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  1. Franck Moussa This lads been on my radar for a while, but recently has really impressed me. First off, a bit of background info. He's a young lad from Belgium, who had 6 years at Anderlechts youth team, before moving to West Hams. That move only lasted a year, and Southend thankfully picked him up in 2006. He made his debut in 2006 as a 16 year old, on as a sub in the last few minutes of a derby win at colchester. He started to get into Tilsons plans late last season, playing in the away leg of the playoff semi's in an out of position left midfield role. This season he started off in the middle, but was dropped due to being suspended and never managed to get back in. He then went off to Wycombe, the best thing that the lad could have done. He really bulked up physically and improved on his game. He came back, and had to wait for his chance. The left midfield slot opened up after Junior Stanislas went back to West Ham, and since then he's come on leaps and bounds. Scoring the his first and the only goal of the game in the first Southend vs. Colchester derby at their new ground, that seemed to really push him on. A good finish it was too. He had an appearance off the bench at Stamford Bridge (pictured above) and a start against them in the home tie, he never looked out of place. More recently, his last performance was his best yet. Getting the ball on the half way line, he sprant through the gap of two players and fired into the bottom corner from 25yards, fantastic goal. He also got two assists in that game, both quality passes, one a longer one over the top, one a little **** that cut the defensive line on their heels. All I can say is, I advise looking at the lad, quality player that is technically head and shoulders above everyone else at Southend, and has the eye for the pass. If he can keep up current performances, don't expect him to stay at Southend for long. The only possible problem for the lad is that his preferred position is central mid, and we're quite packed in there already, plus a probably iminent arrival of Lee Sawyer. He may well be able to continue in his left mid role, but there's a chance Tilson will want an out and out winger there next season. Check out his best performance yet, two assists and a wondergoal. I'm not sure how long that video will be up for, virgin media may take it down at some point.
  2. Re: Johnny Herd So a +2 rise, about right. I can see him getting loaned out early next season for a month or three, then coming back much better for it. That seems to be Tilsons style. Future 80+ I should think, still a decent long term buy.
  3. Re: Huwgoll IBLERYA? - The Next Ronaldo! Haha quality, I was starting to hate the 'next whatnot' threads.
  4. Re: Josef Sural Well, you've had time to buy him if you want him, I only went for him in one GC (GC1) and got outbidded, but its no biggie. As I've said, not a major prospect but a decent one, added recently at a surprisingly high 76.
  5. Fredheim_Holm


    Re: Twitter Scrap that: Twitter / FredRivett
  6. Re: Niclas Heimann- German Wonderkid Good spot, cheers
  7. Re: Gaston Monzon - (73) Huracán Regular Good shout, he's gone in my GC's but cheers none the less
  8. Re: Need low rated 65 - 72 risers please urgent!! Apologies Seft, I don't know. New to the scouting malarky, finding it hard to get decent information!Seemed like a good buy to me, I stand by it but as I say, I don't know anything further.
  9. Re: Pantelic (Hertha BSC) They aren't, because Rausch is still on a 78 and that's clearly going to change!
  10. Re: More from Russia! - Georgi SCHENNIKOV First found here. None the less, a good thread
  11. Re: Top Talent- March Edition! Nice, it's different, repped.
  12. Re: Top Talent- March Edition! Nice, it's different, repped.
  13. Re: Need low rated 65 - 72 risers please urgent!! Apologies but I can't actually remember. I've looked at so many players, they were just taken from one of my squads and I know I would only have signed good prospects at the time.Feel free to search them and find original threads etc which will have more information.
  14. Re: Need low rated 65 - 72 risers please urgent!! He's made 1 start and 2 subs for Top of the Norwegian league Stabaek at the age of 17, in a team that has an average first team of 83/84 and a cap of 86.He's certainly worth a risk in my book.
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