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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Marcelo = Badstuber + Javi Martinez

    Which side?

    Take the duo no doubt unless your in need of LB much more than those 2.

    Rafael or alaba?

    Lukaku or walcott?

    Verratti or fellaini?

    Cheers :D

    Alaba by far,

    Lukaku long term, walcott short term (can't see him rising much further if at all)

    Verratti - already at a club where his rating can sky rocket. Fellaini will get his move unfortunately for us Everton fans but who knows where he'll go and how he'll fit in.

  2. Re: Next Group of Players to go to 91+

    I think you must be more specific' date=' if you're not talking about Wilshere, Alaba, Isco, Lamela, Lucas Moura, Oscar, El Shaarawy, Balotelli, James Rodriguez, Courtois, Eriksen, De Gea, Rafael, Sakho, Thiago, Strootman, Bender Brothers, Mkhitaryan, Sirigu, Menez, Pjanic, Howedes, Dante, Castro, Schmelzer, Mandzukic, Lennon, Giovinco, Agger, Lichtsteiner, and i'm sure i missed a couple of guys, then i'm not sure of what are you are asking. Because IMO those guys are in good position of getting a +1 in the near future.[/quote']

    Someone like mkhitaryan, castro and lennon there is a good example. Compared to the lucas moura's and isci's etc they are definately more under the radar, that what im getting at. players for example does it look like any 88s or 89s are going to jump to 91+ maybe quicker than some of the 90s around?

    im in a very competitive gameworld so its near on impossible to get the top top young players

  3. Re: Isco or Jovetic

    I can't comment on who to buy I haven't watched Isco so I'm not going to compare him to Jove. What I can say is just remember that a AM is much easier to find than a ST have a look for yourself on the search. Only a handful of quality strikers where as there's always an abundance of AM.

  4. Re: Underrated Players in the game

    How is Yaya Toure still 93? He has been one of if not THE premier central midfielder in the premier league for 3 seasons now. No matter how much City have disappointed over this season you can't not give him a rise after his overall performances over the last few seasons, last season in particular. One of if not the best player for a Premiership winning team and still on 93?

  5. Re: 2/6 who ???

    i can buy 2 players of these 6 - which are the top 2 ??

    (positions does not interest me' date=' I want to know who will have a better rating in the future)

    BENDER Lars

    DOUMBIA Seydou

    BELHANDA Younès



    WITSEL Axe

    thank you in advance :D[/quote']

    Really depends, to me they all have 92+ potential with the exeption of Yanga and maybe Belhanda. Doumbia is just coming back from injury and although Witsel has a lot of potential (maybe more than the rest) he's stuck in Russia for now so wont rise higher than 91 - maybe not even get there until he moves. If I explain this correctly I think Witsel has the ability to become more of a 'star' than Bender. But due to current performance and club Lars is the more reliable option.

    So pick between Strootman/Witsel/Bender depending on the risk your willing to take. Strootman + Bender is the safest option.

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