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  1. Re: Manchester United New Sigining... True just late to put it up
  2. Manchester United Have Signed A Youngster Called Javier Hernandez From Chivas de Guadalajara. Aged 21 The Young Striker said "I’m living in a dream. I thank God that I am living it.”
  3. Fletcher Has Been A Rock For United This Season. His Important Tackles And Die Hard Attitude This Season Has Done Wonders... His Hard work All Over The Pitch Has Been A Great Credit To The Team... If You Disagree Or Agree Please Let Me Know...
  4. Re: Adebayor Heading To Man City well for instant i think its a bad move. He would be taking a step back in my eyes. From a good Arsenal side guaranteed champions league to a money spending corrupted Man city top 10 team would be not be the best move. but i think money has probably got him. Not the fact that they are promising success. They are rebuilding the club and it will at least take them 2 to 3 season to get the right mix and blend. Well if he wants to go let him....Might end up being good for him... I will be interested to see if he shows the same impact he showed in his Arsenal car
  5. Well before i start if this has been mentioned i am sorry... I was just wondering if you think adding champions league would be good... I will explain my reasons.. It should work similar to gold setup but just four of the top teams in division 1,2,3,4 or however divisions there may be go into a champions league type knockout something like the last 16 of the champions league. Then they compete for the right of the best team in the whole setup. This will hopefully make setups more fun and competitive to be in. Well please feel free to add on anything to make this idea a good one and be ad
  6. Re: Henry + Van Der Vaart for Iniesta sorry if i am late on this but... I would do it you got more than enough cover to cater for henry... so go for it iniesta will be a great addition...
  7. Re: South Africa - Confederations Cup 2009 U.S.A got a good bunch of lads... so i dont think it will be a walk over for brazil... to be a close game... Brazil to win though... 2-1
  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread didnt even know you need a pass.... I have been in here many times...
  9. Re: Official Red Devils thread what happened to man u on Wednesday man.... I am disappointed... They didn't play like man u can... Let barca play their footie.... Someone please tell me what happened:confused:
  10. Re: Gold Championship 59 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Vitesse Appoint Jigz Dan.... Jigz Dan first plan is to get Vitesse up to division 1 in his first season.... Building a team is another one of his priority as Jigz Dan looks to make vitesse a force to reckoned with...
  11. Re: Final Day Of The EPL Season 08/09 - Super Sunday I have a feeling it will be west brom....middlesborough....sunderland... But it should be a thrilling afternoon install... Well personally i cant see newcastle in chamionship but things happen... Good luck to all teams...
  12. Re: Everybody Get ready for 2moro Well skysports 3 at 15:55...should be alot of people rested...so i hear...
  13. Re: Sulley Muntari or Lass Lass... Looks like a more establish player than muntari... If you looking at long term and going to improve than lass is the guy...
  14. Re: Grime Thread Yeah Shower Ent Is Doing Alot...I Like How Dey Came Hard On Westwood... Giggs & Skepta Merkedddd Dat Tune...Too much
  15. Who do you think hs been formidable for you this season????
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