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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Sanchez or alves + aubameyang ?

    Rodriguez or 7 mil' date=' cuadrado + moreno ?[/quote']

    Sanchez, he can rise to 93/94 in the future I believe. Alves is on his way down on SM and could be below 90 in a couple of seasons depending on where he's playing. Aubameyang is promising but not good enough to lose Sanchez.

    All 3 players are on the up. Rodriguez is the best individual but If you need depth in defense/midfield or Moreno and Cuadrado would play plenty for you then take the duo and cash. I believe Rodriguez can definitely reach 93/94, Cuadrado 92/93 and Moreno is hard to predict but he's nearly 90 already and with a big move 91+ looks very possible. If 7 mil gets you a decent young talent then it would sweeten the right side more but I don't think you'll go far wrong either way to be honest.

    I ask once again' date=' since I didn't get much response.

    Ozil+4m or Kroos??

    Thank you very much[/quote']

    I've been very impressed by Kroos, looking like 94/95 material so there's little to choose between them rating wise. I'd probably go for Kroos though just.

    More views pls on this' date=' or I should I go for isco instead of Vela[/quote']

    There are far fewer high rated CBs than attackers so I'd pick Garay above Vela even though he probably won't rise while in Russia. Isco I see as a future 93+ so I'd take him above either of them based on pure potential.

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Adam Maher + Locadia or Ross Barkley?

    I'd go for Barkley. He's shown that he can cut it in the premier league and looks to be gradually breaking into the England team. I can see him reaching 90/91 in the next year fairly comfortably as it stands.

    I don't like to hype players too much' date=' especially for England but I honestly think he's the best talent we've had for a while. He's fairly two footed, has good pace and technical ability and possesses a mean shot. His decision making has looked fairly good for his age to me and with time and experience I can see him being a very good player. It's always hard to predict ratings but I'd guess he can reach at least 93 based on what I've seen of him and his development so far.

    I'm not an expert of the Dutch league but from what I gather from the guys who know their stuff on here is that Maher has had a fairly quiet season and has maybe stalled somewhat. His talent is not in question so much as his performances it looks like. Locadia also looks to be a promising young player but both he and Maher do not have the same platform from which to rise as Barkley does.

    Bastian Schweinsteiger OR Ross Barkley + Lucas Digne + £30 million

    1) which option to take. Money is more or less useless in this league to get good 93+ players.. so which would you take?

    2) which option is better over the next 1 year period.

    Well short and mid term this deal definitely favours Schweinsteiger. It takes many years of consistent and excellent performances to reach such a high rating and although he hasn't been as outstanding as perhaps in previous campaigns he is still a top player and will hold a high rating for a few years yet I would expect.

    I am a big fan of Barkley and I believe Digne to be a nice talent, both capable of reaching 90+ but it would take many years for them to catch or surpass the German so given that cash is of little use to you I'd go for Schweinsteiger without a doubt.

    robben or hazard

    manszukic or sturridge

    I like all four of these guys but I'd have to go for Hazard and Sturridge. Hazard has age on his side and I think he has the potential to reach a higher peak rating than Robben' date=' both are world class talents though and two of my favourite players to watch.

    I feel slightly sorry for Mandzukic because he looks to be losing his place to Lewandowski despite good performances at Bayern. Sturridge is the clear choice to start for England up front and now that Liverpool have Champions League football again he has a chance to show his ability in Europe. He has the attributes to reach 93 I believe with pace, finishing, dribbling/technical ability and he also has a few years on Mandzukic so I'd go for him.

    Draxler or Meyer + Goretzka

    This is an interesting one. Draxler has been playing at a high level for longer than the duo but this past season he struggled more for whatever reason, I'm not entirely sure, maybe he wasn't fully fit or something.

    All three are highly rated as future national team players by many but Draxler is further ahead in his development certainly, he's shown he can score and assist/create and he could be a very good player if he can find more consistency to his game. Meyer impressed me this season, he is a very good dribbler and is pretty good at keeping the ball for his team, an intelligent young player who has a knack for scoring too. Goretkza I've seen less of but I know he scored a few goals in the second half of the season.

