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  1. Re: Lee's list of 88+ risers Very good list of risers. 2 things that I think are wrong with it though C. Natali for Fiorentina I havent found evidence of him playing a game for Fiorentina so I don't see how he is a regular starter also T. Motta for Inter is a first team regular for them and has already scored a couple of goals so I wouldnt have him down as a fringe player.. he will definatly rise to 89/90 apart from that very good
  2. Re: Portuguese rating predictions (2008/09) what will happen to Filipe JOAO MOUTINHO ? (91) Sporting
  3. Re: Toni KROOS just an update on Toni Kroos.. He looks to have established himself as first choice at Leverkusen.. ahead of 90 rated Barnetta.. unless anyone knows otherwise? He has started the last few games ahead of him on the left wing and he scored his first goal last weekend in the 2-1 loss to wolfsburg Leverkusen are a big club in germany so for a 19yr old to get in the starting 11 so quickly is saying something
  4. Re: EPL Ratings To Begin After Bank Holiday? I think the premier league will begin tomorrow.. unless they have any conference teams still to do? The rating changes are done and the applyed to the game the next day. (if you notice changes are applied norm tues-sat and are reviewed mon-fri) so they would be reviewing the changes today and they would apply from tomorrow.. they would not continue until wednesday though unless they worked over easter.
  5. Re: Spanish Ratings JUANITO, Gutiérrez currently rated 91 at Real Betis is he likely to drop or stay the same?
  6. Re: Torres+Gerrard's Portuguese and Spanish Rating Reports! JUANITO, Gutiérrez - 91 - Real Betis - will he drop?
  7. Re: Ricky Sappleton He is right down the pecking order at city. Fryatt, Howard, Dickov, Chambers all come before him and pearson hardly changes his starting 2 strikers as it is. He went on loan to oxford united and didnt make much of an impression from what I heard.. Seems like a bit of a flop to me.
  8. Re: Aston Villa Rating Changes 08/09! I really don't understand how a team doing so well can only have a few players at 90 and one at 91 when teams like Udinese, Tottenham etc have a collection of 90's and higher. I think Ashley Young should get a 92, it was ridiculous that he didnt get 91 last time, hes a quality player and it makes no sense why hes not in the england team.. Hes been consistant unlike David Bentley who was at 91 not that long ago after having one good season.
  9. Re: Papastathopoulos this player - PAPASTATHOPOULOS, Sokratis - CB - 88 should have a positional change? he is regularly playing at RB for Genoa and also has for the greece national team although occasionally does play at CB. should I send a ticket?
  10. I can't see anyone mentioning this before so if anyone has then I apologise. Saved tactics - This ties in nicely with the new advanced tactics improvement that is coming in. Basically you might want to toggle between different tactics throughout the season depending on oposition and wether its a cup or league game etc. You may want to use the same tactics with multiple teams throughout your setups. you also might not always remember which tactics you used 3 weeks ago for instance What I was thinking if you could "save" your tactics, maybe have 3 or more tactics slots saving playing style, formation substitutions etc and giving each one a name or even an option to pick past tactics. This would speed up setting up your team, I currently manage 4 teams and it can sometimes take a lot of time to set them all up, I cant imagine how long it would take someone with 12 teams all with advanced tactics to worry about! Thoughts please
  11. Re: Spanish Ratings Few questions on these players all from my starting 11 TAMUDO, Raúl currently 91 I was wondering what everyone thinks for him currently rated 91, I dont think he will rise but will he drop? DIEGO CAPEL, Trinidad currently 89 what do people think for him some say he will be lucky to make it to 90 while others say a definate 91? he is currently injuried from what i've heard. GAGO, Fernando currently 91 Will he drop one or go up one or stay the same, hes been injuired lately, will he drop or stay the same or was he asking for an increase before the injury that he shud still get?
  12. Re: Italian Ratings Zapata should stay the same.. He was playing brilliantly last season and looked to be heading for a 91 but he has been injuried all of this season. For this reason he should stay the same, it would be unfair to drop him but obviously without continues games it wouldnt be fair to give him a rise either.
  13. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! I can see where hes coming from.. he wont get 95/96.. he may not rise cos of how rubbish SM rate the brazil League but had he have stayed at inter he would be heading for a 94/95 rating because there he was pure class. So in opinion yes he is 95/96 rated striker... but in SM ratings he wont probably get more than 92
  14. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! The changes are coming up soon what do you think will happen to Leite ADRIANO? stay at 91 or drop?
  15. I want a player that is from a team that will go unmanaged tomorrow, the player is 18 and worth 6.5 mil and chairman value 7.3 (same as my chairman value of the player), There are 2 other bids on him and one is 17 mil that I can see as its not undisclosed.. I think 17 mil will not go through because of his chairman value but will this just stop everyone elses deal and that we have to bid again or will it have the player go to the next highest bid the chairman accepts, I know there was talk of this happening but not sure if it has happened yet, anyone able to shed any light on this one?, I'm thinking of putting a 14 mil bid on him..
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