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  1. Re: Spanish Ratings im pretty shocked that Toure and Kameni didnt go up by 1!!!!!
  2. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report i was thinking about using Sagna (91) and Chiellini (91) to trade for Maxwell (92) and Maicon (94)...would this be a smart move?
  3. Re: Liverpool99's La Liga Rating Changes Part 1 not seen Garay mentioned so far unless i missed it, hes been linked with a summer switch tos 3 of the biggest clubs around...Barca, Real and Man Utd..currently rated 91...any chance of a 92 next time around??
  4. Re: Serie A Rating Changes Part 1 would it be worth trading NOCERINO (89) for AQUILANI (90)???
  5. Re: Lukelufc's Big 5 Ratings... i was thinking of trading bakary sagna (91) and chiellini (91) for maicon (94) and maxwell (92) is this a wise move?
  6. Re: Ruben De la Red hes playing very well atm, him and granero are both great talents..de la red will definately rise as hes too good for an 87 but he will more than likely go to 89 this time around but he will break 90 after that
  7. Hey people, just sold Rothen for £7mill, and got a few players to trade, here is a list of my transfer targets, can anyone give me any feedback on who i should buy and what their ratings may increase to... Vincent Kompany (90) Rafinha (89) Elmander (91) Bentley (90) Guardado (91) Ben Arfa (89) Santacrose (85) any input appreciated
  8. Hi peeps, this is my West Brom team in the 3rd season in division 1...was wondering if anyone had any input on who to buy/sell/keep...here goes.. GK Kameni (91) Hart (86) RB CB CB LB Sagna (91) Garay (91) Zapata (90) Chiellini (91) Hutton (89) Thiago Silva (89) Caceres (88) Marcelo (89) Ivanovic (88)
  9. Hey there people, this is my current WBA squad : Kameni (91) Hart (86) Sagna (91) Garay (91) Zapata (90) Chiellini (91) Hutton (89) Thiago Silva (89) Caceres (88) Marcelo (89) Bentley-loan (90) Toure (92) Kallstrom (91) Riera (91) Rosina (90) Flamini (90) Nocerino (89) Valeri (89) Pandev (92) Benzema (91) Lavezzi
  10. Re: Need Info On These Players !!! heard that zizov is a sure riser...bought him for my albion team as i saw his name mentioned on here saying he was due a rise
  11. Re: Luke Steele crystal palace? tracksuit bottoms?.....your thinking of kiraly mate not kiely....kiely aint that bad..great shot stopper, just not as consistent as he used to be....heard good things about danek
  12. Re: Luke Steele im a baggies fan...seen steele play...and tbh i dont think he will do any good...he has the odd good game but when he had a run in the baggies first team he looked a liability
  13. Re: Bargain buys (italian league) does anyone have any idea what zapata of udinense may increase to??? ive seen the boy play this season and ive been really impressed by him...kept pato quiet!!!!
  14. Re: Spanish Ratings before next week would it be worth me trading Gago and a youngster for Yaya Toure?
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