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  1. Re: Second Division risers from the big leagues Good work mate! Agree with Rollingthunderuk. Would be great to see this get finished.
  2. Re: General Risers. Now League review has changed. Ricardo Van Rhijn from Ajax should also get a +3/4. Also Jean-Paul Boetius from Feyenoord should be getting a +5 at the very least
  3. Re: Riferimento: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Maybe talking on a public forum isn't the best idea then if you want a 1-1 chat.
  4. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Would just like a rise for Kiessling now please
  5. Re: 87/+90 Risers Database Really good work compiling them all into 1 thread, definitely helped me out a lot! I think Stefan Kiessling could be added to this too, I'd be suprised if he didn't go 90-91 considering how well he and Leverkusen are doing.
  6. Re: Finland and Iceland, best risers! Not been on here for a while, but havn't seen these mentioned. Aleksi Ristola from TPS 22 year old Forward rated 71, clocked up 2044 minutes and scored 11 times so far, got to be worth parting with 20k Also Pekka Sihvola forward rated 73,made 33 appearences for Haka last season and made 21 this season with 12 goals for MYPA. Should imagine fair rises for both.
  7. Re: GC150 - The Forum Invasion / Choose the League! I'd be up for this too, it gets annoying when everyone starts droppin out after a couple of bad results :/ And any mediocre spanish team will do me
  8. Re: Swiss Super League "Super Risers" Nice one, i'll be grabbing some of these i was actually just about to write up a thread on Guatelli! If you'd have left it 5 minutes later i'd have beaten you lol
  9. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings I know this technically isn't serie A but will ferreira edinho of lecce fall or stay the same? I know they got relegated last season and i don't think the italian leagues have been reviewed since then. But they are top of the league atm and he has played in nearly all of their games. Please respond!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Re: Emanuel Villa Glad someone agrees with me!!! thankyou
  11. Not done this in a while but here we go And i've used the search tool but nothing has come up Emanuel Villa is an Argentine striker playing for second placed mexican side Cruz Azul, probably better known to people after playing for Derby for the last 2 seasons. He has played the most minutes in the team this season (1553) starting all 17 games. Even better he has scored 17 goals already! You don't need me to tell you thats a goal a game. He is rated at 83 atm but i can see that going up to 86 maybe even 87 if he keeps the incredible scoring record up and Cruz maintain their place in the league. Here is a breakdown of the goals scored; Pumas UNAM 0 - 3 Cruz Azul 02/08/2009 - scored 1 Cruz Azul 2 - 0 Monterrey 08/08/2009 - scored both Santos Laguna 3 - 2 Cruz Azul 16/08/2009 - scored 1 Cruz Azul 2 - 3 América 22/08/2009 - scored 1 Monarcas Morelia 0 - 3 Cruz Azul 30/08/2009 - scored 1 Cruz Azul 4 - 2 San Luis 19/09/2009 - scored all 4 Cruz Azul 3 - 1 Tecos 18/10/2009 - scored 1 Cruz Azul 3 - 1 Atlante 01/11/2009 - scored scored 2 Pachuca 1 - 3 Cruz Azul 05/11/2009 - scored 1 Cruz Azul 4 - 0 Puebla 07/11/2009 - scored 2 Chivas del Guadalajara 0 - 1 Cruz Azul 15/11/2009 - scored only goal Video of Villa's 4 goals against San Luis, he always seems to be in the right place at the right time. What do people think?
  12. Re: Colombian youngsters Nice one i don't usually like askin for risers but i couldn't find any to fit the bill so thanks, your a better scout than me lol!! And i would rep but i need to spread it round haha i may come back to you askin about more risers from South America now
  13. Re: Colombian youngsters Nice thread i'm looking for a striker around the 79/80 mark who will rise a few points in the rating changes Do you have any suggestions?
  14. Re: Fraser Fyvie - Scottish Talent i dkno, 7 starts and presumably a few more before the rating changes should get him to about mid 70's at least ( I hope)
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