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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hernandez or Lewandowski?

    And is Huntelaar worth buying?

    Lewandowski for me, plays more minutes and will continue to score.

    Huntelaar, yes is worth buying he'll be relatively cheap for a 91 due to his age but he is very safe at 91 possible chance for 92 (if it wasn't for his age he'd be a definate 92 i'd say). Just have a look at his record over the years, last season especially. Top top goalscorer

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Thanks guys. Anymore opinions? ._. Only have cash for one.

    Turan is a decent chance for 91 in these reviews. Willian definitely can get there but will most likely need to move. IMO Willian has more potential than Turan but seeing Turan is a chance for 90 it might be worth taking the chance.

    I'd get both if i could. Can you not sell anyone to get the 10M or whatever it may be?

  3. Re: Enrique or Monreal

    In a very competative league and I need a new lb' date=' the best to options i can get at the mo are Jose Enrique and Nacho Monreal.

    Im in 2 minds who to go for, both are 89 but will either rise to 90?

    Enrique is starting to play well at liverpool (motm yesterday at chelsea) but Monreal has 9 caps for spain and Malaga are having a good season, there are also some rumours of a move in Jan.

    cheers in advance


    I think Monreal is much more likely for 90 in the upcoming reviews. Well, Enrique has no chance at this stage so Monreal comfortably

  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    -> David Luiz + Ramires or Obi Mikel + 10m

    -> David Luiz + Mata

    Reponse to my question which was what would the manager accept for Hummels' date=' would you do the top deal, is it worth it? Bottom one is a bit over the top for me but top one Im wondering is it worth it?


    So really this is comparing Mata = Mikel + 10M. To put it this way would take Mata in my team over 2 Mikels. So I wouldn't even consider the bottom offer if you can give Luiz + Mikel + 10M.

    More to the point the top deal is a good deal for you to be getting Hummels, will most likely be 93 in the next reviews so very much worth it considering how rare young and well rated CBs are.

  5. Hi Guys,

    Just after some updates on players that i don't follow much who i have in my team. None of them are in my first team but i'm trying to wait for them to develop, especially the defenders. Can somebody give me an idea of who has the potential to be 90+, who i should hold on to for a while/sell now etc.

    Federico Peluso

    Francesco Acerbi

    Leandro Castan

    Matthieu Valbuena


    Didac Vila

    Marco Fabian

    Conserva Fagner

    Gebre Selassie

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    By Toure I mean Yaya.

    My CB include Terry' date=' Vidic,Cahill,Abidal and Javi Martinez.

    My midfielders include Iniesta,Mata,Ribery,Alonso,Mountinho,Fellaini and Cabaye

    And my strikers are Ibrahimovic, He who must not be named (RVP :rolleyes:) Aguero (who I mainly use as an AM), Di Natale, Soldado and Giroud.

    Hope this helps :)[/quote']

    Take the deal this isn't one you can turn down. You can sell Soldado, Giroud, Di Natale, Moutinho or Cabaye to sure of that defence! Yikes brilliant deal..

  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    lamela or 5mil + belhanda?

    which side?

    Lamela side for me.

    Hard one but I only say because I have Lamela in my side and i wouldn't give him away for Belhanda. Simply because Lamela is at a bigger club than Belhanda and performing well, 89 in the next changes. Belhanda has potential but won't be rising now, probably until he gets a move.

  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Which DM?

    Fernandinho of Shakhtar' date='

    Cabaye of Newcastle,

    Inler of Napoli

    Or Paulinho of Corinthians?[/quote']

    All good players really, I'd say Fernandinho should be 91 but if he's not already he may need a move before he gets there (which isn't unlikely though)





  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Still stuck over one of my deals. here is the story :

    Basically have many defenders none are over 92 though so I play 3 at the back Subotic' date=' Badstuber and Piszczek although I have many young defenders that will hopefully one day come good. Although I am trying to do a deal to bring Alba in.

    The manager wants Reus, Jovetic and Asamoah... which I think are some of my best 3 young players although they aren't my first team I don't know if its worth loosing them.

    Here are the two proposed deals he will only sell Alba if either of these happen:

    [b']Reus + Jovetic + Asamoah = Alba + Hamsik + Giovinco + (2 young players of my choice or Demba Ba) + ( Arbeloa from his friends team)[/b]

    Or to save me loosing Reus

    Jovetic + Asamoah = Jordi Alba

    Would would you do ? At the moment I am unsure because I really value my 3 and I only want Alba not the other players

    I am thinking about the long run here when I could have a 95 rated Alba but then be stuck be a retired Arbeloa, 89 rated Ba probably a still 91 rated Hamsik and a 90 rated Giovinco and he has a possible 94 rated Reus, 92/93 Jovetic and Asamoah

    Sounds like a messy deal to me. You'd lose 3 very good players there but it depends how much you need Alba? Who's your next best LB because as you say Alba will be your 94/95 LB for the foreseeable future and he can get there within a year.

    If you put it this way

    - On SM Alba > Reus

    - Hamsik < Jovetic i beleive

    - but then you have Giovinco + Arbeloa are much > Asamoah alone

    But it really comes down to how much you need Alba.

  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    :X Anyone please? Or are the guys listed not worth it.

    They're definitely worth it in the long term at least. Giroud is good but i can't see him being over 91 if he even gets there.

    Ogbonna is the best value there so he's a must buy, i'd probably use the rest on El Shaarawy simply because he's had a cracking start to the season. But bare in mind Milan have been very average and most of the guys on your list there have great potential.

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