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  1. Re: Ruben De la Red

    hes playing very well atm, him and granero are both great talents..de la red will definately rise as hes too good for an 87 but he will more than likely go to 89 this time around but he will break 90 after that

  2. Re: Transfer Targets - Ratings

    This thread should be in player assistance' date='depends what position you want mate?[/quote']

    yeah maybe but i wanted input about their RATINGS and any possible changes so i could decide who to buy thats why i put it in this folder, but if this thread is in the wrong section then i apologise. thanks for the input, ive bid for Rafinha, and over the next week when a few of my bans are up im going to buy Kompany, Ederson and Elmander as ive been told they all have a chance of rising...thanks again :)

  3. Hey people, just sold Rothen for £7mill, and got a few players to trade, here is a list of my transfer targets, can anyone give me any feedback on who i should buy and what their ratings may increase to...

    Vincent Kompany (90)

    Rafinha (89)

    Elmander (91)

    Bentley (90)

    Guardado (91)

    Ben Arfa (89)

    Santacrose (85)

    any input appreciated :)

  4. Hi peeps, this is my West Brom team in the 3rd season in division 1...was wondering if anyone had any input on who to buy/sell/keep...here goes..


    Kameni (91)

    Hart (86)


    Sagna (91) Garay (91) Zapata (90) Chiellini (91)

    Hutton (89) Thiago Silva (89) Caceres (88) Marcelo (89)

    Ivanovic (88) Crespo (85)


    Gutierrez (90) Toure (92) Kallstrom (91) Riera (91)

    Bentley (Loan 90) Nocerino (89) Flamini (90) Rothen (90)

    Rosina (90) Hamsik (88) De La Red (87) Valeri (89)

    Guthrie (85) De Ceglie (85)

    CF CF

    Pandev (92) Benzema (91)

    Lavezzi (90) Pato (87)

    Krkic (87) Trejo (83)

    Cerci (82)

    Any input would be really appreciated :D

  5. Hey there people, this is my current WBA squad :

    Kameni (91)

    Hart (86)

    Sagna (91) Garay (91) Zapata (90) Chiellini (91)

    Hutton (89) Thiago Silva (89) Caceres (88) Marcelo (89)

    Bentley-loan (90) Toure (92) Kallstrom (91) Riera (91)

    Rosina (90) Flamini (90) Nocerino (89) Valeri (89)

    Pandev (92) Benzema (91)

    Lavezzi (90) Pato (87)

    other players I have:

    Ivanovic - 88

    Crespo - 85

    Dawson - 89

    Rothen - 90

    Hamsik - 88

    De La Red - 87

    Guthrie - 85

    Eboue - 89

    De Ceglie - 85

    Trejo - 83

    Cerci - 82

    Krkic - 87

    I am willing to trade some of my other players, i am looking for a RM..im considering raising the cash to buy Bentley but i would still like another RM...2 Ive been looking at are Guttierrez and Pablo Ledesma (both 90)...which one would be worth buying and is either of them due an increase?

  6. Re: Spanish Ratings

    hey people, i have the following players in my west brom squad..can anyone give me an idea of what they may increase to?

    Idris Kameni (90)

    Ezequial Garay (90)

    Vieira Marcelo (87)

    Martin Caceres (86)

    Ruben De La Red (85)

    Oscar Trejo (78)

    Fernando Gago (89)

    Jose Crespo (80)

    Bojan Krkic (80)

    Any info would be appreciated

  7. Re: Hobbo's Serie A Ratings Opinions.

    Here are some of my opinions...would provide stats but im not gonna be on here for long:-

    Nocerino 87 --- 89....should be a 90 though i think but doubt he wil...yet

    Hamsik 86 --- 89...been great this season and hes a full international too

    Zapata 88 --- 89/90...has been a rock in defence, marked pato out of a game

    Rosina 89 --- 90...performed very well this season

    Pato 85 --- 88...people have said he should get 86 but imo hes playing for a massive club..yes they are under-achieving but he has played very well for them so far and has scored a few goals aswell...no way a forward who starts for milan can be as low as 86 when a player like gilardino (92) is on the bench

    De Ceglie 80 --- 84

    Cerci 78 --- 83/84

    i currently have all these players in my squad...anyone think im being too optimistic with their ratings???

    oh and does anyone know if Rincon may be due an increase??

  8. Re: 90+ rated players that will rise in spain,portugal & italy

    hey peeps, i know a few people think that CHIELLINI will increase to 91/92...but hes been playing as a CB lately for Juve, i really want to buy him as i need a stronger LB and im going to trade PANDER for him..but what i want to know is if his position will change to CB/LB??? if it does then i wont bother buying him....any info would be great

  9. Re: Bargain buys (italian league)

    what about marek hamsik? currently rated 86, plays for serie a side napoli, he has made 16 starts and 4 sub appearances, he has been linked to some big clubs, chelsea have been the most recent club said to be interested in signing him....rise to 88 maybe?

  10. Re: Ryan Shawcross

    shawcross has signed for stoke, deal is worth £2mill, 900k up front, extra 750k after certain amount of appearances plus a further 350k based on performance, so as hes now a stoke player, unless stoke gain promotion which i very much doubt they will..i cant see him go any higher than 86 unless a prem club snap him up. ive accepted a £4.9mill bid for him, and as soon as that goes through im using the cash plus 2 80rated youngsters to buy nocerino :D

  11. Re: Italian Ratings

    im hoping to tie up deals for nocerino, rosina and hamsik by the end of the week...anyone got any ideas on what they may increase to and will they have any positional changes or anything? cuz if there is a possibility any of them will change position i wont bother as recently my first choice RB (Eboue) changed to a RM and its left me in a mess lol

  12. Re: Italian Ratings

    why not...theres sumat like 4 or 5 games until the ratings...if he starts all them and scores a few, and also hes startin for a massive club where they have strikers rated 92 and 93...could be a chance of a rise...hes too good for an 85/86

  13. Re: Italian Ratings

    Pato has to go up...he only became eligible to play for milan at the beginning of the transfer window and immediately made his debut..which was a very impressive performance against napoli and he capped his display off by bagging milans 5th goal...hes held in very high regard by milan management and should defo make a few more appearances before the next ratings...so maybe an increase to 87/88...hopefully lol

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