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    I'm schadenfreude type persona.
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    Football, Medicine and Adobe Photoshop.
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    N.Sembilan, Liverpool and Holland
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    Sanz Luis Garcia
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    Just recently join SM. :)
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    Got 7 account. Too cheap to go gold.

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  1. Official SM Fantasy Premier League 16/17 Its Back! The Premier League season for 2016/2017 is nearly upon us, and this thread is for the Official SM Fantasy Premier League 16/17 League. All Welcome Website: http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ Code to join this league: 4120-489320 (Classic League) Code to join this league: 4120-489471 (H2H League)
  2. Cheers Cam, quite tough this season, I believe that was my first time at the top after spending all season making the ground. lol Btw, was thinking about making a SM fantasy league for EURO comp (http://eurofantasy.uefa.com/), interested?
  3. Boom! Nailed it. End the season as Champion, after short couple of points last season. Olivier Giroud Triple Captain does work brilliantly. OR of 23,377 with 2,226 points.
  4. Don't think this worth the hassle and all the insults throw at me by MarkM in the chat. You have now quit managing Real Madrid
  5. "What the heck is with u man? Stop this nonsense on forum/in game." "stop crying on forum and ingame mate" "always weeping" "u act like a cry baby two days" So, that what I got from the owner - MarkM. For questioning what kind of punishment is that. Bloody joke.
  6. Who said about kicking people out? "Don't worry everybody is following the rules, Vendetta." LOL
  7. Juventus is a serial offender. Punishment should be more harsh, anyway did him complete his punishment for last season? Also, that punishment looks like 'meh' too me, isn't that just asked them to complete the last season rules?
  8. "Some reason" is overly used these day in this thread. What's hard to believe you have been out-muscled by Man City and Chelsea on both players?
  9. United losing it; already lost on Firmino, Clyne and now Otamendi and Pedro too. People need to admit, United are not really "that" attractive destination anymore.
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