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  1. Re: CR to 99 Messi to 98 They both should be 99. Ronaldo has shone, he's been playing like a 99 player for a while now. Messi has sustained, despite arguably having a "poor" season. By poor, I mean its the first time in 5 seasons or so that he hasn't hit 30 goals in the league. Still a 99 player though, and still finished with 41 goals in 46 games in all comps.
  2. Re: Need a clearout. Help? Can't sell Courtois without bringing in another keeper first. I've been fairly lucky with concerns, because I rotate them regularly. Only problems I've had are with Oscar, Damiao and Neymar. Must be something in that Brazilian water
  3. Re: Ribery I've been waiting for him to go to 96 for a while. But now that he's beaten the mighty Messi and Ronaldo () to the player of the year, he should be nailed on for at least 96. Of course, when SM/SW decide to get round to it, who knows. Reus is still 92 Go to SoccerWiki, sign up and propose a rating change. If enough people change the same player, they'll increase it a lot quicker, thus SM increasing it.
  4. Re: Lucas Piazon I know the feeling I've had a bid for Draxler waiting to be accepted from an external club for days. Log in this morning to find he's jumped up from 88 to 90 and I have to find an extra £8m These 48hr wait times for transfers from external clubs are ridiculous
  5. Re: Lucas Piazon You won't get him for that price now. He jumped up to 80 this morning
  6. Re: Put back the last online feature I agree Thats a ridiculous change. What sense was behind it? I could throw a bid on a player and end up waiting weeks for a reply because I don't know if he's active or not
  7. Re: I need a new winger. Help? Cheers lads, Draxler inbound. Re: Bruma. I figured as much, but for £3m he's worth a punt. At 82, even if he rises a couple I'd be in the money lol.
  8. Re: Revaluations Tottenham Bale 93 > 94 Lloris 92 > 93 Vertonghen 91 > 92
  9. Re: who to sign ? IMO, Mangala is a must from that list.
  10. Re: nagatoma or abate I'd keep Abate. He found his form towards the end of last season, he's a sure starter for Milan and Italy. Nagatoma is a bit iffy. He had a bad injury in the 2nd half of last season. Inter are reportedly looking for a new LB (Kolarov was rumoured) Out of the two, I'd keep Abate. But I'd leave off for a bit to see what Inter do in the market first.
  11. Re: Casillas or Buffon? Casillas I'm sure he'll be back for Madrid this season. Mourinho preferred Lopez because he was a different style of keeper. I'm almost 100% certain Ancelotti will put him back in now that he's fit.
  12. Re: Jan Kirchhoff? Cool, cheers lads. Finding some articles on him, it sounds like he could be a bit of a beast. 6ft5 with a faster sprint speed than Reus and Ribery
  13. Re: Rooney for Gotze? cheers lads
  14. Re: dani alves drop?! sm you insane??? I agree. The lad was just in the FIFA World Team Of The Year and Barca have lost only once in the league this season. He's easily the best RB in the world. I suppose Chiellini is up for a drop next then
  15. Re: Why do cheats always win on sm? Im with you all on this. Its happening in the league im in. Been there for nearly 2yr, but Im thinking of quiting. Lad joins as Chelsea, then his mate joins as Wolves. Wolves buy Heitinga, £30m the fee was. Then buys Another player rated around £10m for £27m. The Chelsea boss has just netted £57m for two fringe players. Its getting pathetic. Ive reported it to SM, but low and behold, nothing has been done.
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