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  1. Re: Joleon Lescott or Pablo Armero

    I currently have both players as cover at LB but need the cash who's worth keeping out of the two. Thanks

    both of them should rise, if youre going to sell, you'll get the most cash/better players for armero. you can keep lescott who should rise to 90 anyway but..

    present/more cash - sell armero

    future - sell lescott

  2. Re: Respuesta: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I have to give two of the following players to receive Bale' date=' what two are the worst for you?



    James Rodriguez



    I could perhaps give Ramsey, but I'm not sure.

    What players would you offer? Thanks[/quote']

    Tbh i think out of all of those you cant give away rodriguez, reus, jovetic or eriksen.

    if you can get bale for remy and ramsey youve got yourself a good deal!

    ive got him in my team - although he's been playing a lot he would be 4th choice in his position for arsenal with wilshere back (arteta and wilshere, rosiscky playing well too)

  3. Ive had an offer for me to buy criscito. the deal will basically be ramirez + elm = criscito + 7m

    My team is mostly 90s but i have toure, mata and hulk - the only position i dont have a 90 is LB because i have jose enrique (89)

    Do you think the deal is worth it (the two players id be getting rid of are very talented) and do you think i need a 90 LB, or will enrique go up as he's been playing well for liverpool. what do you think guys?

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