    It looks like Schalke would want to build around these three amongst others for the future and it seems like Draxler might stay at least another season now. If they have another top 3 campaign and maybe get out of the group stages in the Champions League then I think ratings wise they could look like this in 1 year:

    Draxler 91, Meyer 89/90, Goretzka 89/90

    Long term there is a good chance the duo will be the better choice but at the moment Draxler is more proven/established so it depends really, if Draxler is a starter for you then keeping him wouldn't be a bad idea but if you're overloaded with midfielders then taking the duo could be an astute choice as it could be that they turn out both being as highly rated as Draxler one day.

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    What will Alcantra Thiago's max rating be? Have an offer of 20m for him. And I have Vidal' date=' Wilshere, Ramsey, Verratti, Fabregas, Ozil, Nasri, James Rodriguez, Hazard, Isco, Draxler at mid so I don't really need him at the moment.[/quote']

    I think Thiago is a very talented player. If he can hold down a regular place at Bayern and continue to improve then I think he could definitely reach 93/94 although I wouldn't rule out even higher.

    It's a tough choice with the abundance of excellent midfielders you have but I would probably rate Thiago above Verratti, Wilshere, James, Nasri and Ramsey at least so I might get him and sell one or two others.

    Yaya toure for James Rodriguez + Juan Jesus and 20 mill

    If you think you'll be playing SM for more than a couple of years then i'd be inclined to take the right hand side. Toure is the far better player clearly at the moment but given his age I imagine that James in particular could catch him up in a couple of seasons or so.

    My friend offer me :

    Draxler to get my james rodriguez' date='

    Marquinhos to get my laporte.

    Have to accept both deals, otherwise no.[/quote']

    Tough decision but on the bright side no matter who you pick it looks like all four are going to be rising in the future on SM. I would probably choose Draxler + Marquinhos because they are already at fairly big teams and have the stronger national sides too, even though that might mean they take longer to become first choice for Germany/Brazil I think it could pay off ratings wise.

    Willian or Mkhitaryan?

    I like both but Willian would be my preference' date=' i've been very impressed by his pace, skill and energy and I can see him rising again under Mourinho at Chelsea.

    my paulinho for strootman?

    Strootman for me, before his injury he was a key man for the Netherlands and was very good for Roma from what I have heard. I haven't seen him play as much as Paulinho but from what I have seen I think Strootman has got more ability/a higher potential. Also I think he can rise again at Roma whereas Paulinho i'm not so sure he'll get 92 unless he was really outstanding for Spurs (they'd probably need to finish top 4 which is an uphill battle with the quality of competition at the top obviously) but I think their big star will be Eriksen next season if anyone, very talented young player I see as being their next star like Modric/Bale were. I think Spurs could face a very average season if not for him.

    £1m + Van Persie or Benzema?

    For SM it wouldn't be a bad choice to go for Benzema purely because of his age advantage but i'd probably agree with others and say Van Persie, I think he's safe at 95 considering he didn't drop in the review and was since very impressive for the Netherlands vs Spain. With Van Gaal as manager he could rediscover his best form for United and ultimately I just think he's more talented than Benzema.

    I have a quick one if anyone can help please, Draxler or Sterling?

    I can only go for one of them, I've seen a lot more of Sterling than Draxler and i've been very impressed by him for Liverpool and England but who do people see as the bigger talent?

  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I'm planning to sell my Ozil for Isco + Javi Martinez.

    My XI average rating is 91 and Ozil is my best player (although not for output as yet), my defence is a bit of a weak spot in my squad, John Terry is my best rated and most others are 89 or 90 so I was thinking Javi could help there while Isco could replace Ozil longer term in the midfield.

    My thinking was that Ozil is fairly steady at 94 now with Arsenal but probably wouldn't rise again unless he starred and won the league/CL or a major tournament with Germany.

    I got the impression that Isco hasn't been a solid starter for Madrid this season so won't rise now but he did quite well when he did play. Javi too I heard wasn't playing so much for Bayern this season but I know he's had lots of rumours about him recently.

    My thought was that Isco has the talent to emulate Mata/Silva and reach 93/94 eventually and that Javi can rise again in the future. I wondered what other people thought though because maybe you might not think it wise to sell your highest rated player who is still young and to take a rating hit in your starting XI.

    How likely is it that Isco will become a key player at Madrid? Will Javi get more games next season under Pep and is his CB position likely to be safe?

