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  1. Re: Urby Emanuelson not so many chances for him.nocerino for example has more chances for a rise that ema.i see him as a LB.and he plays like a mid.and besides muntari is now on milan squad,and the end of the season montolivo will come to milan. and now that milan lab is almost empty the mid of like will be aqualani-mvb-nocerino and kpv in front of them
  2. Re: Mark Van Bommel safe at 92.i watch milan every game and he is great.this season is safe at 92 but then it's probably to move at psv so he'll drop
  3. Re: Nocerino's Rating should go higher (at least 90/91)? nocerino sould be 90 at the end of the season.regular starter for ac milan,and they can win the serie a.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... coentrao and varane for bale?it's a good dead?
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... [/url] Fábio COENTRAO şi Raphaël VARANE for Gareth BALE ? what do you say?
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... [/url]Fábio COENTRAO and Raphaël VARANE for Gareth BALE ?
  7. Re: benzema deal thank you guys after i rejected initialy the deal,then the 'man' make me another offer 23+gomez for benzema so i accepted imediatly:d
  8. Re: Robinho? go for silva.one of the best cb in the world.and robben is most of the time injured
  9. Re: Your team need a FWD, which would you buy? i'll go for cavani or falcao
  10. Re: Alba + few more ratings help? Jordi Alba? can he hit 90 or just 89? the next lb for spain YANGA-MBIWA? will he hit 89? ?? KPB?91? top class player deserves 91 and a 92 for the future Hamsik?will he rise? i think hamsik can go up if napoli gets a top3 in italy and beat chelsea on cl Gotze?Currently injured but did he do enough to get 92?for the next changes o dont think so but he is a top player Hazard?92? need's to move from lille.after that will see Cavani?92? same like hamsik AHAMADA?i dont know anything about this guy? good gk he can get 1/2 ISCO?revelation at Malaga will he hit 88 ish? OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN???? can go to 87 JOHN, Ola?Is this guy as good as reports?will he hit 85? yeees very good player NIANG, M'baye?Never seen him play but snapped him up ages ago? CUENCA, Isaac?how far in changes? current 84? maybe 86/87
  11. who is the best? and who has the most chances of going up?
  12. i have just received an offer for benzema gomez + 15mil.it's a good deal for me?who was the best chances of rising?
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