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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Sorry guys we have a tough negotiator. I don't know too much about the three on the left but im aware that Lavezzi has most likely peaked at 92 and that Bonucci won't go too much past 90 although he will rise in the next reviews.

    Doumbia + Aubameyang + Lovren = Lavezzi + Bonucci

    Left or Right?

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Definitely do that. Schurrle has the world at his feet with his age suprisingly only still being 21' date=' it seems like he has been around for ages! Wijnaldum is a future national team player for the Dutch too, you would be getting a very good deal there for your Lavezzi. So I'd take it! :)[/quote']

    any other thoughts anyone?

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    anymore opinions?

    everton fan here. fellaini will be used as a AM and also CM but never a striker so i would be surprised if he changes. if anything he will change to AM/CM

    my advice is to keep them both though. boateng has showed he has quality so i wouldnt try too hard to get rid of him, unless a good offer comes

  4. Re: Formation and Tactics help please

    my first team :

    I am consistenly getting beat or drawing' date=' even with team with a much lower overall rating than mine. Seems like i have tried everything so I went back to 4-4-2 last game and drew. Can anyone come up with any ideas for formations and tactics to get these group of players to work together well.

    HART, Joe Gk 25 92

    CRISCITO, Domenico LB/LM 25 90

    RICHARDS, Micah RB/CB 23 90

    ABATE, Ignazio RB/RM 25 90

    BADSTUBER, Holger CB/LB 23 91

    SUBOTIC, Neven CB 23 91

    DIARRA, Lass DM/RB 27 91

    MODRIC, Luka CM/LM 26 93

    ÖZIL, Mesut AM/Wing 23 94

    SILVA, David AM/Wing 26 94

    GÖTZE, Mario AM/Wing 19 91

    KAGAWA, Shinji AM/Wing 23 90

    JOVETIC, Stevan AM/Fwd 22 90

    PASTORE, Javier AM 22 90

    VALENCIA, AntonioWing/RB 26 92

    DI MARIA, Ángel Wing/AM 24 93

    HAZARD, Eden Wing/AM 21 92

    ROONEY, Wayne Fwd/AM 26 95

    BENZEMA, Karim FWD 94[/quote']

    I can see that apart from 7 of these players all of yours players are AM or Wing or Fwd. And these attacking players are the only ones rated very well. Im not sure how you line up but for example if you played your best rated team in a 4-4-2 im guessing youd have 2 fwds, and then 2 AM and 2 Wingers. This is very attacking and obviously although you might usually have the better players a youre left with only 4 players on the pitch who are supposed to defend. Try get your hands on a top quality DM or even a couple CM and see if it can help, apart from that you need to try get some great defenders to balance it out. Its a game of defending and attacking so if you can have a balanced team it will help much more

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