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  1. Re: Robbed, Robbed and Robbed! Wasn't he the ref that gave the the "phantom goal"? He is not fit to ref at any level.
  2. kingjamie

    Favorite F1 Team?

    Re: Favorite F1 Team? Red Bull because DC is my favourite driver.
  3. I have a Real Madrid in a public (now private invite) set-up for manger with a 75+ rep and on a daily basis I get messages from the setup owner telling me to leave his league because he wants to let one of his friends in. I have two questions. Is the against the rules? and Can you report this as a ticket and if so which section should it be filed under (the cheating abuse system seams to only allow message about multiple accounts, suspect transfers and racial abuse? Thanks for any help. Regards.
  4. Re: Jewell Needs To Go We Outplayed Sheffield United Today And I Am Glad For Jewell, I Knew He Would Turn This Around. I Think This Will Give The Players A Confidence Boost And We Will Climb Up The Table. Well Done PJ And The Lads. Really Impressed By Addison, If He Keeps Playing Like That He Could Be The New Huddlestone.
  5. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Good Luck To Him The Way He Was Pushed Out The Team By Liverpool Was Disrespectful.
  6. Re: Man city get berbatov Real Bid Have Bid £36.5 Million According To La Sexta
  7. Re: Man city get berbatov In Talks With Sir Alex Ferguson According To Sky Banner.
  8. Re: International Setup Idea If You Change The Scotland Team To Rangers Then I'm In.
  9. Just Spotted This In On My Of The Leagues I Play In How Can Two Bids Be Accepted For One Player At The Same Time??
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