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    God 999 has been appointed as the new Sparta Praha manager.

    This is my journey as the Sparta Praha manager in the Financial Fair Play game world. I've started this a bit late so all my transfers and 10-15 matches are already over. I will post a summary of somewhat with all my transfers and match results to date but without a match report. For future matches, I'll post a detailed match report.
    An Interview with the Sparta Praha Manager after his new appointment

    How did you get contacted by the Sparta Praha chairman to take over Sparta?
    The chairman was looking for a shrew operator who believes in giving youth a chance and building a squad for the future and I fitted his criteria and he met me and after I heard what he wanted to do with the club, I couldn't decline.
    The chairman made a very bold move appointing you to take control of Sparta Praha. You're fairly new on the scene and the fans will no doubt be concerned. How do you plan on addressing these imminent concerns?
    The chairman did make a bold move indeed but I will make sure that he has not placed his faith in the wrong man. I won't say anything to the fans about how I am the right man for the job but will speak to them through results.
    Have you and the chairman set your goals for this season? What are they?
    The chairman has been kind enough to realize that I'm building a team for the future and it takes time for it to come into place. He told me that there was no pressure on me to perform immediately as many of my squad members are future superstars. That being said, I would like to attain a top 3 finish.
    You've already told us your football philosophy. But we'd like to know how you are going to go into matches and with what mentality?
    No matter who the opponent, I will stay true to my ways and play youth and go in with an attacking mentality. I will never settle for a draw and will always try for a win.
    How do you plan on attacking the transfer market?
    I am going to inflict my style onto this club and I will buy youth players with a prosperous future but also mixed with experienced players at the top of their game but I do place a bigger emphasis on youth and I will spend lots of money on youth.
    Do you believe that you can challenge for promotion this season?
    Since I plan to spend more money on youth, that is the future of football, my squad will be a bit weak in the 1st couple of seasons. That being said, if the lads perform well which I believe completely that they can, it is a possibility that we can attain promotion. We'll just have to wait and see how the matches go.
    How much of your original squad do you plan on retaining?
    Most likely I will sell everyone bar the youth. Sparta have a great youth academy and some quality players with bright futures ahead. They will no doubt have a role to play in my squad.
    [bI]Who do you see as your biggest threats in Division 3?[/b]
    I'd have to say my biggest threats would have to be Dinamo Zagreb and Celtic.
    How do you plan on giving your youth a chance at getting minutes?
    As I've said numerous times before, I believe in youth and will give them a chance to prove themselves. In all cup matches, only the youth will feature and they will also play in some of the League matches as I am going to be adopting a squad rotation policy to give everyone equal opportunities.
    Any last words for the hopeful Sparta Praha fans?
    The sky is the limit.....

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    Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: A Tribute to WC 10000

    A sell out crowed is expected at Old Trafford tonight as to of the leagues heavy weights will battle it out for a spot in Division 1 next season.Both teams are expected to field a full strength team as both managers look to play in the first Division.One big name that will be missing in tonight's game is Cristiano Ronaldo who has been sidelined for the next 3 weeks with a fractured cheekbone.
    Kick-Off 20:00 GT.

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    Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?
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    Re: Draft and Auction [NEW GAMEWORLD]

    Gozzy's DnA Teams Analysis (Division 1-Part 1)


    Managers : kdBz
    Key Players : Benzema,Gotze,Neymar
    Best XI

    (+) : Young and good quality upfront with Benzema,Neymar,Balotelli
    (-) : Lack of quality in defence
    Key Note : - Sevilla is the only club to pick Balotelli and Neymar during 1st auction,which comes as surprise
    - Sevilla have 7 Germans in their squad,including 2 keepers (Adler and Zieler)
    Prediction :8th-11th


    Managers : iAwesome
    Key Players : Lahm,Mario Gomez,Jack Wilshere

    Best XI

    (+) : Good depth and quality in defence
    (-) : Only having 1 quality striker (Gomez)
    Key Note : -Arsenal have 5 CB rated 88 or above
    - Including Lahm,Arsenal have 3 LB rated 89 or above
    Prediction :4th-7th

