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  1. Respuesta: Daniel Carvajal I would say 91, superb
  2. Respuesta: Marc Bartra hes more than good, hes fine right now with his rating but he has plenty of time he should be a rotation player next year, and sooner or later will be playing for Spain, not this summer though.
  3. Respuesta: Varane or nastasic Actually I would say Varane, younger, starter for a quite good NT, and hes just finding his spot at RM. The injury he got last year slowed him down, but he will be one of world's top defenders soon.
  4. Respuesta: Ronaldo 99? my point is, both are outstanding, but compare how many trophies they had... Im pretty sure that has a lot to do with the rating in this game.. if Messi were a Southampton player (with all the respect to them) he wouldnt be 99.. Barcelona got almost every single trophy they battled for in the last five years.. so... Since he got to Real, Ronaldo only got one league.. one cup and one supercup.. enough said
  5. Respuesta: Ronaldo 99? all you guys talk about xavi and iniesta.. ok... Madrid is not terrible at all..
  6. Respuesta: Ronaldo 99? anyway I can see him hit 99 if he wills Ballon d'Or, something I assume will happen since everybody can vote again
  7. Re: Ronaldo 99? I cant make u understand guys if u dont want to. not talking about lack of ability, all I said is that he will always shoot no matter how far he is. picking the time to shoot is something hes not good at. messi, ribery, or any other player could try to shoot anytime making them to choose badly their shots. if that means theyre bad, or that cr7 is bad, your lack of comprehension is worse than I thought. anyway the vast majority of his goals are not from a long range, thats a fact.
  8. Re: Ronaldo 99? most of his goals are counter attacks (perfectly) finished or penalties. he tied the 19 mark set by Ronaldinho for free kicks, with an awful ratio of conversion... hes awesome but when he gets the ball you know he will try, no matter how far he is. anyway I dont want to compare him to Messi. not fair for Messi, not fair for him. completely different players, power against ability. hes quality but he doesnt make the right choice when it comes to shoot. im not saying hes not 99able, of course he is, just he had the bad luck to be in the same decade Messi is, and 99 is not a joke. he scored what? 60 goals this 2013 right? more or less.. Messi scored 90 last year and that was "normal".. hes Messi, who else? ronaldo could manage to score 30 more goals but Im not sure he will. Messi struggling due to injuries since psg games last season. saying he should drop to rise Ronaldo.. wow guys not fair at all
  9. Re: Ronaldo 99? talking about stats, hes the player with most shots per game, in and off the target, he needs a huge amount of shots to score. any way hes huge, but if you guys look stats, do it properly
  10. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion I guess Pep would like to play Gotze or Ribery as bayern's messi, but maybe he doesnt want to change the team style, not now that's working out, more or less, hes addapting to what he has around, slow transition. would be great to see Reus with that blue and red stripes at our right wing
  11. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread sometimes I think most of you only see stats.. it's not only stats, hes world class, and that doesnt mean Reus, or many others are not.. simply he is, and I agree he rose way too early, now would be the moment for a 92. comparing alexis to Neymar is like comparing schieber to Reus, nonsense... alexis is a hardworking player, he scored some goals just because the position hes holding..
  12. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread I bet half of you have seen Neymar regularly.. hes amazing.. too early, true.. but not overrated
  13. Re: Neymar 93 way too early, I'm saying this, even I might be a little biased though, but hes not a 93 yet...
  14. Re: Worlds top 3 players? (Not messi/ronaldo!)? be honest, hes good, maybe a top10. but not that high... anyway Ribery overrated? please...
  15. Re: Worlds top 3 players? (Not messi/ronaldo!)? ha! that post hurts
  16. Re: Daniel Carvajal next rating? 90 would be fine... right now.. anyway he is not performing very well lately, but gametime should give him the 89
  17. Re: Worlds top 3 players? (Not messi/ronaldo!)? Neymar, Ribery, Zlatan
  18. Re: emboaba oscar he's been the best since the season started(Oscar). I mean he's the best for Chelsea right now. Mata is not playing and I havent seen Hazard do anything yet. So IMO Oscar is the best player in Chelsea this season. yesterday against mancity was the first game Oscar didnt perform that great. so read again my post..CURRENTLY
  19. Re: emboaba oscar 92 for sure, currently best player for Chelsea
  20. Re: Best AM-R/L/C under 25 1. Neymar 2. Ozil 3. Gotze 4. Bale 5. Reus
  21. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Gotze is back!! hes performing so good since he got back from his injury right? I really like this kid
  22. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread safe yes, but hes showing that 92 this season, something he hadnt done until now
  23. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion what with Gundogan? does anybody know when will he return?
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