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  1. Re: Italian rating predictions Kuzmanovic, Handanovic, Muntari, Gilardino, Montolivo and Gamberini all should have risen in my books. In fact I remember people saying Handanovic should have gone from 88 to 90, 2 rating changes ago. I can live with no Hamsik, Lavezzi, Santacroce, Gargano, De Ceglie, Giovinco rises, but all the above, yet a +2 for Chiellini and Felipe Melo? "lol."
  2. Re: Barca forward line on blazing fire: up!
  3. Re: Leeds/Reading Festival 2009 Woo. Bought 2 at 19:29. Refreshed for half an hour straight.
  4. Has played every single minute for 10th placed Man City this season. What is he gonna change to? I don't need him in my team and have an offer for 16m, but I have no replacements lined up, so any help on his rating?
  5. Re: Expanding into youth. Who to sign? GK - H. Lloris (90) CB - M. Caceres (89) CB - M. Skrtel (91) LB - T. Taiwo (89) RM/W - H. Ben Arfa (89) CM - F. Gago (91) CM - Z. Kuzmanovic (89) DM - V. Kompany (90) RM/W - T. Arda (90) CF - E. Lavezzi (90) CF - G. Rossi (90) Bench: GK - S. Mandanda (90) CB - F. Santacroce (89) GK - S. Handanovic (89) RM/AM - R. Cani (90) LM/W - T. Diego Capel (90) **On loan. ** Injured. Any suggestions?
  6. Re: Bojan Krkic for Joann Gourcuff?? Watch Gourcuff on Youtube. That should pretty much answer this question. If he can develop those glimpses of brilliance and apply them consistently, you're looking at a player reaching 93 minimum. If he does stay at Bordeaux from his loanspell, the way he's playing, I don't think it'll be long before he's playing for another world class team.
  7. Re: CM/DM Risers Zdravko Kuzmanovic 89 > 90. Gokhan Inler 90 > 90/91. **Depending on if he moves and/or gets game time this guy could rise. Fernando Gago 91 > 91/92. He deserves it, after injury he is still keeping Diarra out of the team. He would have been keeping De la red out, but he doesn't need to know.
  8. Re: wich forward to buy? Huntelaar already performs above the level of a 92. It's just that we don't have proof that he can do it at a higher level. If he continues his Ajax form at Real, then surely SM will increase his rating based on 'proof' that he can perform in La Liga.
  9. Re: Expanding into youth. Who to sign? Team's changed once again; GK - H. Lloris (90) CB - F. Santacroce (89) CB - M. Skrtel (91) CB - P. De Ceglie (88) LM/W - H. Ben Arfa (89) CM - F. Gago (91) CM - Z. Kuzmanovic (89) DM - G. Inler (90) RM/W - O. Husev (89) CF - E. Lavezzi (90) CF - G. Rossi (90) Bench: GK - S. Handanovic (89) LB - V. Marcelo (90) CM/CB - M. Bodmer (91) AM/F - S. Giovinco (88) LM/W - T. Diego Capel (90) **On loan. ** Injured. I'm buying Vincent Kompany tonight for 11.6 million.
  10. Re: Zdravko KUZMANOVIC MUST get +1 to 90 Agreed. He's one of two 89 rated players in my starting XI. BOOST HIM.
  11. Re: What's your dream youngster XI? Maria's playing well. I reckon she should rise when the ITV ratings come along.
  12. Re: which keeper?? Every man and his dog knows that. He's OBVIOUSLY not an up and coming keeper. I hear it's called sarcasm, or something?
  13. Re: which keeper?? Luke McCormick anyone?
  14. capsLOCK

    Robert Pires

    Re: Robert Pires As his appearance times and amount of goals are very close to Santi Cazorla's, I would have thought they are on par. But apparently Santi's 1 higher.
  15. Re: Rising Players Kuzmanovic is rising to 90 next week.
  16. Re: Spanish Ratings Who are you? WHOM? No one even likes you. You cheat in all your setups and deserve to be banned, just leave.
  17. Re: Spanish Ratings My Heerenveen side got; Pepe ; 93 Diego Capel ; 90 Marcelo ; 90 Godin ; 90 Mata ; 89 De la Red ; 90 woot
  18. Re: Spanish Ratings They always do the lame teams first. Every rating change since I've been here, which is just about a year now, has consisted of the top players going up on the last possible day. Stop moaning like it's a new thing.
  19. Re: Higuain Pato or Bojan Higuain has the most appearances/goals under his belt at the moment. Pato will be the best within 2-3 rating changes. But once Barcelona's team all die out due to old age, or Eto'o moving to saudi-arabia, Bojan will emerge. So it depends what you're looking for really.
  20. Re: Premier League 08/09 This can be bumped right? CAUSE I'M WINNING.
  21. Re: Italian rating predictions what about; kuzmanovic lavezzi inler giovinco
  22. Re: Spanish Ratings hi, just inquiring about my team, what do you think will happen with the following players; caceres marcelo diego capel gago rossi
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