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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... this is a interesting one.i'll choise strootman for now
  2. Re: Do these player have a safe rating,or not? 1)Lavezzi-92 2)Thiago Silva-94 3)Ibrahimovic-96 4)Dzeko-92 5)Villa-95 6)Higuain-94 i think that they will stay.except Ibra.96 for france is way to much,and villa...will see how he will play after his injure
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thiago Alcantara for me.not by much,but i think that he is better,ever if will be hard for him to get in the first 11///
  4. Re: Ramires or Marchisio??? i'll go for ramires
  5. Re: Falcao or Soldado? yeasy one.falcao for sure mate.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... P.Hermann / Gundogan/ G.Tore ?in what order would you take them?
  7. Re: Bastos for Balotelli reus or schurelle Reus/Balotelli and schurlle.in that order
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... the 2 players Nani for now.it's hard to say that will hapen to neymar and eriksen Muniesa Ribery.Di natale will keep his 92 for now,but nesta will be under 90 in no time
  9. Re: Marco Reus voted Bundesliga player of the year. I dont think that he will rise again this turn....
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... yyyyes do if.Alaba is a pleasure to wach.so young,but so mature at the same time.he is def.much better than adriano
  11. Re: huntelaar+jack wilshere for mario gotze ? i'll keep Gotze for sure
  12. Re: szczesny to become 90 any time soon? he can rise this season to 90....91?a little hard for him
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... haaaard one.Hart is 92 and Neuer 93,but that dont mather.they're so close.i'll choise Neuer for now.it's like:what hand do you want?left or right
  14. Re: Need help with active deal Khedira is good,very good.but i really dont think that he can be above 93,and he will stay for some time at 92.Cavani is stuck at napoli,Lavezzi@PSG,so i dont think that napoli will sell another star from theyr team. what backup do you have for him?anyway i'll do the deal..
  15. Re: selling torres? COJOCARU, Valentin nothing special ABIDAL, √Čric sell him..Alaba or Alba NESTA, Alessandro sell...and quick ZANETTI, Javier sell ETO'O, Samuel sell him and pujol,even if he is 96...i've sold him for silva at some time.and sell torres,that is a nice deal for you
  16. Re: Zouma, Nastasic or Inigo Martinez Zouma,Nastasic and inigo martinez.in that order
  17. is this guy any good?worth buying?or he is already reached his peek
  18. Re: swap nani for cesc Gomez will get 94 I think,and Badstuber is a nice defender,not a special one like Hummels,but can get 92,but both players will be max 94 and 92.that's my opionion right now.
  19. Re: Riferimento: Exchanges the spanish guy for sure
  20. Re: Ramos & Alonso Busquets?it that a football player?or a drama player?Xabi is much better,to bad that he is already 30
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