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  1. Re: Bonucci to 90+

    I think a 90 is possible by mid season' date=' if he manages to cut out his tendency to make mistakes.

    91 is little far, but he has time on his side.[/quote']

    bonucci needs to go @ atalanta.that's a team for him,not juventus

  2. Re: best 89/90 rated striker?

    I did mean players already 89/90 but thnks for the suggestion. I've never heard of mandzukic' date=' Going to do a bit of research on him now.[/quote']

    Mandzukic is very good.gomez is injured for 2-3 week's so he is the main striker for bayern.and he is doing very good.has 4 goals in 3 games for now

  3. Re: Who I should buy?

    Ranocchia sucks and I don't think Otamendi has any real potential. go for Yanga-Mbiwa if he is available.

    ranocchia isnt that bad.but he will not play this year(again).Otamendi its ok,but i totaly agree with you with Yanga-Mbiwa.even if he will stay at montpelier,he will play in champions league

  4. Re: LIGA !(Romania)

    Ce tare frate......

    Se vede ca sunt romani pe aici... injuraturi .

    Acum sa fim seriosi ' date=' eu nu am vazut pe nimeni de pe forum sa vorbeasca asa, ca totusi e un forum... ne facem de rusine aproape peste tot .

    Pacat ca m-am nascut roman...[/quote']

    schimba cetatenia.romanii mereu au fost desconsiderati la orice,nu numai la fotbal.si cu toate astea tot aici suntem.suntem inculti,tigani,dar avem valori care se nasc din gunoi. . . .

  5. Re: LIGA !(Romania)

    Typically for some kids from Romania without a life bar the life in front of the keyboard.Do you ever heard about Zilina?Do you even watched Zilina-Chelsea?Do you even know what is real football mean?Doubtful...

    cati ani ai puta?15?taci dracu si numai comenta daca nu iti convine.daca nu iti place ceva din raft te duci la manger si ii scoti ochii sau pleci si iti vezi de ale tale?patetic

  6. Re: Martin, Cabaye or Veloso?


    What do you think about these players:

    Marvin Martin AM/CM' date=' 24 years old, 89 rating.

    [b']Yohan Cabaye[/b] CM/DM, 26 years old, 90 rating.

    Miguel Veloso DM/CM, 26 years old, 90 rating.

    Which one should I buy?

    Cabaye,Martin,Veloso-in that order i'll take them

  7. Re: Which Bundesliga Keeper to buy?

    Hey guys' date=' which keeper do you think is the best to buy for the long term?

    Baumann (87), Trapp (86), Unnerstall (83)

    Im right in thinking Unnerstall will get a rise for last season? But I think Hilderbrand might be the new Schalke number 1, so not sure if I should get Unnerstall or one of the higher rated keepers.

    Any info would be great[/quote']

    Baumann i think that is the best choise right now

  8. Re: Kompany, gomez and luiz

    if you were to choose either (Kompany)' date=' or (Gomez and David Luiz), what would you choose.

    and dont take depth into consideration because my team is massive.

    what rating do you think they could potentially reach??/


    Kompani can go to 94 in the near future,let's say 1 year.Gomez must be 94 after the next changes,and luiz can be a 92 player

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