out players get unhappy to level 5 in one season time :-). This is real too.
  5. I don't agree: if player cannot get play opportunities then you should sell him.
  6. He could rise to 91 next review, but you could also sign some other player if possible. It depends on what are you looking for.
  7. I'd sell him for sure. Douglas Costa is doing very well at moment at Bayern's left side
  8. Easy to say Lars. Despite his lower rating than Blaise he is younger than him; he will stay at 91 at least (like Matuidi) and he has more skills. That's why I prefer Bender: he will be very useful next, that's very important for me.
  9. It means that your players have not played enough before. So it's useless to get them play time in a row after. If you have too much high rated players it means it's time to sell someone buying some lower rated players. Time to choose mate
  10. I'm going to play with same bug/problem/result today. I suppose it because of inactivity of new player position campatibility.
  11. So this is new match engine....???? :eek: GULP! Why there are play style options selected as it is possible no more to set up it?
  12. That's right, I said all measures to reduce size' squads are useless till now. I think cap is the only way. Scout list should cover player hogging maniacs.
  13. I agree with SM new address, finally I'd say!!! Very happy to read all Steven lines!!! :) Just some worries about new player' values.
  14. Aranguiz got +2. Carriço +1 only. Chadli nothing. Welcome to SM Transfer Wishes game. Is player in for a big club transfer? Get him and he'll get 90 if under.
  15. New Players page is not the problem. Problem is squad cap. Me and few others are like a lone wolves in the universe. Soccer Wiki users know who's entered in the DB. If you delete New Players page, they could pick new players more easiest with less auction sales than now bacause they know Who and When a new player is added. Think about it.
  16. It's a common trouble futke. As I reported just up there, I had a 5 losses games serie before a little 2-1 win against a very weak unmanaged club. I'm going back to set my squad defensive.
  17. I think yes. But I think no. Just random so.
  18. Yes it is. Waiting for Danny Rose rise too. Mason possible +2
  19. Whaaaaaat? So why don't set up a GW with 20 Barça, 20 ManU, 20 Bayern and so and so? If it's more difficult you are saying manager should only manage a big club. So you are saying each GW should have few managers... So what's the fun to have 5-10% of managed club per GW only?
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