    Thanks for your help. :)

  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    1. Dzeko or Mandzukic???

    2. Strootman or Benatia???

    3. Vela or James Rodriguez???

    1. Mandzukic (personal preference really but I've been a big fan since I first watched him at Euro 2012 where he impressed me a lot).

    2. Both excellent players to have but I'd go for Strootman' date=' I think he can hit a higher rating eventually, 93+ maybe.

    3.James Rodriguez, Vela surprised me since leaving Arsenal with his goal output but I think the Colombian can be a very good player and reach the higher rating especially if he moves to a big club or Monaco become really successful. He has age on the Mexican too obviously.

    Alonso+Casemiro or Kroos?

    Kroos mainly because of Alonso's age and Casemiro doesn't seem to be in a position to rise much at the moment.

    Kroos or Vidal?

    On SM it's tougher but in real life I'd prefer Vidal for his completeness and versatility. Kroos has age advantage though so you can't really go wrong here' date=' both top players who can be 93+ for years.

    J Boateng OR Smalling + C Planas + Tielemans.......

    I'd go for Boateng, I don't think any of those 3 will get near his rating anytime soon. Tielemans I rate highly but he'll need a lot of time to develop.

    Muller or Lewandowski?

    De Gea or Ter Stegen?

    Muller because he is more versatile and has the better national team. Ter Stegen mainly because he's moved to Barca and could rise a lot now. All four are nice options though here obviously' date=' can't see that you'd end up regretting it much whatever choice you made.

    Grosskreutz or Azpiliceuta?

    I like Grosskreutz but Azpilicueta for me, he has a slight chance for 91 this review and I see his peak rating being higher than the German's longer term.

    William Carvalho + Gabriel barbosa vs Antoine Griezman please help me!! :confused:

    Griezmann' date=' I've been very impressed by him from what I've seen. He seems to have so much to his game already. Carvalho is a fantastic talent too though but I see Gabigol as very unproven, if it was Januzaj or Meyer e.g. you were getting then I'd go for the duo but the Brazilian is a long way from a high rating and has much to prove first.

    Jesè Rodriguez or Iturbe?

    Jese for me. Showing great ability at the highest level and at Madrid he has the perfect platform to rise on SM in the future.

    Bonucci or javi martinez?

    I'd rather have Martinez, more versatile and I think he might reach a higher rating than the Italian.

  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Draxler or Bernard/El Shaar/Fernandinho + Tah + Werner + Rabiot

    Whoever offered that is very desperate :eek: ...assuming I've read this correctly then any of those three options I'd do for sure and the 3 teenagers are top talents. However choosing between the older trio depends on timeframe and positional needs as much as anything for me.

    If you lack depth up front then I'd go El Shaarawy, the same for CM with Fernandinho. Short to mid term I'd prefer Fernandinho of the 3 as he's the highest rated already and can rise again I think if he continues to play well at City.

    If your squad is stacked then go for Bernard as he'll be happier with less game time than the others and is an excellent talent.

    Whatever you choose, get it done before he changes his mind!

  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Griezmann or Muniain?

    Griezmann for me too.

    Griezmann or El Shaarawy?

    De Bruyne or Kurt Zouma?


    Griezmann and Zouma as it stands.

    My dream on soccermanager has always been having cesc fabregas on my team' date=' and now I have a chance by giving my mesut ozil and 6 million for him, so what should I do? fabregas can play in more positions and is 95 is he safe? Thanks in advice[/quote']

    Get Fabregas yes :)

    I just received a bid of 22 million for Courtois

    Cech available for 11.2 million

    Casillas for 14.2 million.

    Is it worth selling courtois???

    Will Courtois increase???

    I would keep Courtois.

  8. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Anyone else think that this is a bit strange, don't get me wrong because I believe Oliver Torres is a superb young talent but I can't help but think his rise to 86 has been rushed perhaps.

    Here's a comparison of his career stats with 3 other recognized young talents from the major leagues according to transfermarkt.

    At the top level (CL, EL, league, cups, full internationals):

    Oliver Torres (86): minutes = 528 , goals = 1 , assists = 1

    Adnan Januzaj (80): minutes = 1075 , goals = 3 , assists = 4

    Max Meyer (83): minutes = 1423 , goals = 4 , assists = 4

    Adrien Rabiot (85): minutes = 2384 , goals = 2 , assists = 4

    I know Januzaj is probably going to rise again soon but I wouldn't expect it to be more than a +4, certainly not a +7 anyway.

