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  1. Re: Northampton Help ! No help needed mate. Forget the rest of your team, With that strike force just blast your way through the league... Play Very Attacking and i bet you your up! Great signings there.
  2. Re: Increased amount of injuries?? One of my leeds teams have 4 suspensions and 7 injurys at the moment...Having to play my young guns, i dont know why, i play soft tackling...
  3. Re: Nottingham forest promotion winning 11 Thanks. I just got a little confused.
  4. Re: Sunderland Help Yeah i normally play a 4-4-2 formation with all my teams...But i just dont see this working in the first division, yah know? If you check my squad now, Ive signed Leighton Baines and Richard Dunne, If this would effect your line up. Thanks for your help so far, appreciated. Also, I have 11 million in the Transfer Kitty, If you can recommend any position i need to improve on, or who i should be signing, I would appreciate it greatly.
  5. I am unsure how the whole system works entirley, but if ratings are effected 100% by real life happenings, how come the nottingham forest players have such low ratings, they've been promoted to the second tear, have some great individuals..If Matthew lockwood (a rubbish ex forest player is rated 77, and a forest hero Nathan tyson is only rated 79, it doesnt make sense, Im unsure if i will be listned to here or just considered a nagger, hhehe, But shouldn't the forest promotion winning teams ratings all increase by atleast 1 or 2? Just wondering. Replys appreciated. Ryan m
  6. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=369251&clubid=157201&sid=13291 This is my sunderland team, you may have read my transfer talk on the english championships page... Ive noticed a problem straight away...Opening day....Defeat to wigan!!! Can someone please throw me in the right direct as to what my starting 11 should be and what tactics, formation i should use...Im embarresed of my first match result of the season...
  7. Nottingham Forest Open Invite Obviously over recent times theres been quite a lot of disappointment at the city ground, but now they're back in to premier league B aka The championship.. So i thought, even for non forest fans it would be great to see who could take a Div 2 Nottingham forest side the furthest in 2 seasons. I've taken one over, the first match is tomorrow, I've signed some average Championship donkeys, But i hope to gain the promotion i crave, and then to finish comfortabley (position wise) in the prem.. If anyone wants to take part in the challenge, just reply and keep the
  8. Re: Leeds United Open Invitation My leeds team are currently top after 36 games with 95 points, they've lost once all season, and if they win their last two games, they will finish on 101 points. I may leave them though at the end of the season.
  9. Re: Sunderland 1504 (English Div 1) BREAKING NEWS Sunderland have unveiled Dexter Blackstock as their latest signing, he joins from QPR on a season-long loan. This has been quoted as a shock by Dexter Blackstock. "Yeah, to be honest i was planning a promotion race, but eh er..Its a shock really, to know this coming season ill be playing with the big boys...Its honestly a shock to me, To join a premier league team, ya know? Its out of nowhere, I just got a call, and i said yes instantly...This is my chance to impress...and again, its a real shock for me...a real shock"
  10. Sky Sports News This Hour The new manager at Sunderland, Ryan McGuinness has promised big change around the place after Roy Keane's shock departure. Straight away McGuinness has sold almost his whole main 11 players from roy keanes era. McGuinness is keeping his transfer hit list hidden as of now, but has already completed the signings of Roy Makaay, Patrick Viera, Mohamed shawki and gabor bori. Darren bent is also on his way to the stadium of light, after an offer of 8 million pounds was accepted for the out of favour tottenham striker. McGuinness still claims another 10 stars will be
  11. Re: lEAVING SM attention seeking? Far from that mate. What i mean is, ive won alot of titles, ive taken a div for world chmp team to 1 champs. I won orient prem. got ipswich to prem finished 2nd wid middlesborough in prem. won 3rd tier wid leeds. All im saying is, what else is there to do, im a G member aswell, and i find gold detups boring, i have my own league, which im 2nd in. I just mean that i dnno wat else to do, ive accomplished all i can. unless theres more to the game than winning with unknown clubs. all im saying is wadda u all fink i sud do, all i wanna know.
  12. I mite leave soccer manager. I love the game and have won many great things, but i've recently lost the drive to WANT to compete on the game.. This is the point were im hoping someone will give me a reason or challenge to why i should stay. It just seems i go on less and less each day. and theres no fun to winning and losing or anything, nowadays i just check results and logg off... As i say!...This is the point were im hoping someone will give me a reason or challenge to why i should stay.
  13. Re: Need a result. Opening Day, Blackburn v Arsneal What'd you pick as full team mate? And whats better: 4-5-1 5-4-1 LoL
  14. Re: Need a result. Opening Day, Blackburn v Arsneal LoL.. Thats what i mean, but if i do that, i surley risk conseedin more if i stay defensive. The best form of defence is attack maybe? What would you do against arsenal if you had that squad? just tell me what you'd do mate lol and ill compare.
  15. Re: Need a result. Opening Day, Blackburn v Arsneal With an hour till team sheets...Help Appreciated.
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