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  1. Re: Bradford youth problems Thanks, good spot on umtiti he looks promising. Still deciding before I go shopping
  2. Re: Bradford youth problems Next is central midfield, I have verratti with concerns, tempted to persist and get them down but will be difficult... Replacement possibles are: Pogba (doubt they'll sell) Draxler (as above) Florenzi Oxlade-chamberlain Nem Rode Alessandrini Labyad What do you think of that bunch? Finally forwards. No concerns here, but might be able to buy destro or ben yedder - are they likely to hit 90+ at some point? Thanks
  3. Some of my young 89 rated players are getting concerns and need replacing. There's probably better options for their respective positions. I have some spare cash and possibly other players to try and sweeten the deals I'll try to make For each of the positions please rank who I should try and get as a replacement Firstly I need to sell Alex Sandro at left back (badstuber is first choice here). Who would you try hardest to get as replacement - and who would you rank 2nd 3rd etc Di sciglio Indi martins Jesus Juan Digne Jantschke Ryan Bertrand Luke shaw Muniesa Or any others you can
  4. Re: ☆☆Young-Boy™☆☆ BIG RISERS You sir, are a legend!
  5. Re: Anything and Everything on SM Development Oh yes, so there is! Thanks for pointing this out. Bit stupid of me, but why must sm continuously change the layout like this?
  6. Re: Anything and Everything on SM Development Hmmm, it seems now that you can't search for a players name to buy any more. Is it just me, the fact that I'm using an ipad or have they moved this option off the transfer tab? Or is it just a bug?
  7. Re: a couple of random risers I can't see any more obvious ones from Denmark, sorry... from MLS: agree - i missed that Sarkodie had just risen. Going to remove him, valasquez and Oriol Rosell. Leaving: Atiba Harris - 78-82 (maybe end of season) Matt Hedges 77-80/82 Jonny Steele 77-82 Raymond Gaddis 76-80 Chris Schuler 77-82
  8. Re: a couple of random risers from MLS Atiba Harris - 78-82/83 Matt Hedges 77-82 Kofi Sarkodie 78-82/83 Jonny Steele 77-82 Raymond Gaddis 76-80 Chris Schuler 77-82 Sebastian Velasquez 76-80 Oriol Rosell 78-83 but 1.6m is steep
  9. Re: a couple of random risers From Denmark: Kian Hansen 78-82 Peter Ankersen 77-81 Knudsen 77-82 Brock-madsen 75-80
  10. Artur Yusupov 83-86 85 Nikita Chicherin 78-83 Artem Baranovskiy 75-80 Jan Boril 78-83 Matej Sivric 77-82 Marek Kysela 75-80 Martin Pospisil 78-82 83 Or something like that...
  11. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 How good is aurtenetxe? I bought him ages ago for some of my teams and he st solidly on 88. Is he worth persisting with?
  12. Re: lorenzo insigne/ joel campbell Lorenzo Insigne I'm told is really good. Joel Campbell I'm not entirely sure, I think you might do better. Options might be (depending on budget and availability). El Shaarawy (chance would be a fine thing, but best option if you can). Destro Lukaku Jackson Martinez Mauro Icardi Ben Yedder Alain Traore looks pretty good from what I've seen and might be cheaper as he's 24. Lucas Ocampos Viktor Fischer Tello Deulofeu My personal opinion is that they are all probably at least as good as Joel Campbell, although some of them may take some time to ge
  13. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 Hi folks Italian football isn't my strong point, but managed to get hold of florenzi, insigne, destro and Luca marrone for some of my clubs a while ago. Should I still be hanging on to them?
  14. Re: Risers - keep or sell Thanks for your thoughts everyone! I think my keepers will be different depending on which team they're in..
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