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  1. Re: Huntelaar or Soldado?

    Huntelaar on the basis that he scored 47 goals from 50 games last season. Unbelievable goalscorer who should be 92. Has 12 goals this season already so far as well.. i'd give him a 50/50 to go to 92. All depends on how much they take into account last season because as you can think yourself not many people can score/have scored at that rate so IMO deserved 92 on the back of last season's performances.

    Put it this way if Falcao moved to the Bundesliga and scored 35 goals next season he'll go to 93/94.

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Considering there wasn't a 3rd review of PL he should get 94 based on last season performances.

    This is interesting. Do we think that SM will take into account last season's performances as well?

    For example if so i'd say Koscielny could be 91, but if not then he definitely won't be. I can't remember being so unsure of rating changes in the last year or two!

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