    Manchester City

    Managers : Like_A_Boas
    Key Players :Xavi,Mascherano,Alexis Sanchez
    Best XI
    Alexis Sanchez---Lewandowski

    (+) Balanced squad in all position
    (-) Wingers position isn't very good quality wise with Arshavin and Farfan become best player there (excluding Alexis as i'm counting him as forward)
    Key Note : City have 6 players who can play at CM position,but only Xavi who is rated above 90
    Prediction :4th-7th

    Athletic Club

    Managers : brunopinto90
    Key Players : Vidic,Robben,Lavezzi
    Best XI :
    Srna---Vidic---Amorebieta---Jose Enrique

    (+) Having a lot of versatile players which could accommodate several formations
    (-) : Lack of high rated CB
    Key Note : Athletic have 3 RB rated 90 and above while having no 90+ LB
    Prediction :Relegated

    Atletico Madrid

    Managers : george25
    Key Players : Fabregas,Reus,Agger
    Best XI
    Papiss Cisse

    (+) Good quality in center midfield with having Fabregas,Anderson,Ganso and Montolivo
    (-) Only having 88 rated as best wingers (Eliseu and Guardado)
    Key Note : Average age of the squad is 26, 2nd oldest in Division one after Liverpool
    Prediction :4th-7th


    Managers : Vendetta
    Key Players : Villa,Valdes,Dzeko
    Best XI :
    Vucinic----Motta---De Jong----Renato Augusto----Menez

    (+) Good depth and quality upfront
    (-) Only 2 players (Toulalan and Barzagli can play as CB)
    Key Notes : Mkhitaryan is the only Armenian bought in this GW so far
    Prediction :8th-11th


    Managers : ashtini
    Key Players : Busquets,Tevez,Mata
    Best XI
    Kaboul---David Luiz---Capoue;

    (+) Exciting squad,young and high rated
    (-) Having no fullbacks will limit the versatility of formation they used
    Key Notes : ashtini is the only manager to complete the 21 man squad in main draft and auction
    Prediction : Title contender
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Luuk De Jong!
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    iAwesome reacted to arampage in EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc.. VACANCIES IF YOU WANT IN   
    Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc.. VACANCIES IF YOU WANT IN
    Getting this out of the way early...
    Selected Anno Domini Shield previews