    Meyer and Rabiot recently rose so I wouldn't expect anything more for them for a few months at least.

    Oliver's a great talent but he's managed to play less than a quarter of the minutes of Rabiot and less than half the total minutes of Januzaj and Meyer, while scoring fewer goals and making fewer assists and has achieved a higher rating than all of them, significantly higher than Januzaj and Meyer.

    According to transfermarkt when Gotze rose to 86 he had played 1296 minutes at the top level and had 4 goals and 7 assists.

    I like to think i'm generally quite supportive of SM's rating/review system compared to some but this is most certainly an inconsistency i've noticed.

    They seem to be in a big rush to rise him before he has proven any sort of consistency at the top level (and i'm sure he will) rather than waiting for him to actually do it.

  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I've heard he's been having a good season but i've rarely actually watched him, could anyone please tell me just how good Koke is?

    How does he compare talent/potential wise to the likes of Wilshere, Verratti, Pogba, Draxler, Eriksen and other top U21s? Thanks.

  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Balotelli and Verratti. Verratti is phenomenal.

    The Italian duo for me.

    Balotelli + Verratti for me' date=' mate![/quote']


    Thanks for the replies guys. I must apologize as I made a mistake though :o

    I've since been informed that I would in fact need to give Bernard too so:

    My Tevez + Bernard + Meyer for his Balotelli + Verratti

    I'm thinking I should keep mine now.

  11. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    ;2801326']people miss the point though' date=' these youths are very low rated - the gulf between Meyer & say Farfan/Draxler is far too wide considering they are all first teamers this season.

    yes he only rose but consider he still has a relatively poor rating @ 82 compared to the first team squad. Should be about 85 at least as he is a starter, but still not a 'regular'

    a jump to 87/88..now that would be excessive at this point, but if he continued in the first team until season end, then 87 woulnt be out the question.[/quote']

    Good point there, i'm not arguing he doesn't deserve a higher rating because he's been terrific and 82 is very low considering he's a regular now for a top side in one of the strongest leagues, you're right 85 is certainly not too high. I suppose what would have been more accurate is if i'd said that now rises happen more frequently.

    In the past they might have waited to rise him from 77 but given him a +7/8 now instead of in two jumps. Compared to the way they tended to do it before it might seem like they are rising them too quickly but in actual fact it is just a faster way of updating players and doesn't mean they are rising undeservedly.

    I'm all for the idea of more frequent updates for players who deserve it definitely, I think perhaps the timing of his rise to 82 was a bit confusing given they are reviewing the big leagues only a few weeks after. I won't complain if he gets another rise to 84/5 though because he's easily performed well enough to earn it.

  12. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    I'm pleased Bundesliga is getting reviewed as have quite a few German players in my various clubs. Hoping Tah' date=' Werner and Meyer get increases.[/quote']
    Tah & Werner should rise but Meyer got an increase on the 19th November so I doubt he'll rise again so soon.

    Yes Tah I would expect to rise to 82/83 and Werner to 83/4

    As for Meyer, as rico said he only rose less than a month ago but IMO I wouldn't be that surprised if they gave him another rise to 83/84.

    I think I've seen them do this with youth before and they do seem to be fairly generous with rises on the whole these days more so than in the past especially with younger players.

    I could be wrong and they might just decide to leave him given he rose so recently but I really wouldn't be that surprised if he did rise again to be honest.

  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I would prefer that you keep your players. You're giving too much for Cavani/Van Persie in either situation. If anything' date=' Tevez is likelier to get 94 than Cavani/Van Persie while Bernard, Meyer and Torres are highly rated prospects. [/quote']

    Thanks, I withdrew my post because I decided to keep my players but thank you for reassuring me of my decision. :)

  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Lewa or Schweini ?

    I'd take Lewa' date=' very young still and will most likely have longer at a high rating than Schweinsteiger (assuming you are in it for the long run). Also generally good centre forwards are harder to come by than centre mids on SM.

    Hazard or Oscar?

    Shaqiri & El Shaarawy or Oscar?

    Ramos or Thiago Silva?

