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  1. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Definately Moneymakers!! dybala - minutes aren't the sole consideration' date=' don't forget what league he was playing in. piszczek and schmelzer - please don't jump to your own conclusions. I didn't say they don't merit +1, I said I doubted sm would award it. I'm aware that Piszczek is a top-notch rb, and I've had schmelzer since he was rated 88. I've invested in (and kept) both myself because they are candidates for +1, but that doesn't necessarily mean this will be reflected in SM ratings. Case in point - xabi alonso (ie I think +1 will happen, but SM never gives it) What's your point here? I already said he's deserved it since long ago.
  2. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Definately Moneymakers!! HOLLAND DIJKS, Mitchell 60-->78/79/80 - I doubt he'll get to 80, 77/78 is more realistic VAN RHIJN, Ricardo 80-->84/85 - 84 at most I'd guess. Main rb though... so good investment. FRANCE DELLE, Joris 77-->83 - considering unnerstall (schalke keeper) only got to 82, I think 80 is more realistic. ITALY LÓPEZ, Nicolás 75-->81/82 - not playing enough to justify rise to 81/82. 80 at most I think. STEVANOVIC, Alen 75-->82 - been waiting for a rise for this guy for ages... hope he gets to 80 at least. DYBALA, Paulo 76-->82 - not playing enough to justify 82, same as roma's lopez, I only see 80 on the cards. SPAIN GRIMALDO, Alejandro 75-->80 - hasn't played yet has he? (1st team I mean... depite talent... should only get 77 at most) FRANCE NIANG, M'baye 83-->85 - I don't think he's close to 85... 84 at most. barely playing for milan so 85 seems unlikely. ENGLAND KOMPANY, Vincent 93-->94 - based on his current form... it might not happen yet. GERMANY not sure why but I doubt SM will award +1's for these two. SCHMELZER, Marcel 90-->91 PISZCZEK, Lukasz 90-->91 SPAIN ALBA, Jordi 90-->91/92 - 92 isn't justified yet. 91 at most. FALCAO, Radamel 92-->93/94 - 93 at most. 92-94 is a rare step. ALONSO, Xabi 94-->95 - I sincerely doubt he'll get it now... I think he's deserved it since long ago, but it just wasn't to be. a few amendments... mostly you've got a decent estimate, but for a few I think you're a little optimistic.
  3. Re: swapping kompany for pique thanks folks... time to try hacking out a deal :-)
  4. Re: marchisio cool... I was thinking of selling him if he wasn't going to get +1... but I'll keep him until the updates are done.
  5. could marchisio get +1 to reach 92 in the coming updates? he's playing for Juve (as opposed to being a sub or such) and they're not only champions, but also on top of the table right now. he's in the national team for WC quals right now, played in the the whole of the euros too... chances of him being awarded +1?
  6. hey folks I thought about keeping him, but considering his mediocre form lately... I doubt he'll reach 94 in the next updates, so I'm thinking about trading him for pique. 2 questions: firstly does most of the community see it as a worthwhile deal? (could he be given +1? should I not bother with trading?) Secondly, how much cash would you include with kompany to buy pique? 15m? 20m?
  7. Re: Will Holger Badstubber lose his CB position in soccer manager??
  8. If a transfer offer has been accepted, but is yet to go be finalised (ie with the player ending up in my team); could the transfer collapse if someone takes over the other club I'm transferring the player from? thanks
  9. Re: advice for squad with too many CMs Sorry guys I should have elaborated, investment = I bought the guy but don't plan to keep for the long term, only for an update or two then sell.
  10. Here's my CMs (inc hummels as he can backup for DM position) CASEMIRO, Carlos DM/CM 20 86 (is he still on track to being a top player?) HUMMELS, Mats CB/DM 23 92 (backup for DM position) BENDER, Sven DM/CM 23 90 (keeping as 1st choice DM) WILLIANS, Domingos DM/CM 26 87 (investment) MARQUINHO, Filho CM/LB 26 85 (investment) MODRIC, Luka CM/LM 26 93 (keep) ASAMOAH, Kwadwo CM/LM 23 90 (want to keep) RAMIRES, Santos CM/RM 25 91 (???) WITSEL, Axel CM/AM 23 90 (???) DEMBELE, Moussa CM/AM 25 89 (???) MOUTINHO, João CM 25 91 (???) GUARIN, Fredy CM 26 89 (investment/might keep... ) ALLEN, Joe CM 22 86 (investment) GANSO, Paulo Henrique AM/CM 22 89 (investment, might sell/keep depending on potential being realised) ERIKSEN, Christian AM/CM 20 89 (will sell/keep depending on potential being realised) I use 433 (w) so with bender and modric as 1st choices, and I want to keep asamoah... I should only keep another CM or two at most and sell off the rest. Any advice on which players to keep and who to sell?
  11. Re: Sneijder pros: no particular age bias; based on Inter having recovered a little form at the end of last season; natural 1st choice player. cons: poor Euros; playing in Europa league; Inter might have a slow start to the impending season. I'd say it depends on inter's form. By late Oct or Nov you'll have a better idea of if there's a danger of -1. In theory there shouldn't be though. Torres fell hard and fast, but I don't see sneijder getting consecutive -1's.
  12. Re: Damiao or Welbeck I don't think welbeck will be 1st choice for ManU in a season or two. Given his career can only go down from there, I'd say the best long term potential lies with Damiao, who should be getting snapped up by a European team within a season. I like welbeck, but don't see him having a peak as high as damiao.
  13. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? You're right, my bad... I was sure I'd seen some championship thing with a august review. But I think I'm entirely mistaken. I should have known this because I had Zaha, and he got rated up to 84 in feb. Thanks for the correction. re Verratti... fair enough. Truth be told I've just got sour grapes... I tried to buy him but before my bid was accepted: his value changed
  14. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? Ehhh... I think Verratti was a bit of an anomaly. Mostly this hasn't happened. (there's many transfers, eg Nick Powell or Kagawa) Usually there's a kind of schedule, the big 5 (france, germany, england, italy, spain - in that order too I think) get done in Nov/Dec, then again around Apr, then at the end of the season (or at least that's how it happened last year, I think). This year the Apr updates happened a little later, so there was little point in doing it soon after in June. Other leagues like Netherlands etc, are done in Nov, then Jan.. and I think again when their season ends. Brazil and Argentina are done around Aug, then January (and I think that's it.) Division 2's seem to be getting done around the summer. I suspect the english d2 - championship should be coming up soon considering they've done other league's 2nd divisions and last year the championship was done around this time. hope that helps
  15. Re: squad unhappiness/rotation You might need to check the "help section" on SM. If I recall correctly this is how it works Depending on the rating of the player' date=' they expect to play a certain percentage of games. ie for a 92 rated player it [i']might [/i]be 80%. So when you've played 30 games, Pato expects to play more than 19, in this case 24 matches if we assume it's 80%. For those rated below at 89/88 it's much lower. 50% or less perhaps. Which is why they don't develop concerns first.
  16. Re: Pjanic or hernanes??? I sincerely doubt Hernanes might rise now. I'd suspect only Pjanic has some possibility, though that's low too in my opinion. If roma have a decent season, then perhaps he might warrant a +1.
  17. Re: kagawa or javier pastore, max potentials? I'd be inclined to buy Kagawa. He's been instrumental in Dortmund's title defence. Pastore's had two seasons where his initial form deteriorates before winter break / Dec. From an article I recall it might be related to exhaustion, international matches and club matches taking their toll. He might do better this season considering PSG have added star players, (which might help him raise his game). It's a close call tbh.
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