    Shield Previews: Pick of the Round
    Barnsley(D1 -14th) vs Middlesborough (D1-16th):
    Battle at Oakwell between Division 1 sides who have found themselves at the foot of the table and are looking for a fillip to boost their campaign into something approaching respectability. The Tsar leads the tykes in a slugfest trying to defend home advantage and more importantly their title. iAwesome has seen his side play awful so far this season and may be a bit overwhelmed with the task of facing a legend on his home patch.
    Both sides contain heavy hitters in the shape of Toure, Valencia and Lucio for the Tsar’s men and Pepe, De Jong and Edin for Boro. However, it will rely on tactics and the player selection by the managers-so in truth this titanic struggle result will be determined solely by the managers prowling the sidelines.
    Barnsley prefers three at the back with forward running wingers to support and create passing channels for their forwards to exploit. Boro seems to favor a counter approach relying on picking apart the opponents formation rather than relying on his teams weaknesses to be exposed. So here we have the Klinsman vs Rehhagel type of match up. Both sides are capable of scoring as well as conceding and as such a 2-2 score line at the end of full time with a winner via the penalty lottery. Pedigree suggests a narrow win for Barnsley and great match to carry the kids to with the Barnsley East Dene Working Mens Club, which is happy to admit visiting supporters (including accompanied children)-just remember to carry them home with you afterwards.
    Tottenham Hotspurs (D2-6th) vs. Norwich (D2-10th):
    Two division 2 teams go for broke in this encounter with the leviathan of the Division Spurs look to boss the Canaries off the park in their first encounter in SM history. While this may seem to be a walkover for a side fielding the likes of Cesc, Ribery and RVP-Norwich has proven to be tricky customers in every respect of the word.
    Spurs have been inconsistent so far this season and Norwich have played within themselves using a variety of methods to get the job done. Spurs seem on the surface to be an adherent of the bane of Latimer’s existence, while the Canaries pack the midfield and bully their opponents with a 5 man midfield and look to poach the odd goal.
    Has the Spurs manager recovered from the shellacking his team received from the Rover’s Bishop or will the team be burdened by the fear of losing and plays into the Canaries hands. Our best estimate is IF Norwich plays his best team and rides his luck-victory can be earned. However, If’s don’t have much value-and we will go for a Spurs victory..2-0.
    Bristol City(D4-12th) vs Fulham (D2-11th):
    Competitions like these bring strange bedfellows together and when the Robins throw open Ashton Gate to the cottagers they welcome the Lion there is more on the menu than just Pizza Pods and a draft at the Hen and Chicken. While these clubs are separated by a division there clubs are well packed with enough talent to make this battle to start on equal footing.
    Both sides have settled into a rhythm and have settled squads and their approach to the competition will be determined by their priorities and more importantly resources. Bristol City’s manager Angus seems to also be an adherent of the 352 system of play and depends on a 5 man midfield to supply ammunition for Altidore and his hunting partner. The Lion prides himself on midfield domination and seems to favor a more cautious approach with an attacker sacrificed for more defensive cover.
    Excellent match up to see what Cup football was all about in the 80’s with a surging city trying to breach the Cottagers citadel, and chances are that Banksy and Russel Crowe will be in the crowd to lend support to the Cider army. We expect it to fall short by a single goal as Fulham take away a 1-2 win.
    Crystal Palace(D2-3rd) vs Chelsea (D1-3rd)
    Whitehorse Lane Stand should be rocking and rolling as the eagles prepare a welcome for Chelsea’s brigade at Selhurst Park. This is another David vs Goliath clash with the teams separated by a division and a multi Billion dollar owner and should be a spectacle for the connoisseur of fine football.
    When the “Glad All Over” is struck up the two teams will enter the fray for the right to wrest Dermo’s Crown and it is expected that players of the caliber of Marchisio, Jan for the eagles will need to be at their best to fight off the attentions of Ronaldo -he of the pouting Madridistas and Xavi. So in truth this has more than a passing resemblance to a mugging using blunt force trauma, but scratch the surface and there is a deeper story unfolding.
    The Game represents The Palace manager Duncan’s third game in charge and he will be eager to impress his Chairman and supporters, while the Chelsea manager may be disinterested and underestimating his rival. Whether the eagles can take advantage of the penchant for Chelsea to play 3 at the back will be the defining role here-and although the bookmakers predict a 3-0 spanking for Palace we will go for a 1-1 score line and Palace winning it on penalties 5-3.
    Huddersfield (D4-1st) vs Doncaster Rovers (D2-8th)
    The John Smith Stadium is the setting of a match that might best be suited for the kennel club as the Terriers face the Rovers led by the Bishop of SM. This marks the first time in SM history that these sides will meet in a match to the finish to determine who goes forward to the next round.
    The match up should bring the best out of Kaka and Berbatov who lead both their sides’ vaunted attacks. Will they make it on the field is another issue. But for share drama to see the Bishop extolling his troops from, on and over the manager’s area is a sight well worth paying the entrance fee especially if he dons his frock. Expect an old fashioned devil may care, attack at all costs with no thought of tactics, or tomorrow. We expect Huddersfield to edge a game match 4-3 but it can go either way.
    Everton (D2-5th) vs Leicester (D1-1st):
