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  1. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers hey seftinho what do you think sissoko will get? Do you think it is worth swapping him for Inler?
  2. Re: An absolute dream come true! what setup is this in?
  3. Re: Spanish Ratings cheers mate, what does everybody else think?
  4. Re: Spanish Ratings what do you think aguero will get?
  5. Re: Gold Championship 26 Transfers / Reports Thread Nedved available for cash... looking for above 15m..
  6. Re: Gold Championship 26 Transfers / Reports Thread Buffon for sale! Looking for a 91+ goalie and a 91+ lb preferably below the age of 27.
  7. Re: Gold Championship 30 Discussions yeh i kind of do actually. going for lpool or barca.
  8. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers hey seftinho do you reckon eboue will hit 90?
  9. Re: Gold Championship 29 Discussions looking for a decent gc29 team can offer a gold account! please reply via pm cheers.
  10. Re: Gold Championship 29 Discussions im going for barca or real. im just wondering do you reckon it will be delayed half an hour like the last 2?
  11. Re: Gold Championship 29 Discussions is it midnight tonight or midday tomorrow? will be going for real or liverpool seeing as i got juve in gc26.
  12. Re: Spanish Ratings does anybody know what aguero will hit?
  13. Re: Camoranesi Deal. i think im going to go for the deal. cheers for both the replies tho. lads
  14. Re: Camoranesi Deal. anybody got anyideas
  15. Today I have been offered a bid for Camoranesi. Of Eboue and Eduardo. I was just wondering a few things. Do you think I should do this deal? And do you think Eboue will hit 90 in the next rating change, Do you reckon when Eduardo is fit again he can regain form and hit 90 again? And finally what will Camoranesi hit in the next rating change? Sorry if there are too many questions.
  16. Re: Official International Management Job Offers Thread urenot the only one i didnt get anybody. i guess we will have to rely on managers getting sacked then us taking the job.
  17. Re: International Management GC's are the players fitness going to be affected by international games?
  18. Re: International Management GC's lol ive got three. hopefully though. I dont understand why sm are doing it randomly surely it should be the folk with the better club team should get the better international team?
  19. Re: International Management GC's I want a team so bad lol.
  20. Re: International Management GC's have any international teams been allocated? Im confused:confused:
  21. Re: International Management GC's anyone been offered a job yet?
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