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  1. Re: Gold Championship 160 Colchester Looking Good. Loan players helping a lot!
  2. Re: NEW GAME WORLD!: Pedigree ok, didnt expect people to go that bid crazy! Ive only bid on players i actually think i could use in squad.. not bid on loads and cancel certain transfers.. that's extremely annoying.
  3. Re: NEW GAME WORLD!: Pedigree This could be good, interesting to see what type of players people go for.. theres really only 1/2 players that i really want. the rest depends on what people pay for others.
  4. Re: New Game World: Pedigree Looks very interesting. Gremio
  5. Re: Gold Championship 159 anyone else think that offer for dede between gremio and vasca is iffy? just started to manage and accepts a pretty poor offer... hmm
  6. Re: Gold Championship 162 Chairman is getting increasingly annoying, stopping me making some bids.
  7. Re: New Game World: Rivals Yeh, im going through all the bids to see who's highest all the time
  8. Re: Gold Championship 167 Thread Got Corinthians. I wanted the game worlds opened later not earlier! But lucky enough to get Corinthians, not got a club in brazil yet so (y)
  9. Re: New Game World: Rivals Got Lille Thanks For Accepting. Looks set to be good.
  10. Re: Gold Championship 160 Colchester Continue fine form by destroying Exeter 7-1 away from home to move them up to 4th. On Loan Lyon Striker Chramosta taking the match ball with a fine hat-trick. 35 Shots...not bad.... only 15 of them on target... bad..
  11. Re: Gold Championship 166 Thread Solid 2-0 Win for Santa Fe! Off to a good start and expect to fight to trophies this season.
  12. Re: Gold Championship 166 Thread Santa Fe! Not the most competitive league so hoping to Challenge for title. Get in a few of peoples unwanted 85+ players should be a good start
  13. Re: ..::Gold Championship 163::..- Official Thread Just taken over Internacional nice to see the last manager sold both best players to Wolfsburg before deciding to quit, both managers conveniently from Lebanon. Can't report illegal as says was done with comp although last transfer went through yesterday and manager resigned today. NICE.
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