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  1. Re: how can getting a gold championship team be fair If I don't get a decent Gold Championship team when my subscription is up for renewal I will quit. What about people in other timezones like GMT +4 or -4 and beyond? The current system may appear to be fair if you are unemployed or not working or bunking school... Its a tough call but its their game, making them tons of cash so they should address the issue...
  2. Spanish Championship 14715 Spanish Championship 14716
  3. Re: Players for sale but not really for sale... @reilly baggie Take a chill pill these are my suggestions - take a hike and go make your suggestions elsewhere or start another thread. This is not aimed at you - but rather at SM developers
  4. How many big teams in real life pout ALL their players on sale at one time - none - but in SM have witnessed managers with teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern - having all their players up for sale but then never selling any or even considering offers - this should somehow be stopped...
  5. I think the system of opening game worlds adhoc and without warning only benefits the unemployed There has to be a way of making this more accessible to people with normal schedules - you should allow managers to book teams in advance - very difficult to get a decent team in Gold Worlds and this should not be the case
  6. Much of the activity in Game Worlds are insular - the automated news feed is about all there is - I suggest they consider making a wall in each game world where managers can post - almost like a simple facebook/twitter for each game world so there is some real time communication going on because not everyone can be online all the time to chat - so a message/ chat wall would generate interest imo
  7. World Championship 13608 (Div 1) Good teams with good players many 90+ Including: Chelsea, Milan, Liverpool etc. Good time to get involved as season is ending So start fresh with good team
  8. Re: What games affect player condition? Found it - its a pop us when you click rules under Club › Tactics and then on the Next Fixture bar
  9. Hi Before the new interface there used to be a very handy info panel in the Club> Tactics> Match Day Squad which informed me if a game was going to affect player conditions This seems to have disappeared and as a consequence I no longer know how my players are being affected and if I can pick players that are not fully match fit. that information was very useful - now I am playing not knowing these important factors. Please bring this back or point me in the right direction so I know what games impact on player conditions or now. Cheers Paul
  10. Second season getting under way Top teams available with top players European Championship 2862
  11. Dream Team League ID=95783 Teams going fast, but some teams still available for tonight's kickoff: Benfica Lille OSC Liverpool Marseille Manchester City Shakhtar Tottenham Hotspur Valencia Villarreal
  12. Dream Team League ID=95783 Teams going fast, but some teams still available: Benfica Borussia Dortmund Internazionale Lille OSC Liverpool Marseille Shakhtar Tottenham Hotspur Valencia Villarreal
  13. Re: Stick to the originals Dream Team League ID=95783 Teams going fast, but some top teams still available: Benfica Borussia Dortmund Internazionale Lille OSC Liverpool Lyon Manchester United (No longer available) Marseille Shakhtar Tottenham Hotspur Valencia Villarreal
  14. Hi Dream Team League ID=95783 Top European teams require managers basically we stick to the existing team line-ups eg. no Ronaldo going to Barcelona etc. Sign up if you serious. Tx PV
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