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  1. Re: 2014 FIFA World Cup Predict - Prediction Thread Brazil 1-1 Germany (FGS -Schurrle ) Netherlands 2-0 Argentina (ESB)
  2. Re: 2014 FIFA World Cup Predict - Prediction Thread France 2-3 Germany Brazil 1-2 Colombia (FGS -Jackson Martines ) Argentina 0-0 Belgium (ESB) Netherlands 3-1 Costa Rica
  3. Re: 2014 FIFA World Cup Predict - Prediction Thread Brazil 3-1 Chile Colombia 2-0 Uruguay (FGS -J.Rodriguez ) Netherlands 3-0 Mexico Costa Rica 2-1 Greece (ESB) France 1-0 Nigeria Germany 4-1 Algeria Argentina 2-1 Switzerland Belgium 0-0 USA
  4. Re: 2014 FIFA World Cup Predict - Prediction Thread Group A Brazil 3-1 Croatia (ESB) Mexico 1-1 Cameroon Brazil 2-1 Mexico Cameroon 1-2 Croatia Cameroon 0-2 Brazil (FGS Hulk- ) Croatia 2-2 Mexico Group B Spain 0-2 Netherlands Chile 3-1 Australia (FGS -Vargas ) Australia 0-2 Netherlands Spain 2-0 Chile Australia 0-4 Spain (ESB) Netherlands 2-1 Chile Group C Colombia 2-1 Greece Ivory Coast 2-1 Japan Colombia 1-0 Ivory Coast (ESB) Japan 2-2 Greece (FGS -Manolas ) Japan 0-3 Colombia Greece 1-2 Ivory Coast Group D Uruguay 2-0 Costa Rica England 1-0 Italy (ESB) Uruguay 2-0 England Italy 2-1 Costa Rica Itay 1-2 Uruguay (FGS - Cavani ) Costa Rica 0-3 England Group E Switzerland 0-0 Ecuador France 4-0 Honduras Switzerland 1-2 France Honduras 0-2 Ecuador (FGS -Caicedo ) Honduras 1-3 Switzerland Ecuador 1-1 France (ESB) Group F Argentina 2-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina (FGS -Dzeko ) Iran 0-3 Nigeria Argentina 4-0 Iran Nigeria 2-2 Bosnia-Herzegovina (ESB) Nigeria 1-1 Argentina Bosnia-Herzegovina 2-0 Iran Group G Germany 2-0 Portugal (ESB) Ghana 1-1 USA (FGS -A.Ayew ) Germany 2-1 Ghana USA 0-2 Portugal USA 0-3 Germany Portugal 2-1 Ghana Group H Belgium 3-2 Algeria Russia 1-0 South Korea Belgium 2-0 Russia (FGS -De Bruyne ) South Korea 0-1 Algeria South Korea 0-2 Belgium (ESB) Algeria 1-0 Russia Champion:Brazil Runner-up:Uruguay Third Place:Argentina Fourth Place: Germany Golden Boot winner: Cavani Golden Ball winner: Paulinho
  5. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions José WELISON got wrong DOB on database, states 11 Nov 1995 when its 3rd March 1995. (according to every other website) Tried to change on DB but was rejected. http://www.ecvitoria.com.br/elenco/1,jogadores/119,jose-welison-da-silva.html
  6. Re: Soccer Manager: Single Player They dont get any of the funds as you need to be successful to receive anything.
  7. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread Who's going to be better LB in long/short term, Kurzawa or Mendy?
  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions
  9. Re: -:GC419 - This Is ENGLAND:- Saw this setup in England filling up so took Bury. A bit of a mistake in transfer market leaves me without a LB for my first game so forced to go 3-5-2. Some nice loan signings in Bouy and Ongenda with Huws joining too with hope of a rise soon. Tolisso from Lyon signed. Kownacki and Cornet joining along with a few more of course:p
  10. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Surely because the halilovic deal was done outside a window then it doesn't become official with fifa (where it matters) until the next TW.
  11. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread I'd think they can sell players. Not sure on Halilovic but I'd believe they couldn't sign him as the transfer only becomes official next Window, which they are banned from.
  12. Re: What improvements / new features would you like? 1. Improve Match Fitness 2. Improve Formation Features 3. Somehow sort "offer club" after bids accepted 1. You shouldn't have to change a full outfield team to accommodate SMFA/Cup games, means more player hoarding too, a more overall squad rotation, the odd player(s) is needed. 2. Just more options to allow more individuality, most people just seem to have the same tactics and its a toss up of who wins. 3. Pretty simple, everyone's experienced it, won a bid, someone decides to offer to "friend" to cancel, something needs to be done.
  13. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Will Kagawa Drop or hold onto 91?
  14. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread agreed. barely warranted a 92 so for him to be 93 is beyond a joke.
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