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  1. Re: The chariman Yea but then this will also compltely eliminate deals between managed clubs . I mean how am i supposed to get suarez if i cant bid over 25 mill?. Which daft manager would sell?
  2. Re: The chariman Those values are ridiculous . Suarez will go up and i desperately need a striker. 35m was paid for Carrol ffs. Ive been playing for about 4 years and no issue has annoyed me more .
  3. Recently i have just beeen outraged by the Chairman not allowing me to bid certain amounts for certain players. I only have Diego Milito and Llorente as my strikers.Looking to offload Milito soon anyway. 1) Luis suarez i tried to big 35mill for him . Chairman refuses. I have 100 mill in the bank and he wont let me bid more than 25 mill :| 2) Cavani- Milito plus 10 mill .Wont let me do it again. OMG. Miltio is in his 30's delcling and Cavani is one of the hottest properties yet he wont let me go for them. 3 Aguero - Milito plus Vargas. Again he wont let me do it! Ive had this problem
  4. Re: 8m+ Ozil for David Silva? Hmmm im just worried about Masch Taking busquet;s place?
  5. Re: 8m+ Ozil for David Silva? OK s the guy now asks for a straight swap with busquets. Obviously i have busquets. I currently have Banega,Mascherano,Fellani,Melo:mad: , Marchisio,Ramsey,Pjanic, sometimes i play an am in cm slot as i play with 3 cm's ..So silva,Modric,Pastore,Wilshre. Should i do it? i think it sounds good.
  6. So i have David Silva, i got an offer for him of 8M +Ozil . I really want Ozil but is this deal worth it?
  7. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 should i sell bastos for 25m? or ia there a chance hell go to 91? i already have pablo hernandez, silva, arteta,krajcar, santi cazorla,juan vargas pranjic, for my wings.
  8. Re: Daniel Sanchez Ayala they could be limited but hes certainly for the future.. with carragher's fazing out which i snse will start this year hell defintely be one for the nextt 1-2 years
  9. Re: Daniel Sanchez Ayala oh and if your wondering why kelly dint come on is because rafa is converting him permanently to a rb ayala is better than kelly at rb but kelly is great at rb;)
  10. Re: Martin Kelly - Liverpool's Youngster he certainly has a lot of talent ..hes big hes strong..but rafa has played at fullback a couple of times in pre season and i must say hes looked amazingly impressive hes highly mobile and whips in amazing balls foreback or 4th choice centre back..i reckon he might be brought in like insua this was last year...... even if rafa does sign a foruth choice cb.hes defo one fort he future as rafa has rejected all loan offers for him shwoing he has plans for him;)
  11. Re: alonso looks set to join madrid hahaha yeah the riera and torres thing was bloody hilarious made my day that
  12. Re: The Serie A News Thread! cissokho dint move because of some dental problem
  13. Re: alonso looks set to join madrid hopefully rafa takes all the money and not sneijder plus cash sneijder hardly lasts for 90 minutes in la liga how the hell would he last in the epl that way atleast rafa can get a replacement of his choice
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