    As St. Lukes prepare to do brisk business the toffees hope that they will be able to withstand the assault expected to come from the foxes and their manager Steve. Both managers are relatively new to their teams and what team they are! Robben, Modric, Muller on the home sides roster and Gomez, Cavani and Mata penciled in the visitors line up.
    This represents the best chance of the Toffees to turn back a record of having played 4 matches and losing 3, with a solitary win noted. The toffees prefer to be very “un” Moyes under their new manager with a defense sitting back and lobbing balls into the attacking third with no fewer than 4 players waiting , while the Foxes try to dominate the midfield with a 5 man line.
    Expect a ping pong match filled with thrills and excitement with the Foxes dominating possession while the Toffees dominate shots. The first error in the game will determine the winner-and we expect Tim Howard in the Everton’s goal to make that error and gift the Foxes a 0-1 win.
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Ivanovic will rise.
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    Re: Neuer or Hart
    Hart is better than Neuer.
    But still Neuer is one of the best GK's in the world..so is Hart.
    Btw Hart or any GK in the world can't compete the likes of Casillas and Buffon (He is still great lol). But in three or maybe even 2 years Hart has the capabilities to surpass Casillas. But currently no one can compete with him. Casillas is the best GK in the world.
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    Re: Draft and Auction [NEW GAMEWORLD]
    Fixed that for you.
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    Re: Draft and Auction [NEW GAMEWORLD]
    Complete squad here then. The ultimate final list including players I didn't know I had.. :eek: Just realised it's very much German influenced lol.. Got all of them for CV by the way and thus not too worried about finances.
    Oh and what about clubs? We cn choose any with a stadium under 35000 right?.. HMMM Then i'll pick... Idk
    Rene Adler has been inspiring at times this season for Hamburg, one of the in form keepers this season.
    Zieler is a good backup, a starter and another German. Was 3rd choice at Euros, no?
    Dede just got a +2 to 90, don't know whether it was deserved but a nice touch nonetheless.
    Shawcross recently got a call up, which was very late IMO, he's one of England's better defenders when it comes down to it.
    Botia is in good form, and in decent form for Sevilla. Young one so not a bad buy.
    Zuniga gets a lot of minutes for Napoli, and he is covering both flanks.
    Compper has been in good form for Hoffenheim, a useful addition as he covers both CB and LB.
    Sven Bender is the starter for defending German champions, and is a solid 90 given his relative youth.
    Ryan Giggs is old, but old is gold. Will be playing him in the center due to his lack of pace, which is not surprising.
    Young Neustadter is going to be backup and one for the future, but in sparkling form atm. Rise soon?
    Matuidi is going to be backup in the center for us, he has performed reasonably well for PSG and still holding his place despite recent signings.
    Gotze, is well, Gotze, cheers to Scout Maker who got him for me for CV . Been great for Dortmund and a very good addition to our squad, will be playing on the wing.
    Sam is a terrific winger, surprised no one had got him, has blistering pace and beats defenders regularly.
    Huszti has 3 goals and 7 assists already this season. Need I say more?
    THE OX! IS MINE! lol. Has shown maturity belying his relative inexperience, and is better than Walcott IMO.
    Another young English talent, Wilfried Zaha is mine, has been in good form, with 4 goals for Palace.
    Benzema is getting the goals for Madrid recently, showing that he can indeed finish as much as he creates at times.
    Klose will be an experienced head leading from the front, still in good form despite his advancing years.
    Fletcher has scored all the goals for the Black Cats in the league, so he will be a good English buy.
    Balotelli, ah the mercurial Italian, in many ways brilliant, in may ways frustrating. Delighted he is mine however, the ice cool Italian will be fighting with Klose for the second forward spot.
    Neymar, still dumbfounded how he rose. But I welcome it nonetheless.
    EDIT: Just counted and i think I have 22 players.. if I'm right, i will drop Giggs from my team. CM is congested anyway
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    Re: A Tribute to WC 10000
    Juventus outclassed Barcelona and beat them 1 - 0 in their Division 2 fixture.
    Vucinic had an impressive game and was voted Man of the Match.
    Vidal was on the scoresheet for his side.
    Still on third spot..
    1000th POST!
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    Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?
    You should go for Carl Jenkinson..he is pretty good.
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Rodwell. ....
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    iAwesome got a reaction from brunopinto90 in Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?   
    Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?
    You should go for Carl Jenkinson..he is pretty good.
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Tough one..but you should go for El Shaarawy
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    If you are getting Jovetic..go for it!!
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    Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs)



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    Re: The Justice League- Match Reports and Discussion's Thread
    Won the League...
    Itesalat have won Division 1!
    After a prolific season for Itesalat, Stevan JOVETIĆ is awarded the SMFA Golden Boot.
    After a fantastic season with Itesalat, Loïc RÉMY is awarded the SMFA Player of the season.
    Will be waiting for your next creation.
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    Re: Counter formations
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