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  1. Note: When played De Rossi was still 94 as RVP was still 95 and Griezmann was still 91 for Aston; Bonucci was still 92 for me.
  2. Dear Phil, it's hard time for me. I 2-1 won first game in new season against a 3-5-2 setting up a defensive 4-2-3-1 (playing long ball, fast tempo, counterattack, tight marking and target man). After a new win at 2nd game, I got losses 5 games in a row. I cannot back to win (or draw at least). 1-2 L 0-1 L 2-3 L 1-2 L 0-1 L I think it's time to back old defensive system, but I'm not sure this will work. I'm in the bottom with the only 3 unmanaged squads. And yes, this is an help request.
  3. Still to happen: Alba +1 maybe next review Rafinha +1 maybe next review Vidal +1/+2 (+2 happened) Should also happen: Bartra +1 no way Cheryshev +1 who knows Busquets +1 no way Pique +1 no way Dani Alves +1 no way This is my preview
  4. I would be happy if players don't get rise just joining big club.
  5. Arsenal: Monreal 89 > 89/90 (not sure of a rise) Chelsea: Zouma 88 > 88 (time played is not enough to get +1) Everton: Stones 86 > 87 (+1 is enough) Manchester City: Demichelis 89 > 89 (Or not because he's old!) Manchester United: Ander Herrera 90 > stay/91 (not sure of +1) Southampton: Clyne 89 > 90 (because of L'pool transfer)
  6. Let us know how match engine works please. I'd (we'd) like to know some things to setup tactic options: 1.What are result influencer in order and how tactics set up work; 2.Why a rare logged in manager has an high win sequence than a regular logged in manager; 3.Tell us why squad with out positioned players win against well positioned players. Without explanation this game is becoming very very frustrating.
  7. I'd start with all back positions. But first of all, I look for usefull players with more positions as possible
  8. It's incredible Coentrao stays at 91 while Arbeloa dropped playing twice time than him. Disgusted
  9. 1.Rulli 2.Costil 3.Lecomte 4.Padt
  10. I'd say no, like I'd say no for Godin too. But I can say a little, very little thing: Bonucci got lot of title wins compared to Godin and like SM want to underlines, it's very important to drop or rise reviewing players. I'm not saying Bonucci should be rated higher than Godin. They should be equalized. Chiellini is overrated by a while. Just like De Rossi was. And De Rossi shouldn't equalize Bonucci (and Godin) at 93 rating. That's easy.
  11. Godin no win this year: 94 Bonucci won italian title, italian cup, Ch.L. final: 93 No words.
  12. Thank you very much Dzino. I was thinking the same. I'm bidding for him because I hope his NT games keeps him to 92 and he is playing with orange atm. He is 92 from his turkish transfer and he has been keeping it from 2 revisions at least, so why should SM drop him now? I hope he'll keep his rating.
  13. Thank you very much, I will return help you gave me.
  14. Do you think 92 rate of Wesley Sneijder is safe?
  15. Log in go to My profile (same place of log in) click on Edit settings (blue button on the left) go to Account check Enable Private Messaging and Enable Visitor Messaging That's all. P.S.: I cannot send you a friend request. I don't know why. SM changed forum setups just few weeks ago and I cannot find old settings. I think they abolished this skill within reputation system.
  16. Rotation is very simple to do (excluding Courtois, obviously). 1. I try to set up formation with all players 100% fit; 2. 94+ rp are starters (Lewa, Touré) but I left them on the bench every 7-8 games; 3. 93 rp are starters and I always sub them during a game alternatively or put them in the bench alternatively every 3-4 games; 4. Fernandinho is the only 92 rp and he plays as starter always but I left him on the bench every 4-5 games; 5. 91 rp play if they are 100% fit only; 6. 90 rp play alternatively between them, they are starters in case of emergency and they are starters in almost all cup games; 7. 89 rp play in case of emergency and are starters in cup games. 8. Last but not least, I always set up all 3 subs in every case of win/draw/lose This is the general rule doing rotation as I do it. As I said, I have to re-balance squad after Nagatomo and Dante sales. P.S.: I'm trying to send you a PM but you disabled this function. Enable it and I will explain how to make money with defenders. You can now see my squad composition up here and you could see I have 3 pure backs (Bonucci, Marquinhos and... 60 rp Ronnie Vint). I'm going to buy the 4th that will be my money maker. I loaned out other 5 pure backs.
  17. I answered to you here: http://forum.soccermanager.com/forum/sm-worlds/soccer-manager-help/general-help-aa/5101634-rotation-help So you need about 18 players rated 90/90+
  18. You have to know some things. In a squad like yours: 88 rated players need to play about 10% of games; 89 rp need to play about 30% of games; 90 rp need to play about 70% of games; 91-92 rp need to play about 75-85% of games; 93-94 rp need to play about more than 85% of games; 95+ rp need to play about 90% of games. How to calculate it? It's easy. You can do this operation: (GP/TG)*100=n% The base to calculate % of games played (GP) by each player is total of division's games (TG' date=' and number is 34 for German 1st div., 38 for English/French/Italian 1st divs etc.). But you can counter as a game played all games where fitness of players go down after a match (division, national cup only in standard GW + SMFA competitions in gold GW). You can cut to [b']TG[/b] all games when a player was injuried or suspended. And you have it.
  19. Yes you are. Selling someone of them is the right way. Don't worry, strongest team doesn't mean win. Try to refresh squad with promising young players a time in a year.
  20. Your words could be right but so why they rose the 34 old John Terry +1 to 92 last month? He won the EPL only.
  21. Selling players. You don't need Keylor Navas, you should sell him and buy a young and very low rated GK. You need to downgrade your number squad and your rating squad to keep all players with a good morale. So you should have a 18 + GK players with rating 90/90+ and sell/exchange some high rated player buying a lowest rated. I'd sell Pepe because of his age. You have Varane as sub. I'd sell Carvajal because of Danilo future starter of RM as RB. I'd sell one or two of your 93+ OM because of high number of them keeping Firmino because of his multi position skill. A 90 rated player needs to play less than a 92/93/94 rated player, so you can rotate squad with more ease.
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