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  1. i use to play 4-5-1 with the two players on the wings going up in the field. but i'm not getting the results i want... --------------------------------de Gea(90)------------------------- ---M.Richards (91) --- T.Kalas (84) --- C.Smalling(88) --- G.Bale (92) -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- ---M.Gotze (91) --- A.Ramsey (88) --- C.Eriksen (88) --- E.Hazard (92) ------|-----------------------------------------------------|-------- ------V----------------------T.Kroos (90)-------------------V-------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------G.Pazzini (91)----------------------------- on the bentchi have: F.Bastos (CM-83) L.Casnos (CF-85) k.Zouma (CB/RB-83) L.Ocampos (LM/WING-80) J.IBE (WING/FWD-75) need some advice, txs
  2. Re: Lucas Rodrigues, Thomas Muller or Schurlle?
  3. Re: Lucas Rodrigues, Thomas Muller or Schurlle? yes because lucas is 88 (19 years) and muller is 93 (23 years) so i wha to be sertain that lucas in this 4 year gap can do better than muller (or not)
  4. Re: Lucas Rodrigues, Thomas Muller or Schurlle? yes but will lucas be as good as muller?
  5. Re: Best U21 CF List tks btw do you know some FWD/CF like balotelli who are 88+ in the moment and are a grat prospect? (any price)
  6. i need some players U21 for the CF position who are a big prospect. tks
  7. or some opinios about players with the same price and positions as those
  8. (place them like ...>...>...)
  9. Re: Rui Patricio Yes! 100%! he will be the GK for Portugal in EURO 2012 and the expectations are big! at the moment he is doing a pretty good job in Sporting (winnig vs Man City for exp.)
  10. Re: CB and CM urgent...
  11. Re: CB and CM urgent... got it, thks by the way is Maher going to rise in a near future?
  12. I nedd urgently a Central back and a Central Midfilder to a max of 4.3M each (preference for young players)... can anyone help me? tks
  13. Re: Neymar or Hazard? got it, tks
  14. Re: Neymar or Hazard? got it tks
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