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  1. Re: finances help.....! What's the highest debt anyone's had? I had almost £3m debt at one point and rely on winning trophies to keep the balance above zero.
  2. Re: Does transfer listing a player affect morale? Thanks to those who have voted. If you voted Yes/No, please let us hear your experiences!
  3. Hi, Does anyone know the answer to this question? Please vote!
  4. Re: Best playing position and formation for Messi? Reading this, I'll bump my thread to try and get more votes on the poll http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=120731
  5. Re: Soccermanager - Improvements You would like to see Agree! A thorny issue. I say well done to anyone who can keep the balance is the green despite a huge squad. I struggle with my squads of under 40 players.
  6. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
  7. Re: Matchday Experience I'm delighted with the improvements that SM have made here, esp. as I just beat Man Utd away in the cup and on penalties, after drawing 4-4! Being a high-scoring match, it would be useful to have the score mentioned after each goal - e.g. 0-1, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 2-3, 3-3, 3-4, 4-4 and same with the penalties. I'm impressed to see the penalties reported too. Good job. Reading some of the previous comments, I'm not sure how sound would improve the experience.
  8. Re: 4-5-1 defensive I don't like this formation - it hasn't brought me good results, even when my team has the better rating. I'd play M'Vila there as he is a DM and Fabregas is not. No idea why Alves or Alba are getting poor scores. Are you making them do any runs? What are your other tactics? Personally, with Nani and Ozil, I'd be inclined to play 4-3-3W...
  9. Re: points Does anyone know what determines whether the team is stronger or not? Is this based on the average rating, the cost of the squad or what? e.g. my Liverpool team now has an average rating of 92/93 for the top 18 players, but the total cost of the squad is less than Man City and Man Utd by £20-30m, so which team is the stronger team here? Looking at the manager points, it's the team with the higher average rating, but I'm unclear as City and Utd also have squads around 92/93...
  10. Hi, Into my second season playing SM now. Champion in 1 GW and Runner-up in the other (lost it on last match of the season!) I'm still annoyed at losing the odd game that I can't understand though. One of the many things that I've not been able to get my head around is Play Style. Should one tick all the boxes? I'd argue that, at least once in a match, you'd like to use all the play styles (except possibly, off side if the defence is poor). Or should one only be selecting the predominant play style, in which case, I'd go for PlayMaker and Tight Marking... If it's about the predominant play
  11. Re: Changing player position in a match Addendum: It seems that moving a player along the same rank doesn't cause too much upset (e.g. RB to LB, CM to LM) - anyone find the same?
  12. Re: Front 3, but which formation? OK, one more comment... I am finding this rather cathartic lol If I go for Messi on the left of a front 3, would you Attack Down the Left Flank to concentrate on Messi? Or Through the Middle? Maybe I'm over-analysing and no one cares, but I would value any comments...
  13. Re: Front 3, but which formation? I'd throw in I also have Ozil, but I've had surprising losses when playing him in a front 4 (3-3-4) so I'm going to play him in midfield. Any comments on playing wingers in a flat midfield 4? That isn't one of the positions in the Selection tab that they can play, but it's green on the Tactics Pitch Display. However, I usually find Messi doesn't play well in the AM role and he also appears green on the Tactics Pitch Display. Anyone have any reservations about fielding players in positions which appear green on the Tactics Pitch Display? I have some (e.g.
  14. Hi All, I now have Messi, Ibra and Gomez. Messi is left-footed and the other can play with both (according to SM ). So what formation would you suggest? I was thinking 3-4-3 with Ibra in the centre, Messi on the left (as he is left-footed) and Gomez on the right. Or... should I play Messi in the middle (he being the best player) and the other two flanking him. My worry is that they are both CF's so can they play wide in a front 3?? Or... should I play Messi behind the front 2 of Ibra and Gomez in a 3-4-1-2? Then the two of them will be more central and this may help their performance (
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