    (These ones are TOUGH)

    Some tough calls here definitely.

    I'll surprise myself and pick Oscar for the first one. I really love Hazard's style but I think Oscar is such a fantastic bet right now. A key player for Brazil heading into the historic world cup year and Mourinho trusts him fully it seems. He's pretty versatile and has great quality on the ball but with good defensive ability too.

    I'd take Oscar in the second too, not that I don't rate Shaqiri or El Shaarawy but they will struggle to rise any time soon as it stands. Oscar is set up very well to rise higher in the future for the reasons mentioned in the first choice.

    I prefer Silva in real life but for SM the safer bet is probably Ramos. Slightly younger and being a starter for Real Madrid and Spain means he can keep a very high rating for years.

    Robert Lewandowski or Antoine Griezman + Carlos Vela ??

    I'd go for Lewa here. The Sociedad duo have impressed me but I can't see either getting close to him for the foreseeable future if at all.

    My Mats Hummels + 7.5m. or Mesut Ozil ? Now I am short in back I understand Mats is one of best defenders but Ozil is one of best in world' date=' what to do ??[/quote']

    Take Hummels if you are short at the back. Ozil is fantastic but unless Arsenal win the premier league, go pretty far in the champions league and he has an amazing world cup with Germany he won't rise. Also there are a lot more CAM type players rated 90+ than centre backs so if you lost Hummels it could be very tough finding a replacement of similar calibre.

    Schurrle OR Rabiot+Schar+15m?

    Schurrle, much higher rated than either, more proven on the big stage and has potential to rise higher in the future particularly given his national team and club.

  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    If you can wait till Oliver ' date=' Tielemans , and Werner reach the level of Moura and Casemiro , Keep them ... if you can't , do it ![/center']

    Turns out I can keep Werner and give Tah and Traore which is a plus I think, Casemiro is the young DM I would need so it is ok positionally for the future. I suppose I'm now asking, since I'm in it for the long term, do people really think the guys i'm giving will become good enough to turn this down?

  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Wow that's funny I just came to ask about Casemiro. :)

    Sorry but my dilemma has taken another turn, just wanted to check again because i'm so torn:

    I can now do this:

    My Oliver Torres + Youri Tielemans + Timo Werner/(Bertrand Traore + Jonathan Tah) for Lucas Moura + Casemiro.

    I was worried before to lose Tielemans and Oliver because my future CM prospects would have been weakened a lot, is Casemiro good enough to make this worth it?

  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I'd personally go with option 4 and pass on the PSG players.
    Would just do the 1st deal if I ever do this but being a youth lover its pretty hard to let 2 exciting youth players go but If Moura improves your team which he does' date='Why not.

    If you are in this for the long term,I'd keep the low rated youth.[/quote']

    DON'T sell Max Meyer. If you really need Lucas' date=' do the 1st deal. If you don't really need Lucas, keep your future stars. :P[/quote']

    Thanks for the quick replies guys, i'm feeling much less relaxed at the idea of signing either now :eek:

    I don't really 'need' either strictly speaking and I was slightly misleading when I said Moura would be a starter, he wouldn't actually improve my first XI on ratings. I'm at a fairly low rated club in my division and it can get frustrating sometimes with all the big hitters an their all star squads, but I suppose it is best to be patient and wait for my youth to grow.

    With regards to Meyer, Oliver, Tielemans. How long do you think it'll take them to get to the 89/90 level if they do and how do you think they compare to Verratti/Moura and some of the other top U21s for their current ages?

  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Thanks Marek, unfortunately things have gotten a lot more complex now :o

    Anyone with the patience to read/take this in please give me your take, I can do:

    1. Oliver Torres + Tielemans + Lestienne + cash for Lucas alone.


    2. Oliver Torres + Tielemans + Meyer + cash for Verratti


    3. Timo Werner + Bertrand Traore + Lestienne + cash for Lucas

    and then also

    Torres + Tielemans + Meyer + cash for Verratti


    4. keep my low rated youth and pass on Lucas and Verratti

    Note: I have Bernard, El Shaarawy, Eriksen, Vela for the AM spots and Sandro ,Gerrard, Van Ginkel and Fernandinho for holding mids, 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 wings are my most used formations.

    Help much appreciated thanks.

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