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  1. Me and a couple of my mates are in the same league with both our respective teams.. i've wanted to sign a couple of one of my mates players, who he's been wanting to sell, but for 2 different players now it has said the SMFA has blocked the deal, why is this? He didn't want Kaka at first, so i tried to swap him for Giuseppe Rossi, which was a player i didn't want, and it wouldn't let it do it, then just today i've tried signing Ganso from him, as he doesn't want him and i want him for my starting line-up, yet i offered 12m for him and it still says the SMFA has blocked it? If he's agreeing to sell him at a certain price to me, same as i would with him or anybody else if i was happy with the amount i was getting if i didn't want him, then whats